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Check out the advice from one of our current e4usa students in the "Partner Spotlight" section!
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"It [the e4usa curriculum] reaches students by speaking to each student through his or her personal goals, career choice, future outlooks, and then provides a project-based curriculum that encourages creativity and high-quality work."

-Mike Kiser
e4usa Teacher at Brentwood High School near Nashville, TN
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We are excited to see growing interest in our program! Although our application season has closed for the 2020-21 academic year, we are accepting inquiries for the 2021-22 academic year, which is currently pending funding.  We welcome high schools, school districts, and colleges/universities to submit this form indicating their interest!
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Partner Spotlight

This month we focus on an e4usa high school in Tennessee, Brentwood High School, and the relationships between its teacher, students, and university partner. 
Hear it from the classroom
Name: Mike Kiser
Hometown: Grew up in Gallatin, TN and currently reside in Cornersville, TN
Teacher at e4usa High School: Brentwood High School near Nashville, TN

What advice would you offer to new e4usa teachers?
"Nike had it right—just do it!  Your students will have some of the biggest smiles, laughs, and good times with you that you have ever had in school.  Students will learn about themselves and you will learn about them.  Plan at least two weeks at a time and prepare your lessons/materials list that far in advance.  Do not be afraid to ask for help from other e4usa teachers, collegiate partners, administrators, and colleagues."
Hear more from Mike
"It [the e4usa course] is different than other classes. It is learning how to think in a different way."

-Jay Schlunk
e4usa Student at Brentwood High School near Nashville, TN

Hear it from Mike's students

Name: Jay Schlunk
Hometown: Brentwood, TN
e4usa High School: Brentwood High School near Nashville, TN

What advice would you offer to new e4usa students?
"When you are approaching a problem do not instantly start with building a solution.  Start by planning out your ideas then start working out which plan is the best.  You can end up wasting a lot of time with solutions that do not work if you start with just going straight into a build."
Hear more from Jay
Each high school classroom works with one or more university partners:
  • One of our core institutions
    • Funds the teacher stipend and classroom supply budget as well as oversees the school’s participation in our research efforts.
  • A specific faculty member at a university that is geographically nearby 
    • Provides local support for things like guest speakers, sourcing projects for students, and providing appropriate engineering expertise that aligns with student projects.
e4usa Higher Education Corner
e4usa Teacher and University Partner work together to host a "Meet the Engineer" Session
Mike’s university partner, Stacy Klein-Gardner at Vanderbilt University, recently set up a session of “Meet the Engineer” with fellow Vanderbilt professor, Dr. Kelsey Hatzell (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering).  Dr. Hatzell’s work focuses on inks and interfaces, particularly as they related to fuel production and batteries.  Not only did she share about her work with the students, but she helped us see how she got there – all the way from high school to now.  Now Mike and his students look forward to partnering with her group on a design project later in the year.
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