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"With e4usa, students now realize some of their strengths and interests are inline with [being an engineer]."

-Hector Prado
e4usa Teacher, Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School, CA
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e4usa New Teacher Interview

Name: Hector Prado 
e4usa High School: Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School, CA

Why would you encourage more schools to get involved with e4usa?
Yes, STEM is a must for high school students, and more kids across the country should have access to engineering curricula from an early age. With society continually adopting and innovating new technologies, engineering and technology will be more important than ever to learn at a young age.
What advice would you offer to new e4usa teachers?
Kids love hands-on activities and projects! Try incorporating many activities that can use teaming and group work to cover the engineering design process.
Here more from Hector!
"I want to give a big shout-out to all e4usa staff that have supported me and given me the power to teach this curriculum. Without them, I would not be giving my students the same quality education I am now with e4usa! They have been amazing and have been there every step of the way to help me."

-Hector Prado
e4usa Teacher, Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School, CA

e4usa Shoe Design Classroom Activity

Students in the e4usa class at Alliance Collins Family College Ready High School were introduced to a twist on the shoe design sketching activity. Instead of only sketching their shoes, students were asked to join groups of 4 and physically construct two wearable shoes after completing the sketch/designing phase.

Students loved making their shoes, and some could even wear them around the school for extra credit.

This was an addition to the original assignment that their e4usa teacher, Mr. Hector Prado, added, and students truly enjoyed learning the engineering design process through this assignment.

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