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Check out our story on e4usa teacher and liaison partnerships, below! Featuring two e4usa teachers and their university liaison. 
Read our story on one of our e4usa team members serving on a panel!
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"e4usa has trusted me to use their curriculum as a guide.  If the curriculum is a hamburger, it has everything on it that makes it delicious.  BUT – I get to add my pepper jack cheese and my pickles as I see fit."

-Shawn Ackley    
e4usa Teacher, Richard Montgomery High School, MD

e4usa College Information Night a Success

Over 50 people attended the college information night. 11 universities participated, 7 granting college credit, presenting on their universities opportunities! Families, be sure to sign up for our mailing list below to stay in the know about similar future events.
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e4usa Team Member Speaks on Panel

Dr. Bruk Berhane, e4usa Team Member, Assistant Professor, STEM Transformation Institute, SUCCEED, Florida International University

Dr. Berhane participated in a panel on transfer pathways at the NAE-ASEE Weaving Students Into Engineering, Not Weeding Them Out Conference last month. One of our other e4usa Team Members, Dr. Stacy Klein-Gardner, also was invited to attend this conference. We are excited to have e4usa represented in these spaces!
"I would recommend all high school students who have an interest in STEM, or engineering in particular, to enroll in the e4usa course. Most students do not really experience what engineering truly is until they study engineering for themselves in college, but I am a firm believer of introducing engineering to students as early as possible, and the e4usa course does just that."

-Dr. Eugene Kim
e4usa University Liaison, George Mason University, VA
e4usa Teacher and Liaison Partnerships
Below, have the chance to hear from two teachers at Richard Montgomery High School and their university liaison at George Mason University. They discuss their relationship with each other, their other experiences with e4usa, and advice they have for others interested in e4usa.

Dr. Eugene Kim, e4usa Liasion

What is your favorite role as an e4usa university liaison?
As an e4usa university liaison, I love serving as an “advisor” to students when student groups work together on their various projects, e.g. building a shoe prototype, building a water filter, etc. I like helping them go through the engineering design process in real-time.

What advice would you offer to new e4usa teachers?
To new e4usa teachers: Engineering and engineering design require a lot of iterative design. Experiments and projects rarely work out perfectly the very first time you do it, and that is okay! That is all a part of the engineering process. You do not have to have all the answers right away either. You should also plan on learning from your students, as well. Many of them will appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn with them.
Here more from Dr. Kim!

Shawn Ackley, e4usa Teacher

Describe the relationship that your faculty liaison has with your classroom. How have they impacted student learning?
Our liaison is Eugene Kim. He has been terrific at interacting with the students and getting them to explain the “why” of their projects to him. He is excellent with feedback and has already become part of our group. (We just met in September 2022).

What has been your favorite e4usa project that students have done so far?  Why?
We have not finished yet, but I am very excited that we are building the water filters.  I did a lot of research myself (and learned a lot), so I am trying to make it interesting and challenging for the students.  I am a fisherman, so I gathered multiple samples around our county for them to compare and contrast. 
Hear more from Mr. Ackley!

Kevin Martz, e4usa Teacher

Describe the relationship that your community liaison has with your classroom. How have they impacted student learning?
Neil Sbar has become part of the Richard Montgomery High School family. He and I have worked together since 2019. He adds his engineering expertise (40 years in the field) and has a very comfortable way of working with students. He is very easy to talk to and helps the students as a role model.

Why would you encourage more schools to get involved with e4usa?
It’s a great class for students to see what they can do when ideas are allowed to flourish. We can really dig into a topic and not be worried about the next unit or the next test.
Hear more from Mr. Martz!

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