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"It [e4usa] has made me more of a confident teacher...made me more willing to take risks and do other projects that I might not normally do in my history class."

-Brendan McCarthy
e4usa Teacher at College Park Academy
Note: The above quote was featured in the e4usa June Newsletter without the proper citation to Brendan McCarthy.
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"I appreciate the approach the E4USA team has taken in PD [Professional Development] at all levels. Today's lessons were clearly and thoroughly planned yet still collaborative in nature. There is structure, but our thoughts and ideas will shape the coaching process."

-Jim Muscarella
e4usa Coach
e4usa Coach Professional Development
e4usa Coaches are e4usa teachers that serve as a mentor to other e4usa teachers.

See quotes from e4usa Coaches Marla Rudnick, Dean Walczak, Amanda Jones, and Jim Muscarella as they share their thoughts and experiences about their professional development on June 28-29, below. 
"Initially I was leaning towards cognitive coaching as the most effective coaching style but this activity demonstrated the strengths of having many different coaching styles depending on the circumstances, constraints and goals for each situation. I appreciated going through that exercise to open my mind up a bit."
"I would not have thought to organize my meetings like a lesson plan. I appreciate the ideas and this will actually make this process that much easier to manage."
"Identifying the different stances in the plan allows for a more complete approach. While we may have done each stance at times depending on the circumstance, a more direct approach seems more productive."
"I think connecting engineering with what went into a personal achievement reinforced how different problems can be solved using the engineering design process."
"It [e4usa] showed me engineering is not just creation
but creation with a purpose.

-Justin Feuerherd
e4usa Alumnus at the University of Central Florida

e4usa Student Alumnus Interview

Name: Justin Feuerherd
e4usa High School: Sandia Preparatory School

Current School: University of Central Florida
Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering

Why would you encourage more schools to get involved with e4usa?
"e4usa really helps show students there is more to engineering than some think. While I have taken the basic engineering course that I believe most high schools offer, they rarely got past the design and creation point in the projects. The why was never explored [in depth] and I think it would help show students engineering is a wider field than some realize."

What was your favorite e4usa project?  Why?
"My favorite part of e4usa was learning the complete engineering process and how to actually apply it to real world environments. Before this class I had taken engineering classes that mainly focused on just the creation side of engineering and skipped the why behind many of the projects. e4usa helped show me the why and how to design with parameters in place."
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e4usa Team Upcoming Presentations & Workshops
  • 2021 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition (American Society for Engineering Education) 
    • T433·Pre-College Engineering Education Division Technical Session 10
      • July 27, 2021 1:45 to 3:15 PM PT
        • Klein-Gardner, S., Reid, K., & Calabro, K..
    • W233·Pre-College Engineering Education Division Poster Session
      • July 28, 9:45 to 11:15 AM PT
        • When a Pandemic Requires a Pivot in the Modality of Teacher Professional Development (Work in Progress)
          • Kouo, J., Klein-Gardner, S.,  Dalal, M., & Eagle, W. E..
        • Exploring the Impact of High School Engineering Exposure on Science Interests (Work in Progress)
          • Bond-Trittipo, B., Berhane, B., & Lee, E..
        • Effect of COVID on a high school engineering curriculum (Work in Progress)
          • Reid, K. & Griesinger, T..
    • Sponsored Session: Engineering For US All (e4usa) Program Overview - Presented by the University of Maryland
      • July 28, 9:45 AM to 10:25 AM PT
        • Roshwalb, J., Carberry, A., Rudnick, M., & Cantrell, K..
    • W433·Engineering For Us All (E4USA) – Meet the Teachers!
      • July 28, 1:45 to 3:15 PM PT
        • Shirey, K., Bowen, B., Klein-Gardner, S., Pines, D., & Kouo, J..
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