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Check out new e4usa + FIRST partnership!
Read about the final solutions offered by e4usa classroom for safe swing!
See the work being done by Girls Preparatory School students!
"For the students, they have the opportunity to be change-agents as they work through the course.

-April D. Ross
e4usa Teacher at Girls Preparatory School
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First of Its Kind Partnership!

Like all great tv shows, e4usa’s acclaim has already led to some exciting new spin-off opportunities. The first to be funded is a project titled, “Leveraging the Collective Strengths of e4usa and FIRST for Greater Impact on the Future Engineering Workforce (e4usa+FIRST) (NSF EEC-2113312 & EEC-2113402).

e4usa+FIRST will officially kick-off during the 2021-2022 academic school year where 10 schools around the country will pilot test an array of models blending the two offerings. A kick-off workshop was held on April 22 & 23 to crowdsource ideas around how to blend these two programs from various stakeholder perspectives. The team, led by researchers at Arizona State University, Morgan State University, and DEKA, will now conduct a series of design sprints to consolidate the ideas provided during the kick-off workshop. The goal will be to create a myriad of models that could work in different school settings, while leveraging strengths and mitigating weaknesses of both programs. The e4usa summer PD has been expanded for these additional schools. Two additional days will be offered on July 7 and 9 to focus on FIRST along with two additional sessions to discuss the blending of e4usa and FIRST on July 14 and 21. A successful marriage between these two programs opens up many possibilities for e4usa to collaborate, rather than compete, with other such programs for the betterment of all pre-college engineering education.
Read more about FIRST
"The e4usa+FIRST collaboration will demonstrate how a cooperative effort can have greater impact than individual programs alone and serve as the needed impetus for others to establish such partnerships."
e4usa Project Offers Two Solutions to Community Member
In our February and April Newsletters, we highlighted Mr. McCarthy's e4usa class at College Park Academy partnering with The IMAGE Center of Maryland.  They worked with a client in the community to solve a real-world problem: designing a safe swing seat for Jack, a young man in their community with Autism and Dravat's Syndrome. They are set to offer two solutions, photos of testing included above.

Solutions to be offered:
1. A seat with a full harness. This solution is stable and secure but limits swinging motion. [orange harness photo]
2. A harness attachable to a standard swing.  This solution keeps almost completely normal swinging feel and is portable and adaptable to existing swing sets (for travel or going to a park, etc.).  This does however require some additional pre-work in getting Jack dressed in the harness beforehand, and provides minimal securement to the swing (strictly a fall arrest item). [yellow harness photo]

Next Steps for e4usa Students

Intentions for what comes after high school for e4usa students are starting to become clear. For students planning to attend a college or university, we are seeing a wide range of intended schools and majors. Schools include Vanderbilt University, University of Maryland, New Mexico Tech, Penn State, and the University of Central Florida. Intended majors include mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science, and architecture, among others. 
We welcome all schools to learn more about this effort by visiting our website and signing up for our newsletter here. As always, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have for our newsletter. Look for us on social media platforms with the hashtag #e4usa.
Girls Preparatory School Spotlight
Girls Preparatory School in Chattanooga, TN has been producing multiple astounding projects under the lead of e4usa teacher April Ross. 
e4usa Teacher Interview
Name: April D. Ross
e4usa High School: Girls Preparatory School in Chattanooga, TN

e4usa focuses on “for us all.” How do you see that playing out in your classroom?
"I think it’s great that the students in the course are allowed to pick their project topics, I feel they invest more of themselves into the design and really want to develop a polished product. It’s my job to help them develop out the topic and think through constraints/requirements and potential pitfalls."

What advice do you have for students considering enrollment in this course?
"My advice for students would be to bring the problems you are passionate about to class, whether they by societal issues or personal. As you work through the class curriculum, develop multiple solutions to those issues."
Hear more from April

e4usa Student Project for Neighbor's Mailbox

"The mailbox notification system was designed by a junior for her elderly neighbor who has mobility issues. The system consists of two units, one installed in the mailbox and the other unit is hand-held. It notifies the neighbor when mail is delivered to her mailbox, so she doesn’t have to make unnecessary trips to the mailbox."
-April D. Ross
e4usa Teacher at Girls Preparatory School
e4usa Team Upcoming Presentations & Workshops
  • 2021 PCEE Conference for P-12 Educators (Pre-College Engineering Education) 
    • FREE REGISTRATION for this conference on June 23 and 24; Great for any P-12 Educator.
      • June 23 at 9:50 AM PT
        • Berhane, B., Dalal, M., Maxwell, R., & McCarthy, B.. 
        • Humanities, Arts, and Engineering: Finding Common Ground
      • June 24 at 9:50 AM PT 
        • Dalal, M. & Klein-Gardner, S..
        • Must Your Students Whistle Vivaldi, Too? Making Them Welcomed in Engineering
  • 2021 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition (American Society for Engineering Education) 
    • Register now for this July 26-29 conference so that you can attend a Monday Workshop led by e4usa team members! Great for anyone in higher education.
      • July 26, 9:00 to 12:00 PM PT
        • Klein-Gardner, S., Ladeji-Osias, & Reid, K.. 
        • Engineering For Us All (e4usa): “Us All” Includes You!
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