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Check out how an e4usa student helps her community by making keys as an e4usa project in the Project Spotlight!
Check out our e4usa team's upcoming research presentation dates and titles!
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"Learning how to code and 3D model in one of our e4usa projects has been very useful since our final project is a robotics project.  My e4usa experiences have allowed me to be an effective leader of my project group as well."

-Tyler Belford
e4usa Alumni at Drexel University
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e4usa is pleased to announce that it is accepting high school teacher, high school administrator, and college/university representative applications for the 2021-22 academic year. Please note that the priority deadline for all applications is Friday, January 29th, 2021 and that selection decisions will be made early in the Spring 2021 term. Feel free to check out our website or email us with questions at
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Congratulations to our e4usa instructor!
Carsten Binsner, at DC International School, has won the IB Mid Atlantic Faculty Excellence Award for Career Program Teachers.
"e4usa prepared me for my 1st year of engineering school by giving me the experience and exposure to the engineering design process.  In my first semester, I took ‘Introduction to Engineering and Technology’ where I used this to come up with a possible solution to the current water crisis in Lobitos and Peidritas, Peru.  It reminded me of the Play Pump that we learned about and analyzed in class last year.  This, as well as the small activities of breaking down each step of the process, gave me background knowledge that helped me construct a better alternative solution.”

-Kate Pezzano
e4usa Alumni at Temple University
We welcome all schools to learn more about this effort by visiting our website and signing up for our newsletter here. As always, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have for our newsletter. Look for us on social media platforms with the hashtag #e4usa.
Project Spotlight
This month we focus on a recent e4usa project completed by a student in Baltimore, by hearing about the experience from the student and teacher perspective.
"Tania decided to tackle the problem of making spare keys in case you lose [a key] and cannot immediately pay to get a new key.  Her project involved forging inexpensive key spares made out of empty food cans.  She plans to make several spare keys for those who often lose or misplace their keys in her family and community."
-Sharon Ball
e4usa Teacher at Patterson High School
Hear it from the e4usa student
Name: Tania Recinos
e4usa High School: Patterson High School in Baltimore, MD

How did you decide on this topic for your design project out of the many options? 
"My friends and family lose some of their keys when they go to school or work.  There isn’t always money to go and pay for new locks and keys. This project will help my family and friends, and it is not such a difficult project to solve."

What advice do you have for students considering enrollment in this e4usa course?
"Engineering is in a lot of the things we use in our daily lives.  I didn’t really know this before taking the e4usa class.  I wanted to work in a salon and do cosmetology.  I now know chemical engineers work in cosmetology to make hair products. ... Also, if you think you will like a class, don’t think about it too much, just sign up.  That’s what I did for this class.  It is a very nice experience where you can learn a lot, discover your abilities, and create and build projects."
Hear more from Tania
"If you want to create, invent, or build something, then the e4usa course is for you.  You will get the chance to explore what engineers do and learn the skills engineers need to prepare for those amazing high-tech STEM careers.  In other words, you will 'Learn to be an engineer before you go to college.'"

-Sharon Ball
e4usa Teacher at Patterson High School in Baltimore, MD
Hear it from the e4usa teacher
Name: Sharon Ball
e4usa High School: Patterson High School in Baltimore, MD

Describe the guidelines of the recent design project in your e4usa classroom.
"The guidelines for the e4usa design project involved students selecting a real-world problem that impacts their community.  Students had to do an informal neighborhood survey to determine which problems should be addressed and could be addressed by an engineering student.  Students had to submit their community project problem ideas to the instructor for approval."

What has been your favorite part about watching this student Tania work on this project?
"I would never have thought of a key forging idea for a community project problem.  That shows how limited my thinking had become for student projects over the years.  But the more she explained what she was trying to do and how she planned on doing it, I realized how innovative the idea was.  She is currently working on her sketches and drawings because she is still learning how to navigate 3D modeling software like TinkerCAD.  So, looking back, I guess my favorite part was seeing her creativity and design idea take shape and come to life, and her excitement about solving a valid problem."
Hear more from Sharon
e4usa Team Upcoming Research Presentations
  • CoNECD (Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity Conference)
    • January 25th, 1:00 pm - 1:25 pm EST
      • Dalal, M., Klein-Gardner, S., Kouo, J., Reid, K., Beauchamp, C., O’Neal, B., Lopez-Roshwalb, J., & Pines, D.: Stereotypes and Implicit Biases in Engineering Education: Will Students need to Whistle Vivaldi?
    • January 25th, 3:30 pm - 3:55 pm EST
      • Lee, E.: Conceptualizing and Situating of Sense of Belonging Among International Engineering Doctoral Students: In Light of the Previous Literature
    • January 26th, 1:00 pm - 1:25 pm EST
      • Berhane, B., Dalal, M., Klein-Gardner, S., Carberry, A., Reid, K., Beauchamp, C., Kouo, J., & Pines, D.: Understanding the “us all” in Engineering 4 Us All through the Experiences of High School Teachers
  • AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
    • February 11th, 11 am EST
      • Dalal, M., Carberry, A., & Ross, L.: Expanding Access in Engineering: Professional Development for School Counselors
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