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Check out the unique partnership by e4usa's team in Colorado in the "Partner Spotlight" section!
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Hear as current e4usa sophomores reflect on completing their robotic arm activity, a reflection used as part of an e4usa teacher's conference presentation on implementing project-based learning in the classroom! 
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Check out how you can become involved with e4usa in the next section on upcoming Informational Webinars
"I think reminding students that they have the authority and the right to create a better world for humanity is inherent in engineering education, but it also extends far beyond that."

-Jennie King
e4usa Teacher at Green Valley Ranch High School in CO
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Partner Spotlight

This month we focus on three e4usa high schools in Colorado and the relationships between its teachers, students, university partner, and work with Teach Engineering. 

DSST - Denver School of Science and Technology
ITLP - Integrated Teaching and Learning
"So far, CU Boulder’s e4usa partnership with DSST Public Schools has been incredible, especially the collaboration of our ITLP Pre-College Engineering team to support DSST teachers and their role as near-peer mentors for DSST students. I am very excited to see how the e4usa curriculum supports student learning and teacher instruction in engineering, and how this experience shapes students’ confidence, interest, and potential post-secondary career choices."

-Jennifer Taylor
ITLP Assistant Director
Hear it from a classroom
Name: Jennie King
Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia
Teacher at e4usa High School: DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School

E4usa focuses on “for us all”.  How do you see that playing out in your classroom?
"Earlier in the year, I shared the story of a student who had a difficult time finding representation that looked like her in the engineering profession-- and how this motivated her to address that gap in the engineering field by filling it herself. I think this illustrates the overarching goal of students recognizing that they hold the key to what the future looks like (whether inside of or outside of the engineering field), and that we can all work together to shift the status quo to a landscape that’s more inclusive and better represents our human population."
Hear more from Jennie
DSST (Denver School of Science and Technology) Public Schools has three teachers on three different campuses working with the ITLP Pre-College Engineering Team at the University of Colorado Boulder.
E4USA DSST-ITLP Partnership Highlights
E4usa has helped to strengthen existing collaborations with partner districts and schools!
  • The e4usa university partnership offers ITLP an excellent way to continue developing its long-term and productive relationship with DSST schools in a targeted and purposeful way, even with the challenges of remote teaching and learning in this era of COVID-19.
  • In addition to the year-long collaboration between ITLP and DSST engineering classes via e4usa, there is potential for us to develop a week-long e4usa inspired engineering design summer camp.
  • E4usa also helps to promote the guaranteed admissions agreement for qualifying DSST students to CU Boulder, including the College of Engineering and Applied Science.
Compilation of students in e4usa "classroom" working on projects over video chat
In addition to in-class e4usa support, the following are additional collaborations between ITLP and DSST to strengthen students’ engagement and understanding of engineering:
  • An e4usa CU Partner Introduction slide deck that introduced students to CU as their e4usa university partner
  • Students had the opportunity to construct questions for multiple guest speakers such as:
"Thank you for setting up the opportunity.  I thought the students’ questions were terrific!  Please share my appreciation for the chance to talk to the students with their teachers – they’re clearly doing a great job! I’ll look forward to further collaborations too."

-Dr. Jana Milford
CU CEAS-ME & ASPIRE Adoption Thrust Lead
e4usa and TeachEngineering Partnership Announcement!
TeachEngineering has launched the e4usa hub on its site to host the e4usa curriculum.  While the curriculum remains limited to e4usa teachers during its development, we look forward to sharing it for free, upon its completion.
e4usa Instructor Presents at NCSSS Virtual Conference Last Month
Listen to current e4usa sophomores reflect on completing their robotic arm activity
"During the first week of November I had the honor presenting at the NCSSS Virtual Conference. My presentation was on implementing project based learning within the classroom and was an excellent opportunity for me to showcase examples of student work as well as promote the E4USA program. I had a lot of pictures and videos from my classes last year, so I was able to include both classroom and virtual learning. I had five students from my current classes create video reflections. The two sophomores are currently enrolled in the E4USA class and had just completed the robotic arm activity. The three juniors were enrolled in the E4USA class last year and are currently enrolled in my production systems class."
-Dave Eisenberg
e4usa Teacher at Eleanor Roosevelt High School
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