Hello November.

For those of us in the UK, and for many in other parts of the world as well, another month of lockdown is about to begin. The days are getting shorter, with more cold and rain, and a lot less in-person socialising.

Fear not, all that you need to withstand the turbulence of the times is within you.

Meet me on the mat and let's take this on together. 

A few NEW things:
  • I made a website! It's called in reference to the sense of fresh exploration and play that I hope to bring to the mat. 
Have a look
  • NEW November workshops are open for booking! 

Saturday, 7 November 

11-12:30 GMT (Recording available for those in different time zones)
All welcome
£15 or 2 for £25

This is the sequel to October's Arm Balances Workshop! Learn strength-building exercises, entry/exit technique, and variations for challenging poses wherein we support most or all of our body weight on our arms (i.e., firefly, koundinyasana I, grasshopper).

Saturday, 21 November

17-18:30 GMT 
All welcome
£15 or 2 for £25

Restorative yoga is a sequence of poses held for a longer duration (at least 5-10 minutes each), for the purpose of rest and relaxation, and sometimes involving props like pillows and bolsters. We will end with yoga nidra, a guided meditation and conscious relaxation exercise sometimes referred to as 'yogic sleep'.

Workshop Me
  • Yoga On-Demand is here! 
Class recordings for weekly classes are now available and will be refreshed each month. Practicing to a prerecorded class suits those who are in different time zones, those who wish to practice at their own pace/time and by themselves, or those who prefer to practice the same sequence multiple times! E-mail me for 1-month access to group class recordings. £8 each.
  • The Weekly Schedule Continues
Group Yoga via Zoom
£10 single, £40 for a pack of 5*
*does not include Friday's class

Monday 6:30 pm GMT Vinyasa
Wednesday 6:30 pm GMT Rocket
Friday 5:30 pm GMT Power Yoga
(via The Light Centre, recording not available)
Sunday 11 am GMT Vinyasa
Yoga me
  • Corporate Yoga Continues
I teach corporate yoga for two offices right now. If you're interested in having your company provide its employees with regular yoga classes, please e-mail me
That's all for now.  If you have suggestions, questions, or just want to chat, e-mail  or DM me any time. I love hearing from you and learning how to better serve you.

Stay safe and well and see you soon!

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