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Once again we find ourselves about to go into what amounts to a new national lockdown from tomorrow and we must all pull together again.

Government rules are that tennis courts and outdoor gym equipment are to be closed, so sadly we will have to comply.  The tennis court will be shut from this evening, and whilst it is not possible to shut the outdoor gym equipment, please be aware that the government says it is not to be used.

The Parish Council is here to help and advise, but not to police villagers.  Everyone is encouraged to look after their own behaviour and resist the urge to criticise or censure others.  The sports field is open for exercise and we remind everyone that social distancing and respect for others is paramount.

The pavilion and village hall sadly must close as well, but the Church is open for private prayer.

Once again, if you require any sort of help at all during this time, the Parish Council can put you in touch with willing volunteers and we look forward to happier times as the vaccine continues to be deployed.  If you have any questions regarding the vaccination programme that your GP is unable to answer, Andy Anderson has offered to help and can be contacted by email (click here).

Lastly, be vigilant for would-be scammers; there's already reports of tricksters sending texts offering vaccinations that require bank details to enrol.

For Happier Times

Looking ahead, why not get involved with Aynho Eco? And, looking forward to 'unlock' the Village Hall Committee is asking for your help:


One of the Parish Council's initiative for 2021 onwards is 'Aynho Eco'.  The ambition is to improve biodiversity in the village and finding ways to help residents who would like to be more eco-friendly.

We've got lots of ideas which we're just starting to examine and will keep the village up-to date as we develop initiatives. And, we'd really love to hear your ideas! What would you do to improve the 'green footprint' of the village?

To make all this happen we really need YOU (residents of Aynho) to get involved! Would you willing to get involved to make an idea happen? Let us know by emailing your ideas and to volunteer (click here).


Village Hall - Your Views Needed

The Village Hall is an amazing facility at the heart of the village.  It exists for the benefit of the villagers of Aynho.  So, to allow it to continue carrying out this mission, it would be great to hear your views on what you need or would like to see in the Hall to encourage your use.  Some ideas already expressed include:

- a permanent overhead projector and screen for showing events,
- comfortable furnishings to make it more welcoming.
Any ideas will be collated with views already expressed in the Village Survey, with the aim of producing a plan for consideration by the village in due course.
Please let me know if you have any thoughts by 31 January 2021 at

If you know a neighbour or others that doesn't use email and would like a hard copy of this newsletter or St Michael's newsletter please email (on their behalf) to '' or call Chris Wilson (the Clerk to the Parish Council) on 07887 548774. Thanks.

Finally, in these strange times, don’t forget that if you need help, you only have to reach out.  Aynho has willing volunteers ready to help out.  

Remember, Stay Positive, Stay Kind and Stay Safe.
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