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Hello Aynho!

There have been a number of recent changes on the Parish Council as well as a raft of new changes from the government, so we thought it was a good time to send out a short newsletter.


With new councillors joining the PC, some roles and responsibilities have been switched around.  David Icke has now stepped in to be the Councillor in charge of Aynho Active which involves the running of the sports field and pavilion and the associated facilities.  A keen sportsman, Councillor Icke will be bringing his enthusiasm and fresh ideas to this amazing village asset.  Our other new councillor, Liz Hadley will be focusing on grants and fundraising to help support some new village initiatives.


One new initiative we are focusing on is how to make Aynho as ‘green’ as possible, which we are calling 'Aynho Eco'.  The ambition is to improve biodiversity in the village and finding ways to help residents who would like to be more eco-friendly.

The first and easiest way to get started is to encourage residents to review and maybe switch  energy provider to a ‘green’ energy supplier.  The benefits, according to are:

  • The key benefit is that it ups the overall demand for energy generated from renewable sources. The more demand there is, the more energy generators will invest in things like solar and wind farms.
  • This, in turn, reduces reliance on fossil fuels, which produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, renewable energy produces very little harmful emissions.
  • Cost is another benefit as it's now cheap. In recent years, the price of green energy has plummeted, meaning you can still go green and save over £300/yr.

Studies have shown that if everyone in a village, like Aynho, does this then the overall carbon footprint of the village can be reduced by 20%.  An easy (first) win, so do please see if this would work for your household.

We've got lots of other ideas which we're just starting to examine and will keep the village up-to date as we develop initiatives.

And, we'd love to hear your ideas! What would you do to improve the 'green footprint' of the village?

To make all this happen we really need YOU (residents of Aynho) to get involved! Would you willing to get involved to make an idea happen? 

Let us know by emailing your ideas and to volunteer (click here).


The government has announced a new 3 tier system for the whole country and Aynho and its environs are in the lowest risk category, Tier 1.  In practice this means little change to us other than the 'Rule Of Six' and the pubs having to shut at 10 p.m. which has been the case for a couple of weeks now.  Whilst there has been some suggestion from the government that citizens should be encouraged to inform the police if they see someone flouting these rules, the Parish Council will not be enforcing anything and would encourage residents to be responsible for their own behaviour and be kind to neighbours.

If you know a neighbour or others that doesn't use email and would like a hard copy of this newsletter or St Michael's newsletter please email (on their behalf) to '' or call Chris Wilson (the Clerk to the Parish Council) on 07887 548774. Thanks.

Finally, in these strange times, don’t forget that if you need help, you only have to reach out.  Aynho has willing volunteers ready to help out.  Stay Positive, Stay Alert, Stay Kind.
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