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Hello Aynho!

So we’re half way through the latest lockdown and once again Aynho is pulling together and looking after its own and others. 

It’s been amazing to see the neighbourly spirit that these restrictions have fostered, but don’t forget to reach out if you need any help via the Parish Council.  Aynho has an army of willing volunteers to help anyone out, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need a hand.  There are even food boxes available if you’re self isolating.

This time around, the playgrounds have not been closed, so there are still plenty of outdoor activities in Aynho to take advantage of.  If you haven’t before, check out the various walks on the village web - and tell us any others we can add!? Regarding the playground, residents are reminded that dogs are sadly not permitted to enter that area and that is by request of the majority of the village.

Keep Aynho Beautiful

And whilst out for a walk, we’d be really grateful if you’d collect any litter that you see. Ordinarily the Parish Council organises a community ‘Keep Aynho Beautiful’ litter-pick every Spring and Autumn which this year has not been possible. To help there’s a few ‘litter-picker-sticks’, black bags and hi-viz  bibs located on the bookshelf at the pavilion if you wish to borrow these.  Don’t forget to use hand sanitiser before and after use, and report any location of large items to the

Remembrance Sunday

Earlier this month Remembrance Sunday was still observed and once more villagers paid their respects to those who have given their lives to protect our freedom.  No virus was going to stop that!

Aynho's Christmas Tree

Whilst the Christmas Eve carol singing may not be possible in the village hall this year, we will still of course be putting up our Christmas tree on the green outside the Cartwright Hotel.  We invite anyone who would like to, to hang a bauble on the tree and make it their own.

We'd like to thank Hadsham Farm for their very kind donation of a tree for the village. Thanks!


As highlighted last month, one of the Parish Council's initiative for 2021 onwards is 'Aynho Eco'.  The ambition is to improve biodiversity in the village and finding ways to help residents who would like to be more eco-friendly.

We've got lots of ideas which we're just starting to examine and will keep the village up-to date as we develop initiatives. And, we'd really love to hear your ideas! What would you do to improve the 'green footprint' of the village?

To make all this happen we really need YOU (residents of Aynho) to get involved! Would you willing to get involved to make an idea happen? Let us know by emailing your ideas and to volunteer (click here).

If you know a neighbour or others that doesn't use email and would like a hard copy of this newsletter or St Michael's newsletter please email (on their behalf) to '' or call Chris Wilson (the Clerk to the Parish Council) on 07887 548774. Thanks.

Finally, in these strange times, don’t forget that if you need help, you only have to reach out.  Aynho has willing volunteers ready to help out.  Stay Positive, Stay Alert, Stay Kind.
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