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The International Energy Agency (IEA) says the best way to reach net zero by 2050, increase economic growth and deliver affordable energy to all, is to end most fossil fuels.

Here's my favourite sentence of it's Net Zero Roadmap;

"Net zero means huge declines in the use of coal, oil and gas. This requires steps such as halting sales of new internal combustion engine passenger cars by 2035, and phasing out all unabated coal and oil power plants by 2040."

However, the IEA Executive Director also warned there is a "growing gap" between what is being promised and delivered.

“We hear a lot of commitments, a lot of pledges, but the numbers (emissions) are going up.”

This is why we must stop greenwashing.

This week we're fired up about;

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The International Energy Agency works as part of the OECD and it's scenarios often form the basis of government policies.

Australia is a member and uses IEA forecasts as the basis for its emissions projections, as an example.

But now the IEA is saying we must stop all new fossil fuel projects to reach net zero by 2050, so the Federal Government is looking for alternative facts.

Resources Minister, Keith Pitt said the IEA had failed to properly consider the role carbon capture would play and disputed the report, pledging to continue extracting coal, oil and gas.

APPEA, the gas and oil lobbyist, ignored the report's recommendations, such as no new gas field investments, and instead positioned themselves as the climate's saviours - again using the magical powers of carbon capture as a 'get out of jail free' card.

The Minerals Council of Australia didn't issue a media release but told the Australian;

"The sector understands there are multiple pathways and technologies to decarbonisation and the sector’s resilience will depend on its ability to adapt to demand patterns as technologies evolve." 

Framing the recommendations to end coal as one of several 'pathways' and shifting responsibility to the 'demand patterns' while also waiting for a carbon capture miracle is pure art.

The IEA says more working, large-scale carbon capture and storage is required to meet net zero in addition to these reductions by 2050;

90% - coal
75% - oil
55% - methane gas


Origin Energy runs Australia's biggest coal plant, Eraring, and is planning to frack for gas in the NT's Betaloo Basin, which could add another 22% to Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

But never mind that, thanks to M&C Saatchi's, Australia's fourth biggest carbon polluter has a new video about 'good change' and pointers about how the rest of us can help clean up their mess.

Yes, Origin is suggesting we start knitting and wearing dirty clothes.

But what is Origin doing about climate change? It's website says;

"Origin has committed to a cleaner, smarter energy future. We've set targets to reduce our carbon emissions and increase our renewables and storage capacity. We've also committed to exit coal-fired generation by 2032."

Unfortunately, according to Market Forces, those "commitments" are putting us on a path of 2 degrees warming.

M&C Saatchi's has been added to our Polluter Relations list.

Here's how BP coined the term 'carbon footprint' and helped make individuals feel like they were responsible for environmental problems that are mostly caused by a small number of massive corporations.
Support Climate Communications

1. Pope Francis for helping with our campaigns against fossil fuels.


2. The Gaia Partnership's three-part series on how marketers can reach net zero, including an excellent guide about what net zero actually means. 

3. An academic study by Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes about the framing and subtle language tricks ExxonMobil is using to downplay and avoid the consequences of its role in the climate crisis.

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