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With so much bad news around, I thought I would stay positive and concentrate on France banning fossil fuel ads. Next week I will dive into the Great Barrier Reef communications and the role of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

We have a guest author this week, Rune Woldsnes, who has been taking Surf Life Saving to task about their sponsorship deal with Ampol. He has also created a nifty t-shirt.

This week we're fired up about
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Belinda Noble
There's fantastic news from Europe where concerns about the damaging marketing of high polluting industries are gaining serious traction.

France’s Climate and Resilience Bill was passed last Tuesday, and included several laws designed to curb the marketing of climate-damaging products and services.

The measures include ending ads for fossil fuel energies from the second half of 2022, banning the advertising of high-emitting cars, and curbs on advertising signs.

And North Somerset Council has become the third in the UK to ban fossil fuel ads.  Once implemented, the policy should see an end to adverts for high carbon industries such as petrol and diesel cars, airlines, airports and fossil fuel companies.

The motion notes;
  •  That the purpose of advertising is to stimulate demand for goods and services.
  • That some advertising content undermines the council's objectives regarding public health, air pollution and sustainable consumption.
Across Europe, the UK, Canada and the U.S. there are more moves to install tobacco-style bans on coal oil and gas.

If you're interested in lobbying for fossil fuel ad bans in Australia, please drop Comms Declare a line.
Support Climate Communications

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) proudly showed off their major sponsor Ampol in their latest online ad. The ad shows two members in a surf patrol ATV driving along a beach in morning light. In comes the Ampol logo and a friendly voice saying “Ampol - Australia’s own”.

The ad was posted to Facebook, but has now been taken down. It managed to get a few angry comments before it disappeared. The ad is still available on Twitter and Instagram. Commenting has been turned off on Instagram, after hundreds of comments by disgusted followers. 

So why the outrage? It’s in the extreme contrast between SLSA and Ampol. One organisation known for saving lives and caring about the ocean, the other a part of the most polluting industry in the world, known for accelerating climate change. Which, by the way, will ruin summer.

Read the whole article by Rune Woldsnes 
There's been some truly appalling examples of spinning, greenwashing and straight deceit in recent weeks that are worth calling out.

This comes as former US Vice President, Al Gore warns that greenwash is a threat to climate progress.

1. What do you do when you run the world's largest carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility and you can't get it to work properly? If you're Chevron, you put out a media release and a 'fact sheet' talking about the CO2 you did manage to store and refuse to release the full figures. The Gorgon CCS facility in WA only managed to capture around 30% of what it promised to over five years - which is a tiny fraction of the LNG plant's overall greenhouse gas pollution. But Chevron's media release calls it a "milestone" and CCS a "proven technology".

2. Australia's biggest oil and gas company Woodside has been failing to maintain its old oil rigs to the point where they can't even be disposed of safely. So, they come up with a great idea to just sink an old platform and call it an "artificial reef". This wonderful gift to sea life would be on the edge of Western Australia's Ningaloo World Heritage Area and includes polyurethane foam and iron ore slurry. 

3. Bitcoin mining creates enormous amounts of energy and greenhouse gases. So, Stronghold Digital Mining reckons they can re-burn waste coal in an "emissions controlled manner" to make their bitcoin "green". Waste coal is more emissions intensive than regular coal.

4. Global investor, Nuveen, has launched a "core impact bond" fund because it has a "long track record of putting capital to work for both people and planet." But despite listing climate change as one of its priority areas, it will invest in Santos ($). The gas company is the ninth biggest greenhouse polluter in Australia and is continuing to expand gas extraction.
1. Race to Net Zero for an excellent toolkit anyone can use to simply assess net zero claims.

2. New Climate Voices for these videos that have been shifting perceptions about climate in conservative voters in America.

3. Coles for ditching their plastic collectables as part of their sustainability campaign - now for all that other plastic packaging....
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