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There has been some truly incredible and inspired climate communications ahead of COP26. I feature some highlights at the end of today's newsletter.

However, there has also been some considerable nasties... starting with a new pro-fracking astroturfing campaign.

This week we're fired up about

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Belinda Noble
Support Climate Communications

A mysterious astroturfing site has been discovered and tweeted by Dan Goucher.

Back Beetaloo promotes fracking in the Northern Territory and proports to be pressuring the Federal and Territory governments to speed things up.

Of course, the NT and federal governments are already very much pro fracking, so why the need for the community to rise up? And why do they hate wind turbines?

The 'group' has spent up to $900 on Facebook ads, mainly targeting people in Queensland, not the Northern Territory.  The digital properties have no information about who these concerned citizens are and my emails and phone calls have gone unanswered.

A search on the domain found the site is registered to a sole trader named Nick Palmer.


Campaign Digital was registered in June this year to Nicholas John Palmer with a Sydney address. 

I contacted a few possible contenders and asked if they were behind the site. For example, a Nick Palmer works as a Digital Strategist for Federal Liberal MP Jason Falinski. That Nick Palmer did not respond. 

Whoever our mystery Nick Palmer is, Back Beetaloo has all the hallmarks of a fake community group promoting pro-gas candidates in Queensland. Who could be funding that?

On Facebook, other pro-Beetaloo gas advertisers include 'Emissions Reduction' Minister, Angus Taylor, Origin Energy and The West Australian. Interestingly, Origin's ad was mainly shown in the Ukraine and Czech Republic, with only 7% of its audience in the Territory itself.

1. The Australian government for trying to water down recommendations of the IPCC, including references to the impact of lobbyists in weakening our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

2. APPEA for claiming the International Energy Agency's 'World Energy Outlook 2021' showed that gas demand will continue to be an opportunity for Australia, when it showed gas demand needs to plummet (see above). 

3. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) for starting a climate campaign #everytrickcounts while accepting sponsorship money from Russian gas giant, Gazprom.

4. The Minerals Council of Australia for holding an ESG conference sponsored by Anglo American.

5. APPEA for putting out a press release about this poster of gas pipes being erected in Wandoan, Queensland, saying it proves  "how gas plays an important role in the local community". Huh?

1. Dan Ilic from A Rational Fear, and collaborators, for lampooning Australia's climate record with massive billboards in Times Square and even getting a spot on CNN.

2. Greenpeace Europe for campaigning for an end to fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships in the EU.

3. Australian Ethical Investment for its plans to cover the Financial Times with the names of Australians wanting climate action, in time for COP26.

4. The Spin Bin YouTube series from The Australia Institute, fact checking fun things such as carbon capture and storage.

5. The Chaser and Market Forces for rebranding NAB as NOB in a lovely fake TV ad.
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