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Gas and oil executives have been jetting into Perth for an industry conference, partly sponsored by tax payers.. but along with the "oilfields golf tournament" and cocktail parties, there's a current of fear.

This week we're fired up about;

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The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) is holding its 60th anniversary conference this week in Perth.

As delegates are swamped with key messages about how oil and gas makes life better and will play a 'central role' in Australia's 'strong economy', the program reveals plenty of climate anxiety.

One plenary asks if gas is part of a net zero future? Another is on social licence (with a speaker from JWS Research - a company that helps APPEA build its social licence). The plenary on shareholder activism is sure to be popular. Another is on the investment environment which, may be a little less popular.

What it may lack in investors, APPEA makes up for in influence. 

The Prime Minister is a guest speaker along with mining ministers from across the states. APPEA's former Vice Chair , Board Member and Exxon executive, Richard Owen, was just awarded an OAM.

The conference received positive coverage in the Financial Review, The West Australian and ABC.

Prominent journalists are presenting, including influencer Gemma Tognini, Ben Harvey from Seven West Media, and Ticky Fullerton from The Australian.

Ticky also wrote a pro-gas article about the conference - with APPEA advertising. 

"Communicating what an important role responsible oil and gas development has in coming decades is a work in progress. And yes, particularly to those in the next generation who buy fast fashion and have never ever used a Hills hoist."

Not a very kind way to describe those who will be suffering climate extremes thanks to APPEA and their friends.

But it's hard to be critical when the oil and gas industry sponsors half your newspaper - like this eight page advertorial today.
Taxpayers are helping to fund the APPEA conference, via sponsorship deals with Geoscience Australia, The Department of Industry, Innovation & Science, The Geological & Bioregional Assessments Program and Tourism Western Australia. 

Oil and gas executives attending the event are also eligible to apply for taxpayer subsidies for their costs thanks to Austrade.
Sometimes you can spend all the time and money in the world trying to improve you brand and then...

... your ad promoting the oil and gas industry appears next to an article about the oil and gas industry destroying priceless, internationally significant, 50,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art.

...your brand appears next to a story about the climate disaster you knew about but kept fuelling anyways.

...your new sustainable building the 'Woodside Building for Technology and Design' at Monash University had to ditch your main product, because gas is not sustainable.

... your attempt to look sustainable on social media becomes a massive self own.
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