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Oil and gas lobbyist, APPEA, has at least five PR, advertising, lobbying and research companies on the pay roll.

Ahead of the federal budget they artfully placed three narratives in friendly media.

This week we're fired up about;

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APPEA gained an impressive 31 positive media stories in the seven days before the federal budget was handed down.

The first story was given to APPEA's favourite go-to guy, Geoff Chambers, in The Australian with a well-tailored 'culture war' angle.

This 'exclusive' story, was APPEA's submission to an inquiry which attacked so-called activist investors. It was published without comment from the groups named, and with a supportive editorial. Both articles reinforced the false narrative that more gas is essential for jobs growth, and that jobs growth is being threatened by "extreme environmental front groups".

To be fair, Mr Chambers did point out the following day that investors who need to manage genuine climate risks are actually pretty sensible - although this article was not as one sided as the previous one.

This was another 'exclusive' based on an APPEA survey which apparently found that oil-based products were Australia's most valued possessions during COVID-19 lockdown. I say 'apparent' survey because it doesn't seem to have been published anywhere and the survey company is not identified. 

The story ran in the Courier Mail - with the same graphic used on APPEA's website.

Again the underlying message was gas expansion equals jobs - with no dissenting view, or mention of oil and gas being health hazards and drivers of climate change. The article also quotes a Bright-r With Gas spokesman - with no mention the group is part of APPEA.

Finally there was a media release, published in mining industry media with APPEA's budget asks.

Public subsidies for methane gas were increased in the budget.
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Last week I wrote about Oresome Resources, an initiative by Australian resources lobby groups to 'assist the teaching and learning of minerals and energy'.

The materials include fossil fuel company's key messages such as gas being 'cleaner', solar power being 'unreliable', the economic importance of fossil exports, and that our lives will all be ruined without products made from oil and gas.

Here's a PowerPoint for teachers to help students compare types of energy... starting with gas.

Notice how the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, and that's there's no mention of highly polluting methane, the dangers of gas in the home or the environmental damage gas extraction creates.

But what about solar? The disadvantages are overstated and the teaching aid falsely claims it's expensive and unreliable - no mention of batteries.

A father in America has found similar 'educational materials' in his son's school bag and he was not happy.

The backlash led to an apology and this news article. 

1. The global CO2 widget is being offered for free to media outlets to clearly show the global level of CO2. You can install it from the website.

2. Tom Connell from Sky News held his ground to elicit an epic own goal from Resources Minister, Keith Pitt.

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