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Resources lobby groups start recruitment early - through Australian schools.

They've created materials targeted from kindergarten students up to year 12 and they're not entirely telling the whole truth about fossil fuels.

This week we're fired up about;

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Belinda Noble
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Oresome Resources is an initiative of resources lobby groups from around the country to 'assist the teaching and learning of minerals and energy'.

The extensive library of fact sheets, videos, interactives, lesson plans, PowerPoints and vodcasts are written against the curriculum in science, geography, maths and work studies - starting in kindergarten, with cartoons like this.

Fossil fuel companies use STEM education in schools and universities as a way to build credibility and social licence. But how credible are these materials?

This coal 'mythbusting' fact sheet, is written by the Queensland Resources Council.

It falsely claims 'Global coal demand is forecast to rise 73% by 2030'. The International Energy Agency finds coal demand will stay steady or drop dramatically. Even the Queensland government admits coal demand peaked in 2013/14.

It argues against the statement that 'clean coal' technology is unproven. Even coal barons agree clean coal is a myth.

And its claim that carbon capture and storage is 'operating commercially' implies it is making money.  The Climate Council calls it 'an expensive failure'.
School banking programs, such as Dollarmites, have been banned from schools in several states after the consumer watchdog (ACCC) found that children were exposed to "sophisticated advertising and marketing tactics" by providers. Surely the same could be said for the Oresome Resources program?


Monster Children Creative has created a campaign, 'Australia's Greatest Liability', for Greenpeace.

New research by Greenpeace has found 85% of AGL's power is generated by coal, but you would be hard pressed to find a coal plant in one in their ads. AGL is Australia's largest carbon polluter.

Meanwhile, CHE Proximity has created another campaign promoting AGL.

Just like AGL's 'Advancing Australia' campaign, this paints the fossil fuel giant as being progressive and innovative.

Working with AGL has put CHE Proximity and UM Media on our Polluter Relations list.

The Greenpeace ads ran next to an interview with AGL's new CEO, Graeme Hunt, in the Financial Review.

1. Coal miners driving Teslas YouTube series from Central Queensland. Look at the smile on his dial! 

2. Graham Readfern and Isabella Moore for their story and photos on the US coal company that is eating an Australian town.

3. Rottnest wind turbine for sharing this anti-greenwashing action in Perth.

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