Annnnd.....a new one!

Hullo there! Miss me?
Welllll....It's time to jump back in to these.
So here we go!

Truncated and Tasty...

Breaking in to the new DECADE

Welcome back!
I'm excited to reignite our conversation here through my newsletter, and I can't wait for you to read the new blog content. Let's talk shop!

What to expect from the Stratgix Newsletter?
Insights into the world of (BMA) Branding/Marketing/Advertising, lots of quirkiness, and actionable steps to becoming a distinguished communicator with profitable influence in your industry.

Who's this newsletter for?
Business owners and entrepreneurs that want to brand beyond their logo, establish elite distinction, communicate their unique values, cultivate hero clients, and build their 1000-strong core community.

What to do when you read this newsletter?
Share it! Like it! Share your experiences on any of my social media platforms. Join the conversation! I -need- your feedback, I love to hear what's going on in the heads of my community. expect this newsletter?
Right now? We'll keep it at "Not So Weekly" least  once a month! most likely 2.
As the new year settles in, I will fall in to a new regular schedule. Check the blog for my more frequent thoughts!

A quick re-blurb from the last newsletter of 2020
You are a visionary... and brilliant in your own unique way - LET IT SHINE THROUGH. No one else is capable of authentically being you or presenting your concepts/services/products to your core community.
Stratgix Consulting is here to shine a guiding light on your path to distinction.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know!

A bite to consider!

Until next time, thanks for reading!
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