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Tell me a story...

You have the first opportunity to tell your story

Who, Why, What, When, Where
Over the course of humanity, the oldest and strongest form of (BMA) branding, marketing, and advertising; is the story. It is the way we share ideas, learn, lie, impact the future, and change the past.

So what story or stories are you writing for yourself and what stories are you crafting for your business?

Who are you in your story?
Understanding the motives, goals, and personality of your main character is essential to effective story telling.

Why does your story matter?
How does your story impact the greater world? Why is it improving it?

What story are you telling?
Is it an action-adventure? A mystery? A Comedy? Try to maintain a positive and active tone to your story. Being able to tap into extreme emotions is a healthy tool, but too much can weaken your narrative. That will lead to the market being unable to react appropriately to important events.

When should you tell your story?
You should always be telling your story, if that's not the case; Who's story are you telling?

Where are you and your client in the story?
Life is a journey and the "hero's journey" is the foundational format of storytelling. Are you the wise sage the hero (your client) quests to meet? The supportive sidekick cheering them along? The mentor guiding them along with wisdom? or the merchant providing them the tools and supplies for their trek.

Is your client just starting out? half way there? stuck in the wilderness? or seeking the next goal beyond the glory of success?

What are the rules for your story?
Your story is your own to control. I repeat, it is YOUR story. You are the only one that gets to tell it FIRST. You get to set the rules of engagement. When someone works with you, how does that go?

What is the context/framework for your story?
Set the stage. We thankfully live in a world where we can directly affect the lens that our business is viewed through. What industry are you in? What clientele do you serve? Why do you serve them in that way?

What are your capabilities?
Every main character has a unique capability, whether they are born with it or learn it later in life. What are you or your business's superpowers?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know!

Who's Language Is It Anyway?

A great story in another language is unheard.

Often as business owners and entrepreneurs we can find ourselves in echo chamber, talking to others  that are just like us. Without ever translating our message into one that our clients can understand.

So I challenge you to take a step back from your products/services; and out of your business. Take some time to look at them from the viewpoint of your client. Their interests, wants, expectations, and experiences.

Learn how they speak about your industry. Do you have to educate them?

With a little perspective, you can transform the conversation around business and ensure that your story is shared.

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