March 28th, 2019


Shine your light...
Intro + Lingo + Developing your Voice & Language!

1 Down....3 to Go!

As we step in to the newest quarter, a few thoughts linger in my mind.

Be Resolved | Be Evident | Be Better

I hope you join me in these things.

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What's in a word?

If you didn't know, I like words.
I like using the -right- word for the -right- situation.
Sometimes that can get me into trouble, especially when a mutual definition isn't shared.
So here are a few terms I use when talking about brand, branding, & marketing.
  • Presence - Visual/Physical - How prominent are you in the mind of your market place?
  • Culture - Intangible/Umami - Do your ideas, lingo, or style spread without you?
  • Voice - Mental - Your way of communicating. How do you share ideas? What's your lingo?
  • Experience - Emotional - How does your market feel when they engage with you? What do they remember and talk about?
  • Ethos - Beliefs and aspirations...what's driving you and your business?
  • MVP - Minimum viable product - Get out there and make it happen! Take something to market and get feedback quickly! Bring it back to the lab and refine your approach.
  • Identity - Being - What are you as a business, owner, operator? Your Brand Identity is more than your logo...
  • Strategy - Plan- The plan & map of how you've decided to take on a situation in consideration of your resources, position, and goals.
  • Tactics - Action - The skills and tools used to execute the strategy you've chosen.

"OK! Got it! So how do we develop these things and use them?"

Well, that's why I'm writing this newsletter. This time we get to dive in on Voice & Language.

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Squares are not Circles
and even when they "fit"...they don't match.
"Conversations Lead to Conversions" (Can I get that copyrighted?)

Marketing is an extended conversation... about your brand.
and... a conversation is based on storytelling & mutual language.

Developing your voice and storytelling skills.

Great storytellers have a few things in common:

Great voice-control...
  • They know how to enhance THE GENERAL POINTS... while making sure you pay attention to what's           most                     important.
    Work on your tone of voice in person; as well as, in print.                   Great copywriting can go a long way.
  • They practice in public and implement feedback. Networking, Masterminds, Strangers, and Friends. Test your brand story and product pitches!
  • They speak to the audience..neither above or below. (My own weak point apparently.) Speak -their- language while teaching them your own.
  • They weave the story around a singular topic or character. Simplify your conversation, build on your strongest most authentic concept/product/service, then present your other relevant capabilities over time.

Language is equally important...

Because... while your voice-control expresses the feeling and energy behind your brand. Language is the gateway to the ideas of your brand, and mutual language is the key to shared ideas.
  • First, decide what ideas & concepts are most important to your brand and business. Define them clearly, the closer you get to one-word descriptions the easier it will be to match -your- language, to that of the marketplace.
  • Second, develop empathy for the mental and emotional state of your audience. Match your approach and word usage to them as much as you -authentically- can. Maintaining your authenticity and personality is more important than saying the perfect thing. (I think we may jump ahead to brand archetypes in next week's newsletter!)
  • Third, Repeat, repeat, repeat. Use -your- language in tandem with their own, to develop the connection between the two and draw them deeper into your thought-space. Just because you mentioned your wizbang service/product once or twice, does not mean they even understand what it is. Or even better, if they understand what the it can do for them.(Have you gone to an automatic car wash lately? I still have no clue what the Jelly coat triple-doxycyclene super soak does....other than soak my car.)

Ok...I can go on for a while, but I want to keep these of moderate length. More to be added in the upcoming blog.
Oh! before I forget, what about this change in color scheme?

Thanks for joining me again!

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Thank you for reading today's newsletter! Have a great week!
Next topic: April Goals & Resources, Brand Archetypes, Q's you should be asking about your brand, and more insight & tips!
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