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Are you maximizing this gadget?

What are your top 3 mobile strategies?

We all know how vital our phones are to our daily life, here are a few ways to take advantage of that:

  • Encouraging check-ins for brick & mortar businesses or proper tagging.
  • Capture live video of small, fun elements of your business/industry.
  • Have you tried text marketing yet? It can be a crafty way to get your message right into your customer's hands.

Just a few quick blurbs to get this ball rolling! What is your mobile strategy? Drop a post on the StraTgiX Consulting facebook page.

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The Dinner Party Rule

Can your business throw a dinner party?

You can only throw a dinner party when you're already popular or have a core group of friends that enjoy your presence, share your ideals, and happily invite others to join them in supporting you.

In this day and age, "Activated Social Capital" can be compared with actual dollars and leverage. You need to establish a strong social presence to not only stay relevant, but also to launch new endeavors.

Activated Social Capital (ACS) is made of:

  • All individuals that know the core message of your business and share that message.
  • Fans that engage with your content regularly
  • Usually 1-20% of your total social community

Essentially your ACS community are people you can rely on to show up for your "dinner party" and make it a hit by inviting others.

A few things you could ask yourself this week:

  • How many people does my business directly impact
  • If I were to throw a dinner party, how many people would actually show up.
  • How many people regularly comment on 2 or more of my business posts a week?  Who are those people?
  • Who shares my content regularly?
  • Who are the social nodes of my community? The ones that get conversations going, or always invite 5+ people.
That's just a start...

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