February 5th, 2019


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Content is King!

Consistency > Quantity vs Quality

There is always a big debate on the virtues of Quantity vs Quality, and the practice of Social Media is not exempt. When it comes to social media, or any form of branding. Both quantity and quality are important, but nothing trumps consistency!

Quantity gets you into the market space..
Quality separates you from the crowd…
But…CONSISTENCY, creates engagement and drives business.

Many people fail to be consistent due to comparing themselves to others that have been consistent for months or years. Others hang their hat on some imaginary bar of quality.
Here are a few thoughts on developing these three elements.

  • Quantity - Decide on a day, take 5-15-30 minutes and produce some form of content. Maintain this weekly and over time you will build up a collection of content to draw from and update as needed.
  • Quality - Builds upon quantity, the more content you produce, the better your content will be. Take a look at the early content of some of your favorite social media personalities. It probably "sucked", but over time they developed a style and learned of more efficient ways to create content.
  • Consistency – The bedrock of it all, through consistent effort, you will produce a greater quantity of material and your quality will improve and become the norm. Take a day and create 7 pieces of content that you can then schedule out over the week. \
That’s the best thing about social media and technology. You can leverage a small amount of time today across a whole week, month, or even a year.

Make a template once, and use liberally!

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