March 14th, 2019

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Intro + What's Branding + The Hierarchy

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I know you're wondering what I mean by the image above. "What exactly is BRANDING and what does it do?"
& "How does it all CONNECT & FLOW?"

What's a Brand?

  • It's the reason you go to Publix over Winn Dixie, Costco over Sams, and  Uber vs Lyft.
  • The identity of your business.
  • It's the backbone of your business that bends but never breaks.
  • The reason businesses last decades, and (with a little bit of creativity) rise from the "dead" - Twinkies anybody?...Chuck Taylor... Starbucks... VW Beetle... LEGO... Apple?
  • In a's your Secret Sauce.
  • And it consists of 4 core elements (we'll define these soon!)
    • Presence
    • Culture
    • Voice
    • Experience
  • Now....about the activity of creating a brand...

Repeat after me!
"Branding... is NOT Marketing & Advertising!"

Say it twice!

I definitely can't say it enough. While all three components are important, they each play different roles. With a greater understanding of these roles, you can better guide your business to consistent and enduring success. We'll explore the differences below.

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The Hierarchy & Flow
Branding vs Marketing vs Advertising (briefly)

You see the diagram? OK good! we're done here!...........

Just kidding...

In a sentence... branding provides the focused thru-line that informs to whom you market, how you advertise, and the way you sell. Remember that 1st picture? The brand is the big boss, from which all the ideas come from.
  • When you're branding, you are creating the reason for a person or company to do business with you.
  • When you're marketing, you are providing them ways to engage with you and your product/service.
  • When you're advertising, you are drawing attention to the product/service that is most important at the time.
  • When you are successfully selling, you are making someone move.

They all require their own strategies and engage their own set of unique tactics. Strategies and tactics that we'll continue to explore in these newsletters and upcoming blogs.

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