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There are rules to every game...

What are the rules/laws/edicts of your industry and specialty? I asked myself that about branding recently and here are a few that came to mind.
  1. Never stop Branding - Keep presenting it. Keep building on it.
    • Live your brand, never forget that -you- are the best representative for what your business is and will be.
  2. Stick to your Brand - Either you are on Brand or not.
    • Consistency - A Brand takes time to be anchored in the psyche of a marketplace.If your business is about quality and prestige, don't suddenly switch to accessibility and being budget friendly.
    • You can't fake who you are - Brand integrity is very important, The greatest damage to a Brand is the moment the curtain is lifted and the wizard behind the curtain is more Ron Weasley and less Gandalf. (Comment on (IG,FB, & Linked In) the 3 works of fiction referenced here for a gift!)
  3. Acknowledge Brand Weaknesses, emphasize Brand Strengths.
    • Do your best to be open to market feedback but do not downplay your expertise
Along with laws, there are also 12 classic categories that brands tend to follow or fall into. We'll take a glimpse at those next.

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Classic Brand Archetypes

Round and round it goes, where it stops....the whole world should know.
Sage | Creator | Explorer-Outlaw
These are the 3 primary archetypes of Stratgix Consulting. Do you agree?

You may already have a strong inclination as to which archetype{s} fits you and your business;but, if you care to get a clearer picture of your #1, #2, and #3, here are a couple of quizzes to help out. (Note: The captcha on quiz 1 does work if you type in the statement in red)

Quiz 1 | Quiz 2

The 12 Archetypes are based on the works of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell which were then applied to Branding and Marketing by Margaret Mark in the book "The Hero & The Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through The Power of Archetypes".

Knowledge of your brand archetype can be a powerful tool in the areas of content creation, ideal client recognition, culture, and community development.

I found a bunch of sites describing the archetypes, I'll put a full list of my favorites in the blog.

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