We're halfway there.
6 months to 2020
What's your vision for the future of your business?

....pauses for effect

....I knew you'd get it!
(at least I hope you did...)
(you did right?)


20/20 doesn't have to be reserved for hindsight

Just wanted to encourage everyone to take a moment and project your business into the next year.

What is your brand focus?
How do you position the lens through which the marketplace sees you?
What does your brand focus on?
What's changing in your industry?
How can you Innovate and "Jump the Curve"?

A few questions to consider as we forge into the latter half of the year and begin to lay the groundwork for 2020.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Let me know!

Controlling The Conversation

The conversation around your business is yours to control.

Sometimes as business owners, we can "lose" control of the narrative.
  • The market thinks you're too busy for new business.
  • People think you're the "cheap" option.
  • "Oh, I didn't know you did that!" or worse..."could do that!"
  • etc..
This can happen in any number of ways, but let's look at the tools available for managing your business's reputation and controlling the conversation.
  • Storytelling
  • Positioning
  • Imagery/Content
  • Service

What -type- of story are you telling about and through your business? Are you a gritty upstart? Wise consultant? Efficient Operator? Is business on the rise? or are you a whisker from liquidating and selling out?

Proper public relations are important to the livelihood of an organization. How often have you heard of the public losing confidence in a product/service due to a flub in narrative?

When we talk about positioning there is more to it than the physical location of a business. You can also position yourself in the areas of:
Price - High or Low? Value or Luxury?
Quality - Long lasting, precise or Temporary and  unrefined.
Community - What type of culture do you want to develop around your organization?

We live in a "If I haven't seen you in 2 days, you don't exist" type culture currently. So find a way to maintain the visual presence of your business. You don't have to go Gary V on us....but consistent content is important.

For some company's their only saving grace is Top-notch service for mediocre products. For other's their lack of service leads potential customers to stray away from their excellent product. Which one would you like to be? Hopefully you said neither...
Strive to provide a unique plus in your service model that enhances the perceived value of your product.

As with any topic shared in these newsletters, there is much more to be said. Perhaps I'll expand on "Perceived value" or "Positioning" in the next blog!

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Until next time, thanks for reading!
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