March 20th, 2019

The end draws nigh!

The end of the 1st quarter that is...just the end of the quarter.
Intro + Update + Current Topic + Books!

You have 12 days!

Don't let the arrival of April make a fool of you! Push hard and wrap up your 1st quarter goals!

I appreciate those that reached out to me @ StraTgiX Consulting! I'll do my best to continue providing value and making you smile and laugh along the way.


A big idea is the result of progressive iteration of smaller ideas....
Keep refining & polishing!

What's up in the world of StratgiX Consulting?

  • As promised... consistent newsletters!
  • Educating my market on -my- definition of Branding and it's place in business development.
  • Banging around in the background, website refresh.
    • Shifting the focus to branding
    • Adding Blog, which will include brand studies and expanded thoughts on the topics I share here!
  • I was inspired by my mentors to get down to really writing my books.
  • Development of info products to match!
  • Seeking some new strategic partnerships.
    • Graphic Designers & Web Developers
    • Social Media Managers
  • And some speaking opportunities.

"We want brand talk!!...Do you have a story for us?!"

OK! OK!...Think on this. What would be the most brand-compromising thing that you can do for -your- brand?

What if you are one of the largest raw vegan lifestyle youtubers with over 3 million subscribers?

How about getting caught on video eating meat/fish!!.. we'll continue below...

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Rawvana...not so raw anymore!
3 million to 1.5 million!

Did she change her marketing? No
Did she change her advertising? No
Did she fail in her sales process? No
So why did she lose over half of her subscribers in less than a month?

Catastrophic brand damage!

She lost her authenticity, in the eyes of those that view veganism as more than a dietary choice. She had built up a brand based on the health and lifestyle benefits of a raw vegan diet. They sought her out, followed her advice, shared her content, encouraged others to buy in...then she betrayed them.

Dozens and dozens of videos and thousands of fan interactions all based on what many now consider as a lie. Now...she did apologize, and explain the situation as best as she can, but the damage has been done. Her career isn't over, she can pivot...and I believe she has. Her about sections were cleverly written in a way that didn't espouse the morality of veganism, so she has some wiggle room to endear herself to her (new) core community and her new market. "Moderate Raw Vegans and individuals seeking to incorporate vegan food into their diets"

*Key to successful branding*... BE AUTHENTIC TO YOU! And your product/service. If you stay true to the core values of your personality and ideology, you will never feel the unnecessary strain of keeping up the facade, hiding the truth, or living up to a false persona. (A big part of learning your voice. We'll talk about that next week!)

Gary Vee curses like a sailor, Grant Cardone comes off as cocky and loud, Wendy's is cheeky "Where's the BEEF!", Disney is PG (although they are broadening their scope).

Don't be afraid to put the real you on display, your tribe will find you and accept you. Normalizing your voice to the masses will always leave you drowned out.

OK! I know I know!......I promised you books! Here you go.
  • Contagious: Why Things Catch On - Jonah Berger
    • Fun stories of how businesses created energy around their products & services.
  • The Choice Factory: 25 Behavioural Biases That Influence What We Buy - Richard Shotton
    • Human behavior patterns will surprise you!
  • This Is Marketing - Seth Godin
    • One of the best marketing minds of the generation. It was reassuring to hear some of the ideas that I was formulating in my ethos echoed in this book.
  • Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen - Donald Miller
    • All stories follow a formula...the hero's journey... who's the hero in the story of your business?

Thanks for joining me again! Have a great week!

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