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March 23, 2019

Dear Reader Tribe,
I was honestly surprised by some of the survey answers, but I really appreciate you voting! One newsletter a week with all the necessary updates on Saturday evenings won out in the voting, so that's when you can look for this newsletter from here on out! Don't forget that you can stalk my blog and/or my social media for new giveaway alerts and more in between weekly newsletters.

I do have something special JUST for those people who wanted the giveaway and/or pre-order/new release alerts, though! I can make sure you get those without sending them to the entire list at large! Isn't that cool? I think that's a pretty neat way to keep everybody happy.  

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Possessing the Alpha Excerpt

With my elbows pinned to the ground, my hips trapped in the vice-like grip of his thighs, and his weight perched right on top of my center of gravity, I couldn't do anything but struggle to breathe and shoot empty threats of murder at him with my eyes as I thrashed my legs uselessly against the ground. 

Although I tried to dig in my heels for purchase, it did no good. I was pinned like a helpless butterfly on a board. And we both knew it. I could see the knowledge in Charlie’s eyes.

He leaned down, his lips close to my ear. "You lose, Princess," he muttered, his breath stroking against my skin and sending tingles of sensation through me.

My chest heaved with each gulp of air I sucked in as I tried to ignore the feel of his lower body pressed intimately to mine. Charlie’s mouth brushed fleetingly across my cheek when he pulled away from me, and I shuddered in reaction to the accidental touch.

No way would I call it anything else—the action definitely hadn’t been deliberate on his part. He’d sooner fight with me than kiss me.

I certainly didn’t expect he would be a gracious winner. And I was right.

He stared down into my eyes before speaking again. "You're unfit to lead. That’s why you can't be our Alpha."
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The Blood Hunter's Dragon Excerpt


I wound my way through the writhing mass of bodies on the dance floor. A strange death metal techno concoction throbbed through Club Cruor loud enough to deafen everybody in Atlanta, much less everyone inside the nightclub. I winced at how the vibrations assaulted my hypersensitive hearing. I did my best to tune it out as I scanned the room, muffling a grunt of frustration as one of my colored contacts tried to slip out of alignment and momentarily had me seeing violet out of my left eye. I blinked hard, forcing it to shift back into place.

Unfamiliar arms sliding around my waist jerked me out of my reverie. The music wasn’t bad, but it was louder than my six-hundred-twenty-year-old vampire nerves were prepared for. Still, I was willing to use the noise to my advantage, especially if it would make my job go a little quicker. I turned my head slightly so I could catch a coy glimpse of whoever it was as they started grinding against me.

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