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By James Copestake (Director)

Thanks to all CDS members who participated in producing two CDS multi-authored blogs: Covid-19 and the development state, and Covid-19 – a catalyst for development?

For more comprehensive and radical thoughts on Covid-19 and development don’t miss Neil Howards working paper: 
'Organizing for the Future Beyond the Coronacrisis: A UK Perspective'.  He has also produced a blog entitled  ‘Is it time for an emergency basic income?’

We are also delighted to welcome (back) Dr Ben Radley as a Visiting Research Fellow in CDS for the period 15.05.20 - 14.05.23.
In January, CDS welcomed two postgraduate interns. Rosie Maslin is studying the MSc in ID, and assisting CDS with social media communication. Nicki Schantz is studying the MSc in ID, Social Justice and Sustainability, and is working on climate change and adoption of institutionalisation of the SDGs within the University.
Lastly, congratulations to Michelle James, who has been working as a research administrator in the Dept of Social and Policy Sciences during the last year, and has now been awarded funding for a PhD in Social Policy to investigate the formal and informal social protection networks of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. 
CDS Out and About

1. Development policy, practice, poverty & political economy 

Darragh McGee been named an AHRC/BBC New Generation Thinker 2020.  He won a grant for project titled “Leisure or Livelihoods? A Participatory Study of Youth Perspectives on Gambling and its Social, Economic and Health Impacts in Ghana and Malawi”. He is leading the project in collaboration with Professor Gerda Reith and Dr Chris Bunn (University of Glasgow), Dr Franklin Glozah and Dr Joana Salifu Yendork (University of Ghana), Mr Michael Udedi (Ministry of Health, Malawi). The study is funded by British Academy & Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Youth Futures Programme.

CDS Director James Copestake made presentations about the QuIP at virtual meetings organised by the Vienna Evaluation Network and CGAP in Washington – see for more. In February he also attended the inaugural meeting of grant holders of the DFID funded Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL) in Oxford in February, as a member of its intellectual leadership team.The Veil of Ignorance Process Tracing (VoIPT) methodology - an article by James Copestake, Gary Goertz and Stephan Haggard is now available to read in pre-print here.

Sarah White is in her last year as President of  the UK Development Studies Association. Its conference is scheduled to take place virtually on 17-18 June 2020, courtesy of Birmingham University and a virtual conference platform called Shindig.

Fiona Remnant and Steve Powell have also recently finished work on a study for Triple Line Consulting in Ghana, looking at changes in behaviour and governance of timber production and sales as part of DFID’s Forest Governance, Markets and Climate (FGMC) programme and the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) initiative in Ghana.

 2. Social justice, sustainability and wellbeing  

Sarah White, Rushil Ranchod and Shreya Jha (CDS Visiting Fellow) are working with a Swiss philanthropic foundation to develop a relational approach to young people’s wellbeing as a strategic conceptual and operational framework to guide their activities.

Séverine Deneulin published a blog titled ‘A new style of development reporting? Pope Francis's love letter to the Amazon' in Oxfam From Poverty to Power platform.

Neil Howards paper ‘Organizing for the Future Beyond the Coronacrisis: A UK Perspective’ has been published by CDS under Bath Papers in International Development and Wellbeing series. In this timely paper, he focuses on what is so transformative of the present moment when –‘on paper at least, the very system-logic of profit has temporarily been suspended; even more radically, it is being replaced by a system-logic of care’.

3. Conflict, Migration and humanitarian action 

Jason Hart received a research grant from AHRC-DfID through its humanitarian protection programme for project entitled 'Challenging neglect from a systemic perspective; child protection in Gaza & Jordan'. 

4. Global public health and education

Harry Rutter has been appointed to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) Environmental Working Group. The group is working on understanding transmission routes for SARS-CoV-2, and interventions to disrupt them.  He gave a talk at ‘Looking back, looking forwards’ conference in Edinburgh on 24 January 2020, organised by The University of Stirling, in conjunction with the Scottish Government, University of Edinburgh and NHS Health Scotland. This conference was for researchers, practitioners and policy-makers highlighting results from flagship studies of recent tobacco control interventions in Scotland and looking forward to future priorities for non-communicable disease prevention in tobacco, alcohol and food policy in Scotland and further afield. In February, Harry Rutter was also invited as a speaker at the University of Southampton in a workshop on intergenerational nutrition.

See also Harry’s opinion piece: ‘Let’s use lockdown to break old habits and start afresh with healthier new ones’ by Harry Rutter, published in the
Daily Telegraph, 13 April.

Britta Katharina Matthes presented a paper titled “Building on a taxonomy of tobacco industry tactics and arguments: Bringing in the voices of advocates in LMICs” and a poster “What do tobacco control advocates in low- and middle-income countries need to counter tobacco industry policy interference?“ at the 8th  ECToH (European Conference on Tobacco or Health) Conference in Berlin/Germany (19- 22 February 2020).
CDS Researchers and SDGs

Nicki Schatz has been coordinating CDS research into how current and future options for incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into teaching and research across the University. This has included working the Universities’ Climate Action Group. Aurelie Charles, Yixian Sun, Judith Randel, Susan Johnson, James Copestake and Charlie Larkin in IPR are also involved. Please contact Nicki if interested. 

CDS Events 
CDS hosted a virtual international development themed pub quiz for members of CDS, staff, and MSc students on development related courses. Each participant donated £3 or more to a just giving page. The winners of the quiz chose to donate the money to ‘We See Hope’ and ‘Health and Hope’ .

On 7th May, CDS and Bath SDR jointly held a virtual discussion by inviting researchers working in countries all over the world to share their experiences and thoughts on having to adapt field work methods to respond to the extra challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and associated disruption. To find out about the insightful discussion held in the event, check out Fiona Remnant’s blog post.
click here to see blog
PGR News

Seung Jin Baek has been awarded his PhD entitled “The quest for inclusive sustainable development: economic growth, inequality and environmental interactions in the process of structural transformation of low-income countries”.  Seung Jin wrote his thesis while working for the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa, and then the UN Economic Commission for West Asia in Beirut.
CDS Working Papers

Howard, N. (2020). 'Organizing for the Future Beyond the Coronacrisis: A UK Perspective' Bath Papers in International Development and Wellbeing, no. 62, Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath.

Akello, S., Njogu, Marangu. and Isaboke, D. (2020). Expanding Education in Protracted Emergencies. Papers in International Development and Wellbeing, no. 61, Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath.

Copestake, J and Kumi, E. (2020).
'Friend or Patron? Social Relations across the National NGO-Donor Divide in Ghana' Bath Papers in International Development and Wellbeing, no. 60, Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath.
Recent Publications

Alamgir, F. (2020) Politics of land and Citizenship in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. In Sharma. C., and Banerjee. S., (eds) Fixed Borders, Fluid Boundaries: Identity, Resources and Mobility in Northeast India. NY: Routledge.
Chatterton, P., Dinerstein, A. C., North, P., and Pitts, F. H. (2019)
Scaling Up or Deepening? Development the Radical Potential of the SEE Sector in a Time of Crisis. United nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE). 

Copestake, J. (Forthcoming) Case and evidence selection for robust generalization in impact evaluation. Forthcoming in Development in Practice.

Fesenfeld, L. P., Wicki, M., Sun, Y., & Bernauer, T. (2020). Policy packaging can make food system transformation feasible. Nature Food1(3), 173–182.
Gonenc, D., Piselli, D., & Sun, Y. (2020). The global economic system and access and allocation in earth system governance. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics.

Law, C., Cornelsen, L., Adams, J., Penney, T., Rutter, H., White, M., & Smith, R. (2020). An analysis of the stock market reaction to the announcements of the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy. Economics & Human Biology, [100834].
Matthes, B.K., Hiscock, R., Evans-Reeves, K. (2020). Global Tobacco and Next Generation Product Market, and Philip Morris International. Chapter 2. In: STOP:ADDICTION AT ANY COST -Philip Morris International Uncovered.
McGee, D. (Forthcoming) Recalibrating Scale, Rupturing Coloniality: On relational Ethnography and its Postcolonial Reckonings. Ethnography OnlineFirst.
Rutter, H., Cavill, N., Bauman, A., & Bull, F. C. (2020). Systems approaches to support action on physical activity. Bulletin of the World Health Organization98(3), 226-227.
Sharma, A., Copestake, J., James M. (2020) The Samagra anti-poverty programme in Madhya Pradesh: Integrating household data, overcoming silo-problems and leaving nobody behind. Forthcoming in Development Policy Review.

CDS Blogs
CDS asked a group of scholars what light they thought the covid-19 pandemic is throwing on variation in the capability of the state to act in the public interest in different countries. Covid-19 and the Developmental State contains what Stephan Haggard, Yixian SunElsje FourieBen Radley  and Blessings Chinsinga stated.
Covid-19 – a catalyst for development? This blog reflects views and thoughts of postgraduate students at Bath who are enrolled on development studies on how covid-19 is making them think differently about the relationship between development, the state and other institutions.

A new style of development reporting? Pope Francis’s love letter to the Amazon
by Séverine Deneulin Originally published on Oxfam ‘Poverty to Power’ platform, Séverine discusses Pope Francis’s letter to the Amazon region and its peoples, and the possibility to talk differently about development.

Come to your senses! Time to Value Care to make ecological decisions by Aurelie Charles Drawing on Oxfam’s 2020 report on global inequality, the blog draws attention to how our rational and emotional brain need to work hand in hand to achieve environmental sustainability.
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