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Hi Friend, 

So many ups-and-downs this week.  It felt like every Zoom call skipped a beat.  'Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me?...oh...oh, I think I interrupted you. Sorry.'  I reached my limit this week. 

On Friday morning, I spilled my morning cappuccino all over the carpet before consuming a drop.  But later that evening, I was drinking a martini and delighting in oysters sea-side with friends, a first in over 6 months.  We even saw a celebrity...or at least a 2020 celebrity.  My friend couldn't stop staring at this guy and then figured it out why he seemed so familiar.  Gordon Sondland was sitting at the next table.  It took the will of the three of us to convince him out of accosting Sondland to thank him for his service.  Reality TV in 2020 just went a tad too far. 

I can't wait for spring!

Today's Contents:

  • Weekly Song: Be Somebody
  • Good Reads

Weekly Song: 'Be Somebody'


Several years ago, I had a friend and mentor in the West Village.  The type of friend upon whom you could unleash all your inner angst during post-work drinks on a weekday and expect to hear something reassuring in response. 

One day, we were at the bar we always met at, and I starting ranting about my aspirations.  I can't remember exactly what I wanted to be at that time.  I imagine it went a little like this: I want to be an investor. I want to be in charge of a big business. I want to be respected. I want to be somebody.

While I’m speaking, he pulls out his phone slowly.  Opens his contacts.  Clicks on my name.  Moves to the edit button. 

I watch as the letters  K a t e l y n D o n n e l l y  disappear. 

I pause my rant.  ‘What? Wait. What are you doing?’

I watched as he replaced my name with ‘Ms. Wannabe’

“I’m NOT a wannabe,” I scream. 

He replies dryly.  'You just said all the things you want to be.'

He flips his phone side down.  And started laughing. 

Quietly but firmly I reply, 'I think you... should change it back.'


I don't spend time these days thinking about the person I want to be. I spend time being the person I am.  Doing the things that I love to do.  Not announcing what I want to do, but getting on and doing it. 

Be Somebody by Kings of Leon sounds a lot like their bigger hit Use Somebody, but isn't the same.  The lyrics describe a guy desperate to be somebody.  Somebody defined by a different person's expectations ('What you want me to say').  I like how it pokes fun at how ridiculous it is to try to 'be somebody'.  What does that even mean?

Everybody starts as a nobody. 

Every action you take defines your somebody.

What I'd tell younger Katelyn is that the time when you are a nobody are the best times.  When you are somebody you’ll look back and think, "Wow. The struggle was great." 


"Be Somebody" by Kings of Leon

Trying to recall what you want me to say
I shake it your way, I shake it your way
Counting on the night for a beautiful day
I shake it your way, I shake it your way
And I say you can't get enough
No you can't get enough

Given a chance, I'm gonna be somebody
If for one dance, I'm gonna be somebody
Open the door, it's gonna make you love me
Facing the floor, I'm gonna be somebody

Obviously The Future: Smarter knowledge management

Still working on this one, sadly.  Next time! 


Good Reads

Finance-as-culture. Or the cult of equity ownerships. Read here

Coursera S-1.  Here with $294M in revenue with $67M net loss.  Compass S-1 here with $3.7B revenue with $270M net loss. 

The end of Indie VC. LPs are looking for venture return exposure.  Announcement here from Bryce. 

What happened to Jordan Peterson?  Asks this article in The Atlantic.  Some great prose and cultural insight in this piece.  For the record, I thought 12 Rules For Life was a provocative read.  Did I agree with everything?  No.  But that was fine. 

"Reading Peterson the clinician can be illuminating; reading his mystic twin is like slogging through wet sand. His fans love the former; his critics mock the latter.

Like a rock star spiraling into burnout, he was consumed by the pyramid scheme of fame, parceling himself out, faster and faster, to everyone who wanted a piece. Perhaps he didn’t want to let people down, and he loved to feel needed. Perhaps he enjoyed having an online army glorying in his triumphs and pursuing his enemies. In our frenzied media culture, can a hero ever return home victorious and resume his normal life, or does the lure of another adventure, another dragon to slay, another “lib” to “own” always call out to him?

He is every one of us who couldn’t resist that pointless Facebook argument, who felt the sugar rush of the self-righteous Twitter dunk, who exulted in the defeat of an opposing political tribe, or even an adjacent portion of our own. That kind of unhealthy behavior, furiously lashing out while knowing that counterattacks will follow, is a very modern form of self-harm."

SPAC Slaughter week. It was a tough week for those who invested in SPACs at record highs.  The graphic below was posted to Twitter by Chamath, the founder of Social Capital, and the original pioneer of SPAC.  He included his reflections

Thank you for reading.  Please always be in touch. 


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