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Hi friends,

The challenge with vacations is that the work does not complete itself.  You put the time you took off back into the weeks before and after and scramble to get on top of everything. No regrets, though; Alaska still comes highly recommended.  

I'm headed back to NYC this week and generally around. Let me know if you are in town - I'd love to hang out. 

Today's Contents:

  • Weekly Song: Walking on Sunshine
  • Good Reads
  • Community Corner

Weekly Song: Walking on Sunshine

My high school used this song to start its daily news program each morning. Some days, like on a Tuesday in December with overcast skies and wind chill dropping the temperatures into the negative 20s, that felt bleak. But, you know, it's still summer here, and I've come to appreciate that it's good to have a pick-me-up every once in a while. The music video is perfect for that. 

Given that I'm getting this out late on a Sunday, I hope it brightens your Monday morning and that we can all start the day and the week by walking on sunshine. 

Walking on Sunshine by Katrina And The Waves
Now every time I go for the mailbox
Gotta hold myself down
'Cause I just can't wait 'til you write me
You're coming around
Now I'm walking on sunshine

I'm walking on sunshine
I'm walking on sunshine
And it's starting to feel good, hey
All right now
And it's starting to feel good

Good Reads: 

The End of Venture Capital As We Know It - The article in The Information that everyone in venture capital was talking about this week. In PDF here. The gist:

"If you want to be a venture capitalist leading the next era, you should look for opportunities no one else is funding because they are too weird, too crazy or too small."

How creative are you? Take the divergent association task and see. Takes a couple minutes max!

$100K prize for a decentralized inflation dashboard. Check it out from 1729 here

The deck that Square used to explain the Afterpay transaction strategy. Deck here.

Kernal: Web3 peer-to-peer learning community. I'm impressed by programs like this that seem like the greenest shoots of the future. Here. 

Community Corner: 

Ayush Agarwal's company Pencil has been selected to the top 10 out of 700 startups competing for the ASU-GSV Cup (the Burning Man of global EdTech). You can tune in and vote for him this Tuesday. Register here for the virtual summit and dial-in on Tuesday for the voting.

Congrats and good luck, Ayush!

Thanks for reading, friends. Please always be in touch. 


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