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Hi friends, 

Silence. It's been a marathon of in-events and conferences this past month, which has been fantastic in many ways. This weekend, though, I'm not saying anything to anyone. And that feels so good sometimes.

Reflecting back on my recent travels, a few things are now clear to me:

  1. I've met so, so many people on Zoom in the last two years. More people than I could have met if I was going about things as normal, in fact.
  2. Most profile pictures are a passing resemblance of their owners. We all need to face up to it: many of us are older now than our dated pictures, and, at least for most people, the last two years have not been kind.
  3. Panels and speeches at live conference events are an absolute waste of time. We can now listen to content at 2x speed, and people are constantly communicating their messages directly. 
  4. The only alpha at live events is in targeted 1-on-1s and small group gatherings. It’s about relationship building and getting to deep insights fast (under the guise of whatever sort of insider confidentiality you'd like to pretend exists). 
  5. Everyone is still getting Covid. It is what it is. We are also all getting the common cold again, too. 

Today's Contents:

  • Good Reads: Emerging Trends
  • Good Reads: Sensible Investing
  • Weekly Song: Where is my mind?

Good Reads: Emerging Trends


Justin Bieber "Bought" an NFT for $1.3 Million. But He Didn't Pay for It. Inside the shady world of celebrity NFT shills. Article here. We all knew that the celebs weren't paying out of pocket, but reading the detailed evidence of it ensures you won't be fooled for a second. 

Advice on Managing People from Andreas Klinger, CTO of OnDeck. Here. His stuff is almost always excellent.

How TikTok Heartthrob William White’s Thirsty Fandom Turned Toxic. Feuding among White’s middle-aged women fans is getting ugly. Meanwhile, the influencer is raking in the cash. Here. I'm including this in emerging trends because it's just so strange. 

Good Reads: Sensible Investing


AngelList Venture Education Center. Here, exactly as described. 

Rippling and the Return of Ambition. Here. Yes, it's a self-serving looking into a Founders Fund portfolio company, but it is also an interesting take on a company trying solve administrative bloat. 

The Rocket Ship Start Up List. Edition for 2022 here. Every year, Boston-based VC Jeff Bussgang puts together a list of fast-growing private companies one could join to accelerate their career.

Kanbrick Annual Letter. Here for 2022. Kanbrick is a PE firm focused on mid-sized companies ($50-$500M in revenue) led by Tracy Britt Cool (previously worked for Berkshire Hathaway) and Brian Humphrey (ex-investment banker who I was friends with at Duke, hence the Coach K quotes). I thought their innovation of 'Build with Kanbrick' accelerator for their asset class was interesting. 

Weekly Song: Where Is My Mind?

Music Video here

This song was inspired by a snorkeling trip to the Caribbean and gives the sense of disorientation and confusion. It's also the song played at the ending scene in Fight Club. 

I felt a little of that 'Where is my mind?' exasperation at the end of last week after so many conversations on disparate threads across multiple events (in multiple countries) compiled. When it's difficult to form thoughts that aren't from your current talk track of answers. That's when it's time to get outside and take a walk. 

Where Is My Mind? by Pixies
I was swimming in the Caribbean
Animals were hiding behind the rock
Except the little fish
Bump into me, swear he's
Tryin' a talk to me, say wait wait

Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Way out in the water
See it swimming

Final note?

Elon Musk amassing a 9% stake in Twitter is a brilliant move on his part. As a power user and a shareholder, I'm interested to see where this goes next.

Thanks for reading, friends. Please always be in touch.

As always,

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