20th September 2020

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After 6 months of having church online, we would like to touch base and see how you are feeling about worship and how engaged you are with our church community. We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete this short survey to help us understand how we can continue help you worship God and connect with one another.

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I was watching my native bees this week, with hundreds of them rushing in and out to collect pollen and honey from around my garden and then bringing it back to the hive. My native bees on the deck are sting-less, so there is no worry about standing very close to the hive and watching them for a while. They are about half the size of a fly, not very big, and when you see them flying back to the hive with their little legs fat with pollen and honey they look very cute.

The thing that amazes me is that each trip one of those bees makes would bring back an insignificantly small amount of honey. It would take hundreds of trips to make even a drop of honey, tens of thousands to make a teaspoon, yet one of these little hives can make around 300g to 1kg of honey a year.

Being consistent with the small things can make a significant difference. Saying thank you regularly, saying I love you to someone regularly, acknowledging someone regularly over time can significantly build someone up. Little things over a long time can make a big difference.

One time, Jesus saw a widow put the smallest of coins in to the temple offering box and he praised her for her great faith and generosity. The smallest of actions are seen by God and the smallest of actions are praised by God.

So keep up with your small actions as well as your large ones, they do make a difference.


September Prayer Focus

Thank you for your response so far. We continue to encourage you to ask the question – “How can we, as a local church, be praying for you at this time.”

If you work in health care we’d love to hear from you too.
We continue to extend our love, gratitude and prayers to all our health care workers.

Anne & Arthur Hand

The following are prayer requests received this week from workers in healthcare:

From a Medical Centre Worker
  • Please pray for all of the Medical Centres. It is such a confusing and trying time with Covid 19 around and many patients are struggling with their physical and mental health.
  • Medical Centres are constantly busy with phone calls, requests and emergency situations daily. We pray for discernment and time management.
  • Please pray that patients will follow up on their health checks as many are hesitant to visit a doctor, therefore putting their long term health at risk.
  • The staff are sensing the loneliness, isolation and challenges with change in the patients. We pray for comfort and reassurance.
  • Please pray for wisdom and strength for the staff as they try to allocate time to be with the patients as well as managing all their other tasks.
  • Please pray for protection over all the staff and patients and for peace to alleviate the underlying fear of contacting Covid 19.
From a GP
  • Please pray for the doctors who work in general practice at this busy time. The days are long and tiring for them.
  • Through the challenges of work we pray for renewed energy and an ability to remain focussed.
  • We pray that there will be quality family time and special down time to refresh.
  • We give thanks for their dedication and compassion. 

Upcoming Events

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Kids & Youth

View the 4:12 Kids and 4:12 Youth Brochure
Our Kids and Youth Holiday Clubs are again on hold this school holidays, however our youth are going for a day trip together to The Basin. If you or someone you know would like to attend, email Emma and Craig for more info.
Emma has an excellent resource called the Big Life Journal. This resource contains worksheets, strategies and guides to help encourage kids (and us all) to be confident and resilient with the belief that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

If you would like access to these resources, please let us know.

For more information about ministry for children, youth and families, contact

Live Stream on Sundays at 8am & 9:45am

Our Sunday services are easily accessible through either YouTube, Facebook or our Website:
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Don't forget that, as these are now live, if you join late you will come in partway through the service, but you can always rewind to watch from the start.

Recordings of the live-stream will continue to be available after the service has finished.

Upcoming Readings

Sunday 20th September
God's Promise to Abraham
Genesis 15:1-6
Sunday 27th September
The gifts of young people
John 6:1-15
Richard will be on leave for 27th and 4th September. The following people will be preaching during that time:

Sunday 27th September 8am & 9:45am: Steve Molkentin
Sunday 4th October 8am: Phil Rogers 9:45am: Denis Towner

Zoom chat

If you want to catch up over zoom while we are on-line only, there will be one held at 11am and 6pm every Sunday.

Click here to access the zoom chat room at either time:
Zoom Chat Room - Sundays at 11am and 6pm
Catch up on last Sunday's Services:

Prayer Boards at Church

Bible Society Gathering

Wednesday 28th October at Terrigal Uniting Church

You are invited to The Bible Society's special 'Thank You Fellowship Gathering'. We would be delighted if you would join us to hear about the impact of the work you have enabled us to do. We will also enjoy sharing light refreshments together.

This is not a fundraising event; however there will be an opportunity to hear about our bequest program. To RSVP call Rhiannon on 0417 467 076 or email by 7th October 2020.

Tithes and offerings

Thank you for continuing your generous offerings during this time. 
If you would like to give a tithe or offering to the church, you can do this online. 
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We are here to support you during this time.
You can get in touch with us the following ways:
Phone: 0408 427 880

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