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In this edition, supporting remote learning with the CEnet Video Conferencing Service, planning for the future with the CeFMS Future State Working Group, Celebrating Olympic participation from member dioceses, a proposal to use Sydney Catholic Schools as vaccine hubs, and ten free online professional learning opportunities available as part of the Catholic Learning Online initiative.

We also highlight some of the free ebooks available as part of the Sora Sweet Reads initiative, and provide the latest Book of the Week recommendations. 
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Bulletin Feedback
CEnet’s VC Service: Continued Support of Remote Learning
Zoom VC Meetings 4-25 July 2021
Increased COVID restrictions for Greater Sydney have resulted in approximately half of CEnet’s student population returning to remote learning. CEnet’s Zoom Video Conferencing (VC) service utilisation has risen sharply as students, teachers and administrators leverage this important online collaboration tool to enable remote learning and working.

During the first 3 weeks of NSW school term 3 (from July 12 2021) the VC service has enabled:
  • 177,000 Zoom meetings
  • 56.9 million meeting minutes
  • Up to 13,500 staff using Zoom each day
The level of usage is 28% greater than the first 3 weeks of Term 2 2020 where a national lockdown was in place, and 3,000% greater than a similar period in Term 2 2021 with no school attendance restrictions in place.
CeFMS Future State working group

On 22 July 2021, the CEnet CX Team hosted its first CeFMS Future State working group meeting

This group has been created as a result of ongoing interest from members to have visibility over existing FMS enhancements in other Dioceses.  The recurring theme is “let’s not create anything that is already out there”.

Whilst the initial focus of the group will be on TechOne Dashboards, it is expected the group will also be looking at other enhancements and automation, over time.
Dashboard example

Amanda McCormick (Service Delivery - CX Team, FMS Consultant) has involvement and visibility across most (if not all) Dioceses and will be instrumental in documenting the Current State in each Diocese (with that Diocese’s permission). Once done, her role will evolve into helping the group lead the way towards a unified vision of what our Future (FMS) State should look like.

The first meeting held on 22 July was well received and well represented, with ongoing requests being received from Dioceses to add new group members.

The group's long term aim is to avoid duplication of effort and to lead us towards better reporting, collaboration and efficiency in line with the CEnet ONCE strategy.

In addition to Amanda’s involvement, the CEnet Service Delivery - CX team will have an ongoing facilitation and support role for the group.  This involvement will also give CEnet additional focus regarding future service enhancements.

Chris Watts - Senior Finance Manager, Townsville Diocese has kindly agreed to be the group’s leader.

Group membership is open to those working in the FMS area. If you are interested in being involved with the group please contact Grant Prowse via
CEnet Staff Feedback

A big thank you to readers who have taken the time to share details of positive interactions with members of the CEnet team.

CEnet celebrates outstanding efforts and the addition of great feedback from member dioceses is a welcome addition that will be shared with all staff.

Have you had a positive experience with a CEnet staff member?

Please tell us via this form, we'll be sure to let them know.
CEnet Feedback
Olympic Insights

Catholic Schools NSW recently published a comprehensive article celebrated the sporting success of students, past and present, from Catholic Schools in NSW, who have achieved sporting success by representing Australia at the Olympics.

In case you missed it, the CSNSW Olympic Success article is linked here.

We have also noted information published by member dioceses celebrating the sporting achievements of current and past students..

If your diocese has any Olympic stories to share, please let us know
Owen Wright, Bronze Medal, Men's Surfing
Owen Wright - Diocese of Wollongong

Owen is a graduate of St John The Evangelist Catholic High School in Nowra, in the Wollongong Diocese.

Owen represented Australia in Men's Surfing and is bringing home a Bronze Medal.
Daniel Watkins, Past Student, Sacred Heart New Town, Hobart
Daniel Watkins - Diocese of Hobart

Daniel is a graduate of Sacred Heart College, New Town, in the Hobart Diocese.

Daniel represented Australia in Men's Canoe Slalom event and achieved a place in the semi-finals.
Kieran Woolley - Diocese of Wollongong

A special call out to Kieran Woolley from the Wollongong Diocese, who, at 17 is representing Australia in Skateboarding.

Kieran's event is Park Skateboarding and he will compete on August 5.

Kieran's Dad, Mark is with him in Tokyo and will be known to many as he is a long-standing member of the CEnet eLearning Working Group.

Kieran has been receiving questions primary school students about how he made it to represent Australia at the Olympics and has created a short video to respond. 

If you are interested in seeing more, there are up to the minute videos on Kieran's Instagram and on YouTube.
Kieran Wooley
Click to see Kieran explain how he made it to the Olympics
In the Media

As Greater Sydney finds itself in the midst of a Covid-19 outbreak, Sydney Catholic Schools’ Executive Director, Tony Farley, has called on the NSW State Government to give frontline worker status and to fast-track Covid-19 vaccine rollouts, to teachers and support staff, as a critical strategy in protecting teachers, students, and the community.

Mr Farley has noted the need to think laterally, and to move fast, and has proposed that the diocese's150 schools across Sydney could be quickly and safely mobilised as vaccination hubs for its teachers.

Mr Farley has indicated that schools would be able to mobilise quickly to support vaccine rollout and cater to their staff. He also believes, that once trialled with teachers, there would be no reason that the schools should not become vaccination hubs for its family communities, many of whom may be otherwise hesitant or unable to get to a vaccine centre easily.

Letters have been written to the NSW Premier, and the NSW Minister for Health, to highlight the proposal.
Sora Sweet Reads

Sweet Reads is a world-wide initiative run to promote reading in schools and is based on checkouts of a subset of the ebooks available to students. All of these titles are available for free in Simultaneous Use through the Sora Sweet Reads program until 20 August 2021.

For the last two years the CEnet ACEN consortium has been number 1 in Overdrive's global 'Sweet Reads' initiative with 24,010 checkouts in last year's event.

Here are two of the titles available for free in Simultaneous Use through the Sora Sweet Reads program until 20 August 2021. 
Link to Secrets of the Silver Lion: A Carmen Sandiego Novel - Sora Sweet Read
Secrets of the Silver Lion: A Carmen Sandiego Novel

Carmen Sandiego is one of the world’s most prolific international thieves and criminal masterminds. The reader is transported across the world, from Seville, Spain to the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, as Carmen endeavours to find an enormously valuable icon before it falls into the wrong hands. This audiobook is perfect for fans of adventure and particularly for those who love a strong, female action hero at the center of the story!
A Map of the World - Sora Sweet Read
A Map into the World

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, a young Hmong girl, Paj Ntaub, closely observes the world around her and the changes it brings, from seasons to births and deaths. Young readers will see their own curiosity mirrored back at them while also seeing a window into a culture underrepresented in literature.
Click For More Books
Upcoming Events
  • 4 August 7.30 am AEST: ClickView for Secondary Teachers
  • 5 August 3.30 pm AEST: ClickView for Secondary Teachers [repeat]
  • 12 August 3.30 pm AEST: Google Fundamentals
  • 26 August 3.30 pm AEST: Google Fundamentals
  • 16 September 4.15 pm: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 7 October 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 14 October 4.30 pm AEDT: Apple iPad Assistive Features
  • 21 October 7.30 am AEDT: Apple iPad Assistive Features
  • 21 October 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 4 November 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
ClickView Workshops

ClickView is an educational video platform used by over 4500 schools globally. These session focus on how to search for, curate, and share videos within ClickView; and how to turn videos from passive to active learning through the ClickView Interactive function.

Following the recently held workshops for primary school teachers, sessions will be held  this week for high school teachers.
  • ClickView for Secondary Teachers - Wednesday 4 August 7.30 am AEST
  • ClickView for Secondary Teachers [repeat] - Thursday 5 August 3.30 pm AEST
Register through Diocesan PD Registration Systems or email
Register Interest
CLO Google Fundamentals
Google Fundamentals

Over 250 staff from across the CEnet membership have registered for the Google Fundamentals course and it's not too late to join them. 

The course combines Google online self-directed learning modules with virtual sessions to assist in developing your skills and knowledge around the effective use of Google Workspace tools in teaching and learning. 
The CLO Google Fundamentals Program is designed to enable participants to work through modules at their own pace, and to support participants along the way. The CLO team have arranged a number of virtual check-in sessions, where participants will be shown some innovative uses for their new skills and be able to ask questions to clarify their learning.
These virtual sessions will be joined by Google for Education Specialist Chris Betcher, Program Manager, Adoption, Google for Education and/or members from CEnet member dioceses.

Session Schedule
  • 17 June - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 15 July - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 29 July - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 12 August - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 26 August - 3.30 pm AEST
If you are interested in developing your skills in the use of Google tools, the Google Fundamentals may be of benefit, click here to register your interest. 
Register Interest
Microsoft Minecraft Series

Commencing on 16 September at 4.15 pm AEST, the Microsoft Minecraft series will include four workshops.

Catholic Learning Online brings you a four webinar series for Minecraft: Education Edition from Microsoft. In this 4 part course, we will explore how Minecraft: Education Edition supports teaching and learning through a game-based interface that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is the learner’s imagination.
Andrew Balzer (Microsoft Learning Delivery Specialist) will provide you with the opportunity to learn skills together and practice the skills demonstrated in the sessions. 

Session Schedule
  • 16 September - 4.15 pm AEST
  • 7 October - 4.15 pm AEDT
  • 21 October - 4.15 pm AEDT
  • 4 November - 4.15 pm AEDT
Register through Diocesan PD Registration Systems or email
Register Interest
iPad Assistive Features: Reaching All Learners

Students are coming to school with a varying array of abilities and Learning Support Staff are exploring new ways to not only support, but to also personalise, every student’s learning experience.

These workshops will provide an opportunity to learn about tools and resources from Apple that allow all students to create, communicate, personalise and explore in new and powerful ways.

During this webinar participants will: 
  • Explore the powerful assistive features built-in to iPad that can complement each learners’ vision, hearing, motor skills and learning needs
  • Experience how with iPad, students can learn in ways that meet their own specific needs
As these sessions are hands on we recommend having your iPad with you to enjoy the interactive experience. 

Session Schedule
  • 14 October- 4.30 pm AEDT
  • 21 October - 7.30 am AEDT
Register through Diocesan PD Registration Systems or email
Register Interest
On Demand Catholic Learning Online Workshops

The Catholic Learning Online team has organised a significant number of workshops since commencing with the Catholic Learning Online Summit in April 2020.
Recognising the demands on the time of teachers, the team has taken the opportunity to record workshops and there are now 46 recordings available on the CLO website.
Opening a world of reading through Sora. An example of the on-demand workshop recordings available in the Catholic Learning Online website
Recordings are supplemented with detailed descriptions of learning intentions and success criteria. Many also have supporting resources.

If you or your colleagues would like to access workshop recordings can be found on the Catholic Learning Online Summit Resources page

If you or your colleagues would like to access the Catholic Learning Online Events, workshop recordings can be found in the Catholic Learning Online Resources page
Go to Resources
Book of the Week

The CEnet member dioceses ACEN eBook Consortium, with the assistance of Lisa Nash and Saba Maniar from the Digital Learning and Library Services in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, provide the book of the week feature for students and staff who have access to the SORA eBook Library.

Each week, two reading recommendations for eBooks or audio books, with age guidance are published for primary school students and high school students and to make sure that no-one is left out, there is a recommendation for staff too.
Book of the week - Primary students
Book of the week - secondary students
Book of the week - Staff
Click on any of the three options above to go straight to the recommended books and enjoy the read!
Visit the eBook Library
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