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  • CEnet supporting the Vinnies CEO Sleepout;
  • Technology in the Classroom at Mt St Patrick College Murwillumbah;
  • Upcoming Catholic Learning Online Events;
  • On demand Catholic Learning Online workshops; and
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Xavier Centre, Official Opening and Blessing

On Wednesday, 26 May, Bishop Brian Mascord officially opened and blessed the newly renovated Xavier Centre in Wollongong, within which CEnet’s head office is now located.
Official Opening and Blessing of the Xavier Centre, Wollongong
Official Opening and Blessing of the Xavier Centre, Wollongong
It was a time of prayer and thanksgiving followed by a wonderful meal of fellowship. Bishop Brian honoured those before us who lived and worked in this space, including the traditional custodians of the land, the Dharwal peoples; pioneer priest, Fr John Rigney and the parish pioneer families; the Good Samaritan Sisters; Bishops Thomas McCabe, William Murray, Philip Wilson, Peter Ingham; and, support staff who have worked in the building over the years.
Official Opening and Blessing of the Xavier Centre, Wollongong
May we never forget the honour it is to work with the people of God in our Member Dioceses and may we live the words of blessing from Bishop Brian in our new workplace: “We gather in this sacred space to remind ourselves that Jesus is the heart and inspiration of all our endeavours, where we know and learn to be ‘Bearers of Christ’s Love’.”
CEnet Staff Insights

This week we are continue our series of articles on members of the CEnet team who have worked in member dioceses.
Ian Gregory, CEnet Interim CIO
Ian Gregory - Interim CIO

Coming fresh out of school, I had much desire for further study, yet little desire to do it full time.

My preference was to get straight into the workforce, learning as I went and kickstarting what would become my vocation.

Finding an employer that would provide the diversity and opportunity to do that was my goal, and after spending an initial tenure with the NSW Department of Education & Training, I transitioned to Catholic Education, Diocese of Wollongong in 2001 and found just that.
Study and work was a pattern for the first 8 or so years of my career, and whilst enjoyable, each graduation marked a time in my life where I would vouch to slow down and catch the breeze. What struck me however is that I was surrounded by passionate, and dedicated leaders and colleagues, each of who appeared to have this sense of calling, and willingness to serve above and beyond what I understood any typical career to ask for. It is the servant aspect that I love so much about the individuals in Catholic education and continues to motivate me to this day.

My role with CEnet formally began in 2010 under secondment from CEO Wollongong, although I also enjoyed the time during CEnet’s earlier years as CASTnet. I saw my initial role at CEnet (as the IT Services Manager) as a natural transition from directly supporting my local diocese and schools, to instead influencing and promoting a different approach to Enterprise K-12 ICT delivery at a local, state, national and international levels. More recently, my role as Enterprise Architect ,and for 2021, Interim CIO, has opened these doors further, providing opportunities to influence K-12 ICT at the national program level and provide a voice for all of Catholic Education beyond even CEnet.

This July, I commence my 20th year in Catholic Education, and complete my 11th year with CEnet. I am forever grateful to the individuals I work with today, and to those that have nurtured me through my time in Catholic education - the good, the bad, the unexpected (2020!?) and the nonsensical. All of this has provided us with opportunities to flex, and innovate, as well as provide learning experiences that have shaped who I am at CEnet today, and the unique way in which all of us here at CEnet serve our member dioceses.

I feel truly blessed to be working alongside such passionate and dedicated individuals here at CEnet, and also within our members dioceses. I am constantly amazed by the way the CEnet team in particular diligently and efficiently serve the membership and the broader national K-12 sector.
CEnet Staff Feedback

A big thank you to readers who have taken the time to share details of positive interactions with members of the CEnet team.

CEnet celebrates outstanding efforts and the addition of great feedback from member dioceses is a welcome addition that will be shared with all staff.

Have you had a positive experience with a CEnet staff member?

Please tell us via this form, we'll be sure to let them know.
CEnet Feedback
Vinnies CEO Sleepout 2021
CEnet and the Vinnies CEO Sleepout

CEnet's interim CEO Vicki Anderson is taking her time in the hot seat to make a difference!

Vicki is participating in the 2021 Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise much needed funds and awareness around homelessness.

With more than 17,000 Australian children under 12 having no permanent address, we really need to do all we can to understand the complexities around homelessness and to break the cycle.
If you are interested in talking to children about homelessness, this resource from the St Vincent de Paul Society may be of interest.

If you’d like to help Vicki raise funds for this excellent cause please click here.
Support the Vinnies Sleepout
Member Diocese Activities

Thank you to the Lismore Diocese's Digital Technologies Team for sharing this article.

Technology in the Classroom at Mt St Patrick College Murwillumbah

This year at Mt St Patrick College we are aiming to implement coding across the curriculum in Year 7 and Year 8. All students in Year 7 and 8 now own a Micro:bit, which is a mini computer that can be coded to do a variety of tasks.

The Micro:bit is small enough to fit in a hard case and can be transported in either a student’s laptop case or in their pencil case.

These are just some of the applications that students will code their Micro:bits this year: 
  • Science: Battery Tester 
  • Maths: Roll Dice 
  • English: Word/Story generator 
  • Religion: Light Meter 
  • HSIE: Compass 
  • PE: Pedometer 
  • TAS- Python language coding 
  • MUSIC: Creating music compositions
The Mount St Patrick College Murwillumbah Team and a Micro:bit
In addition to the Micro:bit, the College has access to class sets of virtual reality headsets and software. The intention with this hardware and software is that students will use the headsets to explore 3D virtual worlds and also create their own virtual worlds. The two main softwares that we will be using are Google Expeditions for exploring worlds and CoSpacesEDU for creating the virtual 3D worlds. The CoSpacesEDU software is very user friendly and allows students new opportunities to display their work and ideas in an interactive manner. CoSpacesEDU utilises similar visual block coding skills that students are using with their Micro:bits. 
The Mount St Patrick College Murwillumbah Team
The Mount St Patrick College Murwillumbah Team
We also have access to class sets of the Tello drones, which can be coded using the block code (similar to that used in CoSpacesEDU and Micro:bits). There are many interesting ways that all KLAS can use drones to teach particular concepts, which is highlighted below. 
  • Coding the drones to do a sequence of movements choreographed to music.
  • Problem-Solving and Design lessons investigating how drones can be used for rescuing injured wildlife after bushfires, suppressing bushfires, dropping off care packages after floods/fires/cyclones or in agriculture plant pollination, weed eradication, and revegetation. 
  • Drone attachments can be designed, 3D modelled and printed and attached to the drones for simulation. 
  • Coding the drones to fly through an obstacle course, manually and/or coded. - The drone could capture images of a point of interest on the satellite map collecting data for analysis. 
  • Drones could be used to measure flight speed, designing an optimal flight plan for a drone for a rescue mission allowing for modelling power to weight ratios to determine how much weight a drone can hold.
Natalie Webster
Leader of Learning Technologies 
Mount St Patrick College, Murwillumbah
CLO Google Fundamentals
Google Fundamentals

Commencing on 17 June at 3.30pm AEST this course combines Google online self-directed learning modules with virtual sessions to assist in developing your skills and knowledge around the effective use of Google Workspace tools in teaching and learning. 
The CLO Google Fundamentals Program will enable participants to work through modules at their own pace, and to support participants along the way the CLO team have arranged a number of virtual check-in sessions, where participants will be shown some innovative uses for their new skills and be able to ask questions to clarify their learning.
These virtual sessions will be joined by Google for Education Specialist Chris Betcher, Program Manager, Adoption, Google for Education and/or members from CEnet member dioceses.
'Using Graphs to Make Numbers Meaningful' is a workshop presented by Chris Betcher at the 2021 Catholic Learning Online Summit.
If you are interested in developing your skills in the use of Google tools, the Google Fundamentals may be of benefit, click here to register your interest. 
Register Interest
Upcoming Catholic Learning Online Events 2021

Upcoming Events:

Apple Teacher Mac
  • June 3 - 3.30pm AEST
    The Apple Teacher Mac 2021 Virtual Check-in number 5.
Google Fundamentals
  • 17 June - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 15 July - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 29 July - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 12 August - 3.30 pm AEST
  • 26 August - 3.30 pm AEST
Register Interest
On Demand Catholic Learning Online Workshops

The Catholic Learning Online team has organised a significant number of workshops since commencing with the Catholic Learning Online Summit in April 2020.
Recognising the demands on the time of teachers, the team has taken the opportunity to record workshops and there are now 46 recordings available on the CLO website.
A sample of the range of on-demand workshop recordings available in the CLO website.
Recordings are supplemented with detailed descriptions of learning intentions and success criteria. Many also have supporting resources.

If you or your colleagues would like to access the Catholic Learning Online Summit, workshop recordings can be found on the Catholic Learning Online Summit Resources page

If you or your colleagues would like to access the Catholic Learning Online Events, workshop recordings can be found in the Catholic Learning Online Resources page
Go to Resources
Book of the Week

The CEnet member dioceses ACEN eBook Consortium, with the assistance of Lisa Nash and Saba Maniar from the Digital Learning and Library Services in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, provide the book of the week feature for students and staff who have access to the SORA eBook Library.

Each week, two reading recommendations for eBooks or audio books, with age guidance are published for primary school students and high school students and to make sure that no-one is left out, there is a recommendation for staff too.
ACEN Book of the Week for Primary School Students
ACEN Book of the Week for Secondary Students
ACEN Book of the Week for Staff
Click on any of the three options above to go straight to the recommended books and enjoy the read!
Visit the eBook Library
Sora Sweet Reads Returns 5 May - 20 August 2021
Sora Sweet Reads

Sweet Reads is back in 2021 and will run from 5 May until 20 August.

Sweet Reads is a world-wide initiative run to promote reading in schools and is based on checkouts of a subset of the ebooks available to students.

For the last two years the CEnet ACEN consortium has been number 1 in Overdrive's global 'Sweet Reads' initiative with 24,010 checkouts in last years event.
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