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CeSIS and CeFMS Update

The CEnet member dioceses CeSIS and CeFMS rollout is continuing with 11 of the participating dioceses now having completed the CeSIS rollout and three dioceses having completed the CeFMS portion of their rollout, too.
This shared services rollout is significant in its scale and success, and is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the CEnet member community.
What did you do on the weekend?

Before lockdown, "what did you do on the weekend?" was a common Monday morning question for many of us.

The short video below needs no words to show what Jaco Olwagen, a member of the CEnet Data Team who lives in the Illawarra, on the South Coast of NSW, did with his weekend.

The CEnet membership is large and diverse with the options for weekend activities differing significantly, dependent on location. If you would like to share a photograph or video of your weekend click here to email us or use the button below.
Trying out my new Hobie Lynx and having a close encounter...
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CEnet Staff Feedback

A big thank you to readers who have taken the time to share details of positive interactions with members of the CEnet team.

CEnet celebrates outstanding efforts and the addition of great feedback from member dioceses is a welcome addition that will be shared with all staff.

Have you had a positive experience with a CEnet staff member?

Please tell us via this form, we'll be sure to let them know.
CEnet Feedback
Addressing Lockdown Challenges
Access to HSC Texts

The CEnet ACEN Overdrive team met last week and one of the topics discussed was the challenge faced by students in NSW member dioceses who are working from home and may not be able to access texts on the HSC reading list as the books are at school.

The group has responded by adding a collection of HSC texts to the consortium's collection of digital books to enable students who may not be able to access texts due to lockdown or remote location. Usage will be monitored to ascertain demand.

Since lockdown in Greater Sydney and now beyond, Sora usage in general has increased dramatically with teachers looking at digital solutions.
Visit the eBook Library
Expanding the Collection - Magazines

The CEnet ACEN Overdrive team is always looking for ways to bring additional value to readers from participating member dioceses.  Coming soon ACEN is arranging for selected magazines to be available within Sora.

The latest editions of selected magazine titles will be available on a simultaneous user basis, meaning that there will be no wait to access. Back issues may also be available.

Details of titles will be shared when available.
Catholic Learning Online Workshops

The following feedback was received recently from an educator in the Wollongong Diocese, who has been attending workshops facilitated as part of the Catholic Learning Online initiative.
"I  have been enjoying the online courses being offered and have really benefited workwise from them. During lockdown is when the knowledge learnt becomes gold as I am in the classroom assisting students with their work and helping them on their devices.

I am very grateful to you and all the people involved in delivering these online courses and would never have learned about so many features without attending these courses. Being an SSO, it is very hard time-wise to attend courses face to face and these courses are so informative and delivered so well.

I have also been looking back at the recordings that have been made when I have forgotten how to do something, they are so valuable.

I need you and your team to know how appreciative I am for the extra knowledge I have gained. I am now more confident when using technology in the classroom and in front of the students whilst assisting them."
ClickView Workshops

Over 40 teachers from CEnet member dioceses participated in the recent ClickView workshops facilitated by the Catholic Learning Online team.
Participant feedback highlights  the interactive videos functionality which enables teachers to set questions on the way through a video to check viewer understanding and engagement.  

The ClickView Workshops have been recorded to enable teachers to access the resources when convenient. Click here to access the recordings on the Catholic Learning Online site.
View Recordings
Maitland-Newcastle Diocese - St Bede’s Catholic College

St Bede's Catholic College is a co-educational Catholic secondary school that is part of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. The college opened in 2018 and will eventually cater for 1,100 students in Years 7 to 12.
A managed BYOD Program helps students and teachers thrive at St Bede's
St Bede's has implemented a managed Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop program, that equips every student with a 2-in-1 laptop pre-selected and verified by the school.

An article on the college's BYOD strategy  recently published in the Microsoft Education Blog, provides insights to the college's approach which enables parents to select a laptop computer from a range of school-verified devices chosen by the college for durability, battery life and the ability to accommodate hand written input using a stylus. Click here to find out more.
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The CEnet Member Bulletin provides a great opportunity to share information about activities occurring in member dioceses.

If your diocese has an interesting story to share contact us.
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Olympic Insights

The Tokyo Summer Olympics have closed so, we thought it would be timely to take the opportunity to celebrate the successes of athletes who have attended schools within the CEnet membership.

Apologies for any we have missed, but these are the ones we are aware of.
Rockhampton Diocese - Madi Wilson and Meg Harris

Thank you to Catholic Education Rockhampton for sharing their celebration of the inspirational performances of two past students in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Madi Wilson and Meg Harris Gold Medal Winners
Watching past Catholic Education students Madi Wilson (Sacred Heart Yeppoon and The Cathedral College Rockhampton) and Meg Harris (Emmanuel and Holy Spirit College Mackay) stamp their claim on the 4x100m Freestyle Relay with outstanding performances in the heats and then a gold medal and World Record swim in the final was undoubtedly a highlight.
Owen Wright, Bronze Medal, Men's Surfing
Wollongong Diocese - Owen Wright

Congratulations once again to Owen Wright.

Owen is a graduate of St John The Evangelist Catholic High School in Nowra, in the Wollongong Diocese.

Owen represented Australia in Men's Surfing, winning a Bronze Medal.
Wollongong Diocese - Kieran Woolley

Kieran Woolley, the 17 year old son of Mark Woolley from the Diocese of Wollongong represented Australia in the Olympic Skateboarding Park event. Keiran was the youngest competitor in the event and entered the final round with the second highest score. He finished fifth in the finals, with his teammate, Keegan Palmer taking out the gold medal.
Kieran Wooley Tokyo Olympic Skateboard Finalist
Throughout the event Kieran had a smile from ear to ear and displayed genuine support for other competitors. In his final run after missing a huge Arial manoeuvre, Kieran jumped back on his skateboard and successfully completed the manoeuvre, just to show he could do it!

In between the heats and final Kieran was interviewed by Channel 7 and took the opportunity to thank his dad who has also been his coach.

This article in the Australian Olympics website provides additional insights to Kieran who, when not skateboarding, enjoys visiting schools and talking to students about mental health and discussing strategies to overcome mental health issues.
Daniel Watkins, Past Student, Sacred Heart New Town, Hobart
Hobart Diocese - Daniel Watkins

Daniel is a graduate of Sacred Heart College, New Town, in the Hobart Diocese.

Daniel represented Australia in the Men's Canoe Slalom event and achieved a place in the semi-finals.
Sora Sweet Reads

This is the last week of the Sora Sweet Reads initiative, which finishes on 20 August 2021.

For the last two years the CEnet ACEN consortium has been number 1 in Overdrive's global 'Sweet Reads' initiative with 24,010 checkouts in last year's event.

Sweet Reads is a world-wide initiative run to promote reading in schools and is based on checkouts of a subset of the ebooks available to students. All of these titles are available for free in Simultaneous Use through the Sora Sweet Reads program until 20 August 2021.
Click For Book Information
Upcoming Events
  • 26 August 3.30 pm AEST: Google Fundamentals
  • 16 September 4.15 pm AEST: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 7 October 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 14 October 4.30 pm AEDT: Apple iPad Assistive Features
  • 21 October 7.30 am AEDT: Apple iPad Assistive Features
  • 21 October 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 4 November 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
Microsoft Minecraft Series

Commencing on 16 September at 4.15 pm AEST, the Microsoft Minecraft series will include four workshops.

Catholic Learning Online brings you a four webinar series for Minecraft: Education Edition from Microsoft. In this 4 part course, we will explore how Minecraft: Education Edition supports teaching and learning through a game-based interface that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is the learner’s imagination.
Andrew Balzer (Microsoft Learning Delivery Specialist) will provide you with the opportunity to learn skills together and practice the skills demonstrated in the sessions. 

Session Schedule
  • 16 September - 4.15 pm AEST
  • 7 October - 4.15 pm AEDT
  • 21 October - 4.15 pm AEDT
  • 4 November - 4.15 pm AEDT
Register through Diocesan PD Registration Systems or email
Register Interest
iPad Assistive Features: Reaching All Learners

Students are coming to school with a varying array of abilities and Learning Support Staff are exploring new ways to not only support, but to also personalise, every student’s learning experience.

These workshops will provide an opportunity to learn about tools and resources from Apple that allow all students to create, communicate, personalise and explore in new and powerful ways.

During this webinar participants will: 
  • Explore the powerful assistive features built-in to iPad that can complement each learners’ vision, hearing, motor skills and learning needs
  • Experience how with iPad, students can learn in ways that meet their own specific needs
As these sessions are hands on we recommend having your iPad with you to enjoy the interactive experience. 

Session Schedule
  • 14 October - 4.30 pm AEDT
  • 21 October - 7.30 am AEDT
Register through Diocesan PD Registration Systems or email
Register Interest
On Demand Catholic Learning Online Workshops

The Catholic Learning Online team has organised a significant number of workshops since commencing with the Catholic Learning Online Summit in April 2020.
Recognising the demands on the time of teachers, the team has taken the opportunity to record workshops and there are now 46 recordings available on the CLO website.
Opening a world of reading through Sora. An example of the on-demand workshop recordings available in the Catholic Learning Online website
Recordings are supplemented with detailed descriptions of learning intentions and success criteria. Many also have supporting resources.

If you or your colleagues would like to access workshop recordings can be found on the Catholic Learning Online Summit Resources page

If you or your colleagues would like to access the Catholic Learning Online Events, workshop recordings can be found in the Catholic Learning Online Resources page
Go to Resources
Book of the Week

The CEnet member dioceses ACEN eBook Consortium, with the assistance of Lisa Nash and Saba Maniar from the Digital Learning and Library Services in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, provide the book of the week feature for students and staff who have access to the SORA eBook Library.

Each week, two reading recommendations for eBooks or audio books, with age guidance are published for primary school students and high school students and to make sure that no-one is left out, there is a recommendation for staff too.
Click on any of the three options above to go straight to the recommended books and enjoy the read!
Visit the eBook Library
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