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Supporting a Remote School in Time of Need
COVID-19 has brought challenges for dioceses, schools and students across the CEnet membership, but when the difficulties faced by St Therese's Community School in Wilcannia came to our attention recently, we wanted to know how the CEnet community could help.

St Therese’s is a very special little school, and with the support of three Aboriginal Aunties, they provide a safe and very caring learning environment for 24 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 6.

There are 2 class groups in 2021 - Kurkikka (K/1/2) and Ngalkirkka (3/4/5/6) and the school teaches the Paakantji language and culture.

As families have limited or no access to internet services at home, teachers are struggling to provide ways of supporting student learning during the current phase of the pandemic. 
  • At the 2016 census, Wilcannia had a population of 549.
  • 61.2% are Aboriginal
  • The nearest large community is Broken Hill which is 190km away with a population of around 20,000
  • Closest cities
    • Adelaide 580 km
    • Canberra 678 km
  • More than 11 per cent of Wilcannia's Aboriginal population are now infected with COVID-19, and fewer than 20 per cent of the population are vaccinated. 60 people have been reported positive since the New South Wales Delta outbreak started in mid-June, however it is believe the actual positive count is much higher where there are often more than 10 people are living under the same roof.
Here is your chance to help Angela Kennedy and Matt Smith from the Catholic Schools Office in Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese support St Therese's Community School at Wilcannia/Forbes. If you would like to assist in supporting St Therese's to purchase activity resources for their students to use while in lockdown, please feel free to donate using the account details below and CEnet will pass the funds onto Wilcannia-Forbes Diocese.

Account Name: CEnet
BSB: 066-711
Account Number: 006120
CEnet ONCE Logo
CeSIS and CeFMS Update

The CEnet member dioceses CeSIS and CeFMS rollout is continuing with 11 of the participating dioceses having completed the CeSIS rollout and now several dioceses having also completed the CeFMS portion of their rollout.
CeSIS and CeFMS statistics
This shared services rollout is significant in its scale and success, and is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the CEnet member community.
Catholic Education, Diocese of Wollongong logo
Catholic Education Wollongong finalises migration of all schools to Ancestry

Catholic Education, Wollongong was one of the three Pilot Dioceses that took the role of trailblazers for the CEnet member SIS and FMS implementation.

The Diocese promoted its final school, number 38, into the Ancestry database on Tuesday of last week 17.08.21 and the school commenced use of the financial management element of the integrated solution on Friday 20.08.21.
There are currently 585 schools in 13 member dioceses across the ACT, NSW, Queensland and Tasmania using the CEnet member enterprise Student Information System.

A huge congratulations to the Wollongong team on this achievement and the contribution to the knowledge and experience that continues to benefit member dioceses, their schools, staff, students and families.

As a participant in the initiative since the Pilot phase, the efforts of the Wollongong team have greatly benefitted the other CEnet member dioceses with their implementation projects.

The Wollongong team would like to thank their colleagues at CEnet, Sydney and Townsville for sharing this journey with them. Being part of a supportive network has been a significant enabling factor to our success.
Catholic Education, Diocese of Townsville logo
Catholic Education Townsville Celebration

The Townsville Diocese achieved completed migration of all schools to CeSIS and CeFMS in late June.

Townsville’s achievement was significant both to the diocese and the overall CeSIS and CeFMS Program as it marked the first of the Pilot Dioceses to make this milestone. It is a CEnet tradition that when a project is completed, there is a celebration, involving a cake.
Townsville Catholic Education CeSIS Team celebration photograph
Pictured L-R: Amanda Pearce, Ben Peddell, Ann Chalmers, Robin Bugden, Darcie Browning, Norena Mendiolea, Nathaniel Staples.
Not pictured: Julie Wallace, Kirsten Russell, Veronica Burke, Sean Morgan.

Given the travel limitations in place at the moment, it was not possible for any of the CEnet team to join Townsville in their celebration, however, we are delighted that the tradition of the celebratory cake continues. 
VC Service Update
CEnet logo
CEnet’s Video Conferencing (VC) service continues to set usage records as staff and students make use of Zoom to maintain connections and support remote learning. 

So far in the first seven weeks of this school term there have been:
  • 566,000 Zoom meetings
  • 208 million meeting minutes
  • Up to 19,200 staff using Zoom each day
Zoom meeting usage. seven week graph

Given the unprecedented scaling up of use brought about by the global pandemic and local lockdown, Zoom has experienced significant load in recent times as Australian customers make increased use of this valuable service. This load has exceeded available capacity at times, leading to connection issues during a few peak demand periods of late. The CEnet infrastructure team has been in regular communication with Zoom and has received assurances that extra capacity has since been added, with other measures also taken to increase availability and reduce the likelihood of future service interruptions.
CEnet Web Content Filtering Service Review
CEnet logo
In the second half of 2020 CEnet began a review of the Web Content Filtering Service as part of our normal improvement processes and established a project to manage this. The project steering committee requested that we broaden the scope of the service to encompass the diverse requirements from schools and dioceses and as a result, the review developed the aim of delivering "Safe Internet as a Service".
This takes into consideration not only access within diocesan/school networks, but also the challenges of remote working and learning.

Following significant engagement with member dioceses requirements that reflect the interest in how the existing service might be enhanced to provide richer information to support learning, teaching and wellbeing were developed.

Although there have been some delays due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney, the project is now in the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase, involving two solution providers, with the expectation that the final solution will be selected in early October. An additional review is also in progress to provide capability that supports local school administration and improved classroom experience for teachers and students.

The timeline for this review and the implementation of any new solution/service is in line with the CEnet budget process, and the transition to the revised service will take place in the first half of 2022.

For additional information on the Safe Internet as a Service project, contact Phil Egan CEnet's Service Delivery Manager - CX.
CEnet Staff Feedback

A big thank you to readers who have taken the time to share details of positive interactions with members of the CEnet team.

CEnet celebrates outstanding efforts and the addition of great feedback from member dioceses is a welcome addition that will be shared with all staff.

Have you had a positive experience with a CEnet staff member?

Please tell us via this form, we'll be sure to let them know.
CEnet Feedback
CEnet logo
CeBAC Update

The CEnet Business Applications Committee (CeBAC) is responsible for the review and approval process relating to service change requests. The committee held two meetings in August and currently has a focus on the CeSIS Service.
The committee is making significant progress with review of suggestions and requests that will enhance the functionality of the CeSIS to meet the unique and evolving needs of member dioceses.

The CeSIS service exists to support the activities of the thirteen participating dioceses and to inform this requirement, a range of working groups, drawing on the expertise of subject matter experts from within the CEnet membership, review and confirm the requirements and the solutions provided by Compass. This occurs prior to the changes being presented to CeBAC for consideration.

The first major change that will be released in October is an improvement to the Transitions process. This change is designed to make the school end of year rollover process more flexible for staff.

One other major Change scheduled for initial release in 2021 relates to Finance and the integration of Compass to Technology One Financials. This change consists of 8 major elements and will be delivered in a number of phases, with the first, providing backend changes to enable Sundry receipting being released in 2021 and the remainder in 2022.

CEnet would like to thank the participants of the working groups for their time and input to CeSIS discussions and note the valuable contributions that they make to the delivery of a service that can support the work of schools and dioceses across state and territory boundaries of the CEnet membership.
Catholic Education, Diocese of Cairns logo
Catholic Education Cairns - Using Catholic Learning Online to Upskill in Digital Literacy

As a response to the continuity of learning that occurred during the COVID lockdown in 2020, Catholic Education Services, Diocese of Cairns, identified a Diocesan goal of Blended Learning: using a Digital Learning Environment in every Learning Area. To support teachers to achieve this goal, primary schools in the Diocese have the option to use Google Classroom or purchase CANVAS to provide student access to online learning tasks.

St Clare’s Primary School, Tully (2 hours drive south from Cairns) identified that to meet this goal, the school needed to support the teachers to develop their digital literacy. The Leader of Learning and Teaching (LLT) identified this as the project she would undertake, along with the Leader of Diversity, as part of the Diocesan Position of Leadership program. 

The introduction to the project at St Clare’s saw staff involved in two professional learning days at the beginning of this year - upskilling in Google Classroom and the pedagogy of blended learning. The pedagogy of blended learning aimed to develop an understanding of TPACK and SAMR and the high impact teaching strategies - blended learning. The HITS - Blended Learning provides teachers with a non-exhaustive list of digital activities as examples of how the Diocesan HITS could be utilised in a blended learning environment. Each strategy identifies several tools that could be used and, where possible, a tutorial has been provided for teachers to learn how to use the identified tool. Many of these tutorials are linked to a session from the Catholic Learning Online Summit held in April, 2020.

At the beginning of Term Two, staff were provided with time to browse through the Catholic Learning Online Summit Recordings and Resources and the Continuity of Learning page in the Cairns Catholic Education Portal. Teachers were invited to select a tool of interest that could be incorporated into Google Classroom in order for them to become the ‘expert’ in the selected application. To support their own learning, teachers were encouraged to use the CLO recordings and access other self-paced PD in the application of choice. 

Teachers are now applying their new knowledge and providing learning opportunities using their tool of choice through Google Classroom. Teachers will ‘Buddy up’ with a colleague from another year level and share their knowledge/skills. Towards the end of this term, a staff meeting will provide all staff with the opportunity to share their new learnings.

To support teachers in this process, the Leader of Learning and Teaching provided all teachers with 3 hours release to upskill and develop learning activities with their focus tool. An additional 2 hours release has been provided for the ‘buddy’ session. In-school and CES personnel have been identified to provide on-going support throughout the year including in-class support through modelled lessons.

Catholic Learning Online has provided the teachers at St Clare’s with ongoing, online professional learning and been an invaluable support for the St Clare’s staff to meet the Diocesan goal of Blended Learning: using a Digital Learning Environment in every Learning Area.
If you or your colleagues would like to access the Catholic Learning Online Events, workshop recordings can be found in the Catholic Learning Online Resources page
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Catholic Learning Online
Upcoming Events
  • 16 September 4.15 pm AEST: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 7 October 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 14 October 4.30 pm AEDT: Apple iPad Assistive Features
  • 21 October 7.30 am AEDT: Apple iPad Assistive Features
  • 21 October 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
  • 4 November 4.15 pm AEDT: Microsoft Minecraft
Microsoft Minecraft Series

Commencing on 16 September at 4.15 pm AEST, the Microsoft Minecraft series will include four workshops.

Catholic Learning Online brings you a four webinar series for Minecraft: Education Edition from Microsoft. In this 4 part course, we will explore how Minecraft: Education Edition supports teaching and learning through a game-based interface that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is the learner’s imagination.
Andrew Balzer (Microsoft Learning Delivery Specialist) will provide you with the opportunity to learn skills together and practice the skills demonstrated in the sessions. 

Session Schedule
  • 16 September - 4.15 pm AEST
  • 7 October - 4.15 pm AEDT
  • 21 October - 4.15 pm AEDT
  • 4 November - 4.15 pm AEDT
Register through Diocesan PD Registration Systems or email
Register Interest
iPad Assistive Features: Reaching All Learners

Students are coming to school with a varying array of abilities and Learning Support Staff are exploring new ways to not only support, but to also personalise, every student’s learning experience.

These workshops will provide an opportunity to learn about tools and resources from Apple that allow all students to create, communicate, personalise and explore in new and powerful ways.

During this webinar participants will: 
  • Explore the powerful assistive features built-in to iPad that can complement each learners’ vision, hearing, motor skills and learning needs
  • Experience how with iPad, students can learn in ways that meet their own specific needs
As these sessions are hands on we recommend having your iPad with you to enjoy the interactive experience. 

Session Schedule
  • 14 October - 4.30 pm AEDT
  • 21 October - 7.30 am AEDT
Register through Diocesan PD Registration Systems or email
Register Interest
Book of the Week

The CEnet member dioceses ACEN eBook Consortium, with the assistance of Lisa Nash and Saba Maniar from the Digital Learning and Library Services in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, provide the book of the week feature for students and staff who have access to the SORA eBook Library.

Each week, two reading recommendations for eBooks or audio books, with age guidance are published for primary school students and high school students and to make sure that no-one is left out, there is a recommendation for staff too.
Link to The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates - Primary Book of the Week
Link to Jemima Small Versus the Universe - Secondary Book of the Week
Link to The Queen's Gambit - Staff Book of the Week
This week's selection are all in the Always Available collection, so click on any of the three options above to go straight to the recommended books and enjoy the read!
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