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In this edition, the retirement of a long time supporter of CEnet, CEnet enterprise data warehouse review, the Parramatta Diocese ICT Trainee Programme and more.

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Thank You To A Driving Force

Brother Tony Whelan has been instrumental in the development of CEnet.

As the Director of Schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay, in 2003 Brother Tony was involved in the launch of CASTnet, a joint venture between three Dioceses, Broken Bay, Wagga Wagga and Wollongong.
CASTnet, formed to procure and manage a combined schools network using shared infrastructure and services, was a groundbreaking initiative as it was the first time that three dioceses have collaborated on a project of such significance. 

In 2007 CASTnet evolved into CEnet with 11 member dioceses and Brother Tony was instrumental in the establishment of the federated governance model and became the Chair of the CEnet Steering Committee when it was formed in 2011.

During his time as Chair of the CEnet Steering Committee, Brother Tony has been involved in the pivotal reviews conducted by IBRS in 2011 and 2017 and participated in numerous strategic planning activities. In 2017 Brother Tony also attended the Global Education Leaders’ Symposium hosted by Google in Mountain View California. The symposium, with the theme ‘How can we use technology to help school students K -12 learn better?’, focused on contemporary approaches and attitudes to innovation in the educational setting.

As Brother Tony has made the decision to step down from the role of CEnet Steering Committee Chair at the end of 2020, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the significant contribution that he has made by supporting CEnet to meet the aim of connecting Catholic communities and to thank him for his wisdom, guidance and enthusiasm.
Diocese of Parramatta COVID-19 Incident Response

Have a plan and stick to it, strong leadership and good communication!

These are some of the guiding principles of the Diocese of Parramatta’s COVID Incident response plan. COVID has had a big impact on the west of Sydney with the Diocese of Parramatta noting “four schools that experienced COVID positive cases, including one school where there are 11 different different students over a period of about three weeks".

This week Vicki Anderson interviewed Head of Communications for Catholic Education in the Diocese of Parramatta, Mark Rix and Raju Varanassi Director, Data Intelligence also from the Diocese of Parramatta, to gain learnings from their COVID-19 Incident Response and found many similarities with CEnet’s own response which focused on 3 guiding principles Safety of our staff, Continuity of our services and continuous and open communication.

The full interview can be found here.
Read the Interview
CEnet Enterprise Data Warehouse - Technology Review

The Enterprise Data Warehouse forms a key part of the ONCE strategy, in particular providing a backend data store, coupled with a BI/Analytics service. Together, these components form CEnet’s CeD3 offering. 

To ensure this service remains current and continues to deliver value to our members, the CEnet Data Services Team has undertaken a technology review as part of our continuous improvement processes. The review, which is almost complete, has provided the team the opportunity to investigate the latest technology from a number of leading vendors and explore the future state and capabilities of a contemporary data warehouse solution.

As this review concludes, the team will be in a position to take the information gathered from the process into a review of the BI/Analytics service in early 2021. As an integral service for many of our members, the BI/Analytics capability supports our school communities at all levels. As such, we invite you to make contact with your relevant Diocese Data Trustee representative to ensure your requirements are included in the review next year.

CEnet Data Trustees
  • Anne-Maree Creenaune (Chair) - Wollongong
  • Justin Matthews - Armidale
  • Vickie Vance - Bathurst
  • Tony McLeod - Broken Bay
  • Vacant - Cairns
  • Phil Pettit - Canberra-Goulburn
  • Andrew Burgess - Lismore
  • Damian Wicks - Maitland-Newcastle
  • Stefan Boffa/Ron van Vliet - Parramatta
  • Frank Reiman - Rockhampton 
  • Milton Scott - Sydney
  • Debbie Baird-Bower - Tasmania
  • Terry Carter - Toowoomba
  • Laurence Hosking - Townsville
  • Karen Gardiner - Wagga-Wagga
  • Denise Gersbach - Wilcannia-Forbes
  • Michelle Davey - Wollongong
CEnet will be engaging with members via the Data Trustees group and will form the necessary working groups to participate in the review process in early 2021. If you would like more information on these services, or the review process, please contact Phil Egan, Service Delivery Manager - CX.
Parramatta ICT Trainee Programme

In 2002 the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta ICT Traineeship Programme was formed with a total of 8 trainees. In 2020 the ICT Traineeship Programme has grown exponentially to 68 trainees in the diocese.

The traineeships involve full-time employment whilst gaining a nationally recognized qualification:
  • Certificate III in Information Digital Media & Technology (First Year) and
  • Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking (Second Year).
Trainees work within Parramatta Diocese's 82 schools to support innovative and 21st-century learning facilitated through a wide variety of modern technologies whilst developing invaluable communication and problem-solving skills in a professional environment.
A Day In The Life Of An ICT Trainee in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
A Trainee's Perspective

Jonathan Foley, CEnet's Application Support Analyst/Trainer is a graduate of the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta trainee programme and was very happy to have the opportunity to provide insights to the initiative.

When did you go through the trainee programme?
Dec 2005- Dec2007
How has the programme helped you in your career?
The IT Traineeship program enabled me to kickstart my IT career with on the job learning and practical experience from day one. Having dedicated my IT Career to Catholic Education I was instantly given experience working within catholic schools which has proven to be very beneficial. I also had exposure to head office and how technology was run and supported in an office environment. Through these experiences I have been exposed to a variety of technologies from end user devices, device management, online conferencing etc. which has assisted me as I have progressed within my career. 
The soft skills that I learnt and built on within the traineeship have put me in an excellent position to be able to assist IT users at every level of the hierarchy from students - executive Directors enabling me to provide exceptional customer service in any environment. Communicating face to face, via text, email, over the phone and through other communication broadcasting platforms throughout the traineeship has given me a wealth of experience communicating effectively, skills I have been able to utilise in all of my roles since.

What was the most important thing that you learnt (personally) in the programme?
Always get to know your customer, having worked at the ground level I was able to get to know my customer base both as individuals and as groups (teachers, admin, executive etc.) getting to understand individual needs and how they perform their roles whilst using technology. 
What skills do you believe you have brought the CEnet as a result of you going through the programme?
The traineeship has prepared me for working at CEnet by giving me a solid base of customer service, communication and technical skills. When paired with an understanding of how catholic schools run (though they all are different, even within a system of schools) I have been able to take these skills and utilise them through my work within the CEnet CX Team. The traineeship gave me the skills and confidence I needed to take my career to the next level and continue to learn and develop my skills. 
What would you say to a young person who is considering a programme such as this?
DO IT!!!!!!! You wont regret it. The skills and experience I have gained have served me well within my career and are easily transferable to other industries and vocations should you decide to change your career path. Through keeping in touch with my cohort of trainees and also those who I went onto train myself when I had gained a full time position within the IT Team at CEDP I have seen so many young people develop and grow through the traineeship and move into amazing careers in IT, The emergency services, Teaching and many more. Being able to work and study at the same time is an amazing opportunity and gives you a competitive edge over those who have studied at other institutions and only had short periods of practical experience. This also enables you to develop strong organisational skills which will aid you in all aspects of your life. The connections you make will be long lasting and make the whole experience even richer.
Book of the Week
The CEnet member dioceses ACEN eBook Consortium, with the assistance of Lisa Nash and Saba Maniar from the Digital Learning and Library Services in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta have initiated a book of the week feature for students and staff who have access to the SORA eBook Library.

Each week, two reading recommendations for eBooks or audio books, with age guidance are published for primary school students, and high school students and to make sure that no-one is left out, there there is a recommendation for staff too.
Click on any of the three options above to go straight to the recommended books and enjoy the read!
Visit the eBook Library
CEnet ONCE Project Logo
Member Collaboration - Compass/TechOne Collaborative sessions

Last week the CEnet CX team hosted the sixth and final session 2020 session of CeSIS and CeFMS Collaborative sessions, ’End of Year Financial Processes’

As with all collaborative sessions, a pre-recorded session was sent to all attendees 1 week prior to the event with the understanding that attendees view the pre-recorded session, discuss with their team their own business processes around the presented topic, and contribute to the collaborative session by sharing pain points and strengths.

The series of workshops was facilitated by CEnet, using the ONCE philosophy of reducing duplication of effort, to provide a forum for participants to share and benefit from the expertise and experiences of colleagues in other member dioceses.

Each week a different Diocese presented how they tackled a school business process by using an aspect of Compass or TechOne. Those attending the collaborative sessions were asked to come prepared with questions and to be ready to brainstorm and collaborate on how Compass or TechOne can improve their school business processes.

Like to get involved in 2021 but not sure who to contact? Get in touch with Janine Duggan, CeSIS Subject Matter Expert, CEnet.
More Information
Automating Accounts Payable Processes

The Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Wollongong has leveraged the power of the CeFMS service to automate its accounts payable process.

After evaluating a range of solutions, the diocese implemented the Kofax TotalAgility platform and now benefits from an end-to-end Accounts Payable process that automatically extracts invoice data and uploads it to TechnologyOne Ci Anywhere via a standard web browser. This has enabled the Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Wollongong to substantially reduce the amount of manual work required when processing invoices. Read the case study 

The solution selected by Catholic Education Office in the Diocese of Wollongong was one of two showcased in recent information webinars for CEnet member dioceses.
  • Xcellerate IT provided insights to the Kofax Readsoft Online Accounts Payable solution.
  • Efficiency Leaders delivered a webinar which showcased the Rapid AP solution.
Both webinars are available as recordings. If you or a colleague are interested in viewing click here to request more information.
Read The Case Study
This is the final edition of the CEnet Member Bulletin for 2020.

We hope that you have enjoyed insights to the activities of CEnet and member dioceses during 2020 and look forward to more sharing in 2021.
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