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Order Notes and Updates: 

🎁 Items for the holidays? - I highly recommend placing your orders for any holiday gifts during this orders week. I cannot guarantee delivery before the holiday season if you order during next month's monthly order which is the week of 

✅ To help keep our students best provided with the appropriate equipment and attire for their classes we will be releasing monthly equipment order emails moving forward.

Click on the images of the equipment below to purchase through our store.

(We included shipping, tax, and processing fees to make check out easy). 

✔️ All Sparring Gear is required for all Brown Belts and Black Belts.

✔️ Sensei highly recommends hand gear for all Age 7+ students (Hand Gear is required for Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, and Black Belts). 

✔️ Foot Gear and Hand Gear are required by the Green Belt level. 

✔️ New Brown Belts and Green Belts are eligible for our custom Green and Brown uniforms (these items may take 2-3 weeks to process due to embroidery time). 

✔️ You can place orders anytime between Monday October 31 and Sunday November 6. We will be processing the orders to our vendors on Monday November 7th.

✔️ If you miss this order, our next monthly order will take place the week of Dec 1 (and every first week of the month moving forward). 

⚠️ Purchasing Outside of Magnus Note: (Important) - 

You are welcome to purchase equipment outside of the academy. I am offering equipment at near cost as to provide the best equipment to allow our classes to operate optimally. 

If you should decide to purchase through a different source all equipment must be identical to the images you see below (in brand and in color) - no exceptions, Sensei will not permit other brands and colors at the dojo. 
Gear Set - All items Required for Brown Belts and Black Belts

Hand Gear - Required for Age 7+  Orange, Blue, Green, Brown Belts, Black Belts (suggested for all)
Foot Gear - Required for Brown Belts and Black Belts (suggested for Green Belts)

Head Gear - Required for Brown Belts and Black Belts
Gear Bag- Optional purchase for all Age 7+ students (not suggested for Junior Magnus)

Uniform Replacement - for all Junior Magnus and Age 7+ students
Green Belt Uniform - Suggested for all Green Belts (would not purchase if your child has green with black stripe). 

Brown Belt Uniform - Suggested for all Brown Belts (green belt uniforms should not be worn at the brown belt level). 
Black Belt Uniform - Uniform replacement for Black Belts 

Pants Only - Black Belts - Only click for black belt uniforms 
Hand Mitts - Suggested for all Age 7+ students (sold individually)

Eskrima Sticks - Suggested for students who practice weapon arts
Bo Staff - Suggested for students who practice weapon arts

Nunchaku - Suggested for students who practice weapon arts
Chrome Sai - Suggested for students who practice weapon arts

Tonfa - Suggested for students who practice weapon arts
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