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Well it seems like 2019 disappeared in the blink of an eye. I didn't end up sending too many newsletters last year but I hope to get on top of that this year.

It's been an interesting year for me. I moved to Brisbane in October and have begun teaching classes here. Along with the move I made a (very difficult) decision to stop teaching things that aren't from the Da Xuan tradition. There are two parts to this; one is that there is a whole lot more clarity when I'm just teaching from one source - there can easily be confusion for a beginner when there is too much material from too many different places. The second part is that there are loads of other people out there teaching the other things I used to teach (such as GST, stretching, natural movement and so on), and most of them are much more experienced in those fields than I am, especially considering that I no longer train any of those modalities myself

For those who liked my older material, fret not. I'll leave all the good parts of it permanently available on my video tutorials page, which you can always find via the 'Video Tutorials' link on my website, or just go directly via this link here:

You'll see the tutorials page also got a facelift last year, big thanks to the Uscreen guys for sorting through that with me. It's a much smoother experience!

On the Da Xuan front, I am teaching local classes in Brisbane, workshops all around the place, and teaching online students privately. I'm enjoying teaching the classes, and I'm enjoying even more how much progress the online students are making now that they are all focused on Da Xuan practices.

If you've only ever followed my old stuff and aren't sure what Da Xuan is all about, I'll summarize it as briefly as I can now: In the tradition we take a balanced view of the human, using Yin and Yang theory to divide us into 3 pieces: the mind (Yang), the breath/energy/vitality (Yang + Yin), and the body (Yin). To create balance we consider each of these pieces as important as the other, and so we have to give each category as much time and attention in practice as any other. Practically speaking, this means if you have, for example, an hour to train every day, then you would divide this into 20 mins of mind work, 20 mins of breathing or qigong, and 20 mins of physical practices. There are loads of practices in each category (enough for several lifetimes!), and the main principle we work with across all 3 is reducing to simplicity: all of the exercises are incredibly simple and have a way of confronting us directly to our weaknesses/shadows. It's a little difficult to adjust to the very alien way of operating at first, but those who have hung in there will attest to the wonderful results training in this way produces.

My website stays up to date with all the details for these things and more. If you're interested in Da Xuan and want to train with me through one of these avenues, have a browse through the various pages and please feel free to touch base at any time!


  • NEWCASTLE, NSW - 29th February - 1st March
    Primordial Breathing and Shen Gong

  • CAIRNS, QLD - 2nd May
    Introduction to Da Xuan
I've got more in the works, but f you'd like me to come to your city please contact me via email!


New year, new city, new classes! I've split the classes up into more focused categories:
  • Basics: Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Morning, Saturday Morning
  • Dao yin: Tuesday Morning, Wednesday Evening
  • Primordial Breathing: Wednesday Evening
  • Qi Gong: Tuesday Evening, Thursday Evening
  • Martial Arts Exercises: Thursday Evening

When I have enough students, I'll be looking at having the Wednesday evening classes indoors (and possibly one or two others as well). In the mean time, all classes are being run out of New Farm Park.
You can find details for these and all other classes on my website here:


I have not been doing much in the way of article writing because all my attention has been on writing my book! It's in the middle stages of editing now, after which I'll move on to production and publishing, but as it stands it's about 40,000 words (I can't see it changing too much from this). 

It's a Daoist guide to self cultivation, and will cover all of the topics of my most important blog posts, as well as a whole lot more.  It will act as a kind of precursor to the many books my teacher Serge has written, and should give the reader a good idea of what the Daoist approach is all about. It will look at all the fundamental practices and go into some detail as to why we do things the way we do.

I don't have too much more information about it now, as soon as I'm up to doing pre-orders and so forth, I'll send out an email!


I really appreciate those who have been along for the ride with me as I have chopped and changed through many disciplines. There should be a lot of stability now that I've settled into the Da Xuan tradition, so expect a smoother ride from here on out.

Now that I am settled, I'll be looking into doing a lot more teaching and as students progress getting onto topics that are a little deeper than the introduction. I'm looking forward to meeting many new people and hopefully catching up with friends scattered around the world.

Oh, and I'll try to get a little more regular with the newsletters.

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