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Hi Everyone!

2019 has arrived in a flash. I have plenty on this year already and more than likely plenty more that will happen that I cannot predict. 

Over Xmas and New Years I taught a few Da Xuan workshops. The first was a workshop on Qi Gong in the sunshine coast and the second was on Primordial Breathing. Both workshops are really great introductions to their respective topics and I really enjoyed teaching them.  The Da Xuan tradition is such a pleasure to teach because it is so methodical and clear that anyone can get the hang of it pretty quickly. I'll be doing more of both of these workshops over the coming year as well as a few workshops introducing the Da Xuan tradition in general and a few other topics (I'm thinking a workshop specifically for partner-based practices will go down nicely at some point!).  If you want to check out photos from these or any other workshops I run, you can always find them posted over on my group, here:

I'll be teaching next at the Ancestral Movement retreat in Araluen alongside Simon and a host of other good friends and teachers. There are a couple spaces left so if you're keen drop Simon a message very soon! After this, I'm teaching two workshops in Melbourne, again on the topics of Qi Gong and Primordial Breathing. Details are below.


  • ARALUEN, NSW - 19th - 29th January
    Ancestral Movement Retreat

  • MELBOURNE, VIC - 2nd February
    Da Xuan Qi Gong

  • MELBOURNE, VIC - 3rd February
    Da Xuan Primordial Breathing


I have a few new classes happening in Sydney now. Tuesday night and Thursday night we continue looking at physical training, martial arts and qi gong of the Da Xuan tradition. There are 2 new classes on Wednesday nights at The Movement Academy:

Wednesday Night Classes
5:30pm - 7:00pm -  Jibengong

7:00pm - 8:00pm -  Primordial Breathing

You can find details for these and all other classes on my website here:


I've been doing some more writing recently. It's been great getting back into bringing the various inner thoughts to life through blog writing, I plan to do much more this year. Maybe even a short book at some stage too!

From Dense to Sparse and Back

In Da Xuan we have this idea of grounding ourselves.  Being good Daoists who like balance, we not only like to improve the kind of emotional and mental grounding of someone who is ‘down to earth’, but we also develop a very physical grounding.  This literally means being difficult to move from our physical position; that we can’t be pushed over. As well as being balanced, the Daoists were always a pragmatic people. It’s no use to just know about it or think about it, you must practice so you can be it. I was always partial to my Teacher’s personal interpretation of the first line of the Dao De Jing:

“The Dao that can be talked about is not the actual Dao, so you may as well shut up and practice.” 
~ Serge Augier

Although the practices we use to achieve good grounding are pretty universal, it’s useful to understand (...continue reading)


Personal Resources

I think it’s safe to say that everyone understands and has had their own experience of energy at the very least in the general sense.  I’m talking about feeling energetic, as in being alert and ready to do a lot of things whether they are physical or mental. On the flip side you have the feeling of being completely exhausted and not being able to do lots of things.  We are an organism that is in need of fuel to function; personal resources that need to be regularly topped up. Even though it might seem reasonably obvious, it is useful to look a little closer at how these resources are replenished and also very importantly how they are spent – after all, they are all we have to get through life with.

When you look closely at this process you can see that what is going on is really quite magical: we fuel ourselves by taking something that isn’t us, bringing it inside us and then transforming it to (...continue reading)


2019 is going to be a tough year for many people. It really only takes 30 minutes a day to make a big impact on your life by picking up a few simple and regular practices.  Try doing 10 minutes of something physical, 10 minutes of some breathing and 10 minutes of work on the mental faculties. See if you can keep it up for 30 days straight and notice the changes. If you have a hard day, then drop it to 5/5/5mins or even 3/3/3mins, but just try to do something. The changes may not be  so grand at first, so look for the subtle shifts in feeling and attitude towards things. A regular practice won't free you from the challenges and hardships of the coming year but will help you to face them more completely.

Happy training!
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