August 2021

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My Community Area Is Now Live!

> Join my community!

The community area is alive and starting to grow! If the website is the static aspect of my web presence, then the community area is the changing, moving, and updating aspect.

You can access it with the button above, or if you ever forgot where it is there is a big ‘join the community’ button on my website now, as well as a thing in the website menu navigation, you can’t miss it.

You will want to join if you’re interested in hearing about any of the following things:

  • News and updates

  • Announcements

  • Articles (by myself and my Teacher)

  • Links to cool Da Xuan things

  • Information and announcements about classes and workshops

  • Links to join online/virtual classes

  • Miscellaneous quotes from Da Xuan

  • Online Courses (coming soon)*

I will also soon have the Online Courses integrated within the community area, which means basically everything will be there. You’ll have to bear with me as I make the necessary back end changes but it should be pretty sweet pretty quickly.

The whole thing is powered by Mighty Networks, and they have a sweet app if you prefer that way of doing things, both on Android and iOS.

IMPORTANT: For people attending my classes, please endeavor to join the network and RSVP to the classes you want updates about!!! This is where I will be posting all the information about changes, cancellations, whether classes are on due to lockdown, etc.

I hope you all find some use out of this new community area. See you there!

> Join my community!


Classes: All of my classes now have an event page in the community area where I will put all important updates. Click here to view it!

Workshops: I managed to squeeze the Canberra workshop in despite much chaos around lockdowns in the country. It was loads of fun!

Lockdowns allowing, the next workshop on the schedule is the intro to Daoism in a few weeks in Brisbane!

The topics will be:

  • August 22nd - Introduction to Da Xuan Daoist Training

  • September 19th - Daoist Physical Cultivation

  • October 17th - Primordial Breathing

  • November 28th - Internal Alchemy

  • December 12th - Daoist Partner Practices

  • January 16th - Dao Yin

  • February 20th - Qi Gong of the Da Xuan Family

  • March 20th - Static Postures

  • April 17th - Shen Gong

  • May 15th - Shen Dan

You can find a full list of what’s going on, and buttons for registration here.

Online Courses - Available Now

All online courses are available now on the original platform. Each course takes you through 8 - 9 weeks of practices relating to a particular topic. Simply register and get started straight away. A perfect way to get a taste for Daoist practices or dive deeper into your training.

Register for Dao Yin today

Dao Yin: Developing Structure (Jing)

Physical practices done on a mat on the floor for developing a strong structure, reducing excess tension and learning how the center relates to the back.

Register for Dao Yin
Register for Micro Practices today!

Micro Practices: Fusing Practice with Daily Life

Short practices and reflections done throughout your day to help infuse the qualities and maintain a presence and intention in your life.

Register for Micro Practices
Register for Primordial Breathing today!

Primordial Breathing: Freeing the Breath (Qi)

Breathing practices for increased vitality, regulation of the emotions and development of the lungs

Register for Primordial Breathing
Register for Qi Gong today!

Da Xuan Family Qi Gong: Internal Training (Jing + Qi)

Establishing the foundation of qi gong practice in general, and an introduction to the Da Xuan family style of qi gong.

Register for Qi Gong
Register for Shen Gong today!

Shen Gong: Calming and Focusing the Mind (Shen)

Learning to focus the mind and bring clarity to the way the it functions, making it available for our use as a tool rather than having it be our master.

Register for Shen Gong

Happy training!



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