Greetings From The Most Beautiful Campsite We Have Ever Had!


We’re currently boondocking in Alabama Hills which isn’t in Alabama at all… its in central CA! It’s BREATHTAKING.

I keep pinching myself to make sure this is real life! Its that incredible (see our latest Instagram post for a few pics!). We have the snowcapped Sierra Nevada mountain range out our front door and are surrounded by gigantic boulders, which are perfect for exploring and playing in! The kids are in heaven with this stunning natural playground as their back yard.

Beauty with no internet
We have no cell or internet, which means lots of playtime for the kids and lots of writing for me!

As you know, I create content for RV Repair Club, and also do some guest writing for other blogs and websites, but not having internet doesn’t stop me from getting work done! The nice thing is that I get to do my writing outside in the middle of a beautiful desert with a cool breeze!

Aaron has been going into the little town of Lone Pine just down the road for internet to do his work. The kids have been working on completing their Junior Ranger books from Death Valley National Park, which we drove through to get here! 


Truths and Gratitude recently interviewed us about our experiences so far.

You can read what I had to say HERE

Happy belated mothers day to all you mamas out there… I hope you were treated like a queen on Sunday!

I enjoyed some yummy coffee cake and then explored Alabama Hills with my crew! For dinner we went into town, walked around and ate at a little Chinese restaurant! My wishes for Mother’s Day were:

  1. I didn’t want to cook
  2. I wanted to spend most of the day outdoors
  3. I didn’t want to hear any fussing/fighting from the kids

The first two happened and the third one mostly happened! :P

As promised, I completed the article about our RV renovation!

Read: 9 Little Renovations That Can Transform Your RV

Everyone always has lots of questions about that, so now everything we did is officially documented (with photos). You can always reach out and ask any questions you have about our RV, our experiences, etc… and there’s a wealth of info on our blog, so check that out too! 

A lot of clicking in this newsletter, I know. I’ve been cranking out content left and right lately!

Today I have to film several segments for videos for RV Repair Club too, which I didn’t plan very well as we’re on day 3 of boondocking, which means no hookups and no showers, soooo I’m going to have to try and look clean for the camera! Maybe I’ll be able to grab a quick military shower… we have limited water in our tank but sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on a shower! HA! 

Two of our latest trips have been added to the blog with pictures of our adventures, so make sure you check out:


I hope the rest of your week goes well! We are making our way to Lake Taco… nope, nope, Lake TAHOE. (That autocorrect was too funny to delete!)

We’re excited to reunite with some of our travel buddies there, so if you have any south Lake Tahoe recommendations of fun things to do, send them our way!  Adios, amigos!
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