“Write what should not be forgotten.” —Isabel Allende
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Tuesdays with a Twist!
7:00 pm
Tuesdays are totally informal. Meeting on Zoom, we socialize, brainstorm, and get some words down on the page with timed writing sprints.

Email us for the Zoom links. We sure would love to see you!

Thursday Gatherings
7:00 pm
Thursdays are a little more formal. The first Thursday of the month we Meet in Person at 6:30, we start out with social time, followed by announcements, then we split into groups for critiquing and fun writing activities.
The in person meetings are at  Marshall's BBQ at Josey and Rosemeade in Carrollton
The other Thursdays we Meet on Zoom.

On the third Thursday of every month, we welcome a guest speaker to share some of their writing-related expertise.



Nancy Golden, the founder of the Carrollton League of Writers, has resigned as the Executive Director. Citing job stress as the reason, she said she is unable to devote the necessary time to the League, but would remain a member. 

Scott Taylor, current President, has been appointed Executive Director.  

Carrollton League of Writers expresses its gratitude to Nancy, who during her time in office, organized multiple retreats at Lake Texoma, an online retreat, a writers conference, a children’s workshop, and many other events and activities.

Nancy started the group with a simple query on a local social media site, “Would anyone be interested in being part of a writing group?” and CLW sprang to life. 

Since its inception, CLW has flourished. The organization has grown to over 37 members with 108 on the newsletter list. Many have become published authors since our journey began. 

Nancy said she is confident that CLW will continue to grow under Scott’s leadership.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Nancy!   


"The California Numismatist" (TCN) announced its awards for the 2021 publication year and CLoW's Ross Irvin received two awards.

Ross was awarded first place for the George Bennett Literary Award for Articles on Ancient Numismatics for his article "Champagne Henry, King of Jerusalem" and third place for the Virginia Hall Literary Award for Articles on Medals for his "Lauding Lafayette: the Medals of the Marquis de Lafayette and His Visit to the United States, 1821--1825."

Congratulations, Ross.  

Writers: Things to Do

The book you are dreaming about, write it!   You and the world          need  it.

Write once a week, don't let technology distract you.

You are unique and special and so is your writing, don't                       compare yourself to others.

 Make friends and give to others.

Steve's Writing Corner

You can expect Steve's Writing Corner on the first Thursday of every month, where one of our members gives a live reading of an original piece.

Last Month, Andrea shared with us Tips for Journalling.

Email us for the Zoom Link, we sure would love to see you!

June Speaker

We welcome Kathryn McClatchy as our Guest Speaker this month.

Kathryn is an

AUTHORPRENEUR: writer, speaker, social media consultant, coach, advocate… encourager, educator, engager, enlightener, and entertainer of those starting out, starting over, or leveling up.

Kathryn invites you to join her on this journeyYou can follow her on Facebook Instagram, and Twitter, or email her at If you want to know still more about her, there’s always LinkedIn.

Crying out to our Lord

Heavenly Father, our hearts are hurting so much. When we think about the recent events, we can barely breathe, the pain is so great. The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, the last two years pressing down upon us as some of us have said goodbye to loved ones, dreams have fallen apart, financial pressures have mounted, and our communities have become so divisive. The war in Ukraine has torn at all of our hearts, watching communities like our own subject to unwarranted devastation.
Ten beautiful souls in a grocery store in Buffalo were murdered recently and their families changed forever, having to bear the terrible burden of grief for cherished lives cut short.

Last week so many precious innocents were senselessly killed in Uvalde - we can't even begin to process or fathom these unspeakable acts of violence - except to respond with tears and shared pain for the devastation being wrought upon these families - so much so that our hearts ache for all of them and there is a lump in our throat as we move through our days. We think about our own family members and the lump in our throats get bigger - with gratitude for what we have mixed with sorrow for the world around us and the pain of grieving families.

Lord, we cry out to you to provide peace and comfort to all of those affected by these tragedies. To bring peace to situations were peace is impossible - because all things are possible through You. Help us remember that you experienced watching your own Son murdered, that you truly are a God who understands and even more, you are a God that gives us hope even in the worst of circumstances. Help us be a beacon of your love to all we meet, Lord - knowing that just like us, the people around us are in desperate need of a Savior and the hope to be found in your Son Jesus Christ. Lord, help us to always remember the hope we have in you, even when it's hard. Let us hold firm to the promise You have given us in James 1:12, "Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him."

This world is full of trials, but it shouldn't surprise us because when we study the Scriptures we can see that is the nature of this world. That doesn't make it any easier, but Scripture also teaches us how to respond, like Jesus did, and to love one another. We can't make sense of what happened these past weeks, months, and years, but we can choose in how to respond. Please Lord, help us respond by holding firmly to our faith while persevering under trial, and by doing so in a way that honors You while being the hands and feet of your Son to those that are hurting. Let us be able to pause in the midst of our busy days and remember that we are called to love one another - and that we are called to do that wherever we are - at work - at home - out in the community. We are your ambassadors to a world that desperately needs Your love. Please comfort us as we grieve but also uplift us and give us your strength so that we can be a reflection of your love wherever we find ourselves.

Lord, we lay all of this before you, taking comfort in knowing that you are grieving with us and that You will make things right one day. In the mean time, help us to hold onto our faith and to love one another with the same love in your great mercy you have poured upon us. In the wonderful name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, we ask these things.



Works in Progress

My WIP is historical fiction based on an extraordinary woman of faith.  At the age of 32 and expecting her fifth child, my grandmother-in-law was tragically widowed. And yet she lived a life of joy, gratefulness and generosity.
Not sure of the word count🤷‍♀️😳
Working on marketing the books "Alien Neighbors" and "Taking Back Advent" along with co-authoring a book with my Sister, the Preacher, and Nancy.

In-Person Meeting at Marshall's
Our in-person meeting at Marshall’s BBQ on May 5th was a success.  It was uplifting to see each other in person rather than in the Hollywood Squares image from Zoom.
Andrea’s (aka Andie) presentation on “Forbidden Love!  Journalism and Creative Writing”  was enlightening and interactive.  She offered an innovative approach to the six Ws of writing, who, what, when, where, why, and how.  (She pointed out that “how” began with “h”, but was needed to complete the six “Ws”.)  She touched on means to make a story interesting as well as character development. 
Thanks, Andrea (aka Andie).
Field Trip

The unofficial, not-sanctioned-by-CLoW, road trip to Muenster proved to be an adventure.  It's been said that life is a journey and not a destination.  The same addage applied to Muenster.  While a half dozen members experienced the town, others had experiences that could be titled "A Strange Thing Happened on Our Way"  Scott Taylor, his wife, and Andrea were traveling together, had car trouble enroute, and got to meet a tow driver.  Sandy Paty, traveling alone, had to turn around due to a family emergency.  Scott's vehicle is now repaired and Sandy's emergency is progressing with a positive note. On a lighter note, again our thanks to for the T-shirts used on the venture.  
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