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A batch made in heaven

When we heard that Crumbl Cookies was due to open its latest location in Greensboro, we harassed franchise owner, Jamie Longville, into letting us in for a scrummy preview. Give us the cookies and no one gets hurt. Thankfully, he indulged us. Sadly, he wouldn't let us lick the Crumbl beaters – something about health regulations or whatever. (BTW, there's a really awesome giveaway in this email. Hint: Hop to it!)

Forward this to the one who is the milk to your cookies.

Actual footage of our cookie sampling

Because we only want to bring you the latest, greatest and tastiest, we took one for the team, zestfully biting off more than we could chew. Armed – and legged – with stretchy pants and a glass of oat milk, we sampled several dozen Crumbl Cookies and are bringing you our taste-test results. Just hold a sec while we shake the crumbs from our keyboard.

  • Chilled Sugar: Although these are chilled as in refrigerated, we found these suckers to be nothing short of transcendental. This cookie is buttery and rich with a generous layer of pink almond-flavored icing we're hoping they'll sell by the bucket – with a spoon, please. "Wait, says one staffer, "The sugar is starting to kick in and I can't be held responsible for myself."
  • Milk Chocolate Chip: Like your grandma makes – but bigger, richer, softer, chewier. Sorry, Nana.
  • Chocolate Featuring Oreo™: This girl is thicc and exactly how an Oreo™ should taste. This cookie was our unanimous favorite because, as one staffer put it, "it's like legal crack."
Our verdict: These ginormous – in flavor and stature – cookies are a real treat, meant to be shared and best served with a cold glass of milk. Looking to make friends? Buy a party box of these bad boys, sit yourself down at a park and watch the people flock to you á la Snow White's forest critters. No singing required. But maybe gloves and sanitizer. The icing on the cake – or cookie – is the adorable pink box which makes their Grade A presentation match the offering. Crumbl Cookies opens Thursday, May 13, at 8 a.m. Don't miss Free Cookie Day on Friday, May 14!



Don't lecture us, please

Praise be! The UNCG Concert & Lecture Series for the 2021-2022 season has been announced and it's filled with six talented A-listers you don't want to miss. Opening the series for the year on September 24 is notable author Margaret Atwood, who just released The Testaments, sequel to The Handmaid's Tale. We can't wait to be under her eye. On February 26, 2022, renowned actor and Academy Award-winner Geena Davis will speak – we just hope she doesn't say, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle- STOP!" For the full series line-up, including a Broadway legend, a soulful cellist, a Cuban-inspired dance troupe and a dynamic chamber orchestra, head here. This series is giving us life! As Davis' character in Thelma & Louise quipped, "You feel like that? You feel like you got something to live for now?" Yes, Thelma. Yes, we do.

Prehistorically speaking

Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru is coming to the Greensboro Coliseum this weekend and next. Load the fam into the minivan and experience the 30-foot Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, T. Rex and Someothersaurus. You must remain in your vehicle at all times. Trust us on this one – we've seen Jurassic Park.

This festival is lit(erary)

Your weekend is totally booked and the best part is you don't even have to get out of bed. You could, but why bother? From May 13-16, join Greensboro Bound's Literary Festival online, where you'll hear from writers like Roxane Gay, John Hart, Sharon Salzberg and the list goes on! Attend this free event and write on. We can't wait to see what you're plotting. (Insert maniacal laughter.)

Trail as old as time

On May 15-16 and 22-23, be the Community Theatre of Greensboro's guest, be their guest, put their service to the test! Take your family on a self-guided walking tour and meet characters from The Tale of Beauty and the Beast along the path at Crossmill Road in McLeansville. The show runs from 12-3 p.m. each day, so no need to bring a lumière – plus, he's already there!

House snooping

Ever wandered around College Hill trying to discreetly peep in the windows for a glimpse of what those cool historic homes look like inside? No? Um – neither have we. But now's your chance to legally have a look-see around one of the oldest neighborhoods in Greensboro during the 11th Annual Tour of Historic Homes & Gardens. You don't even have to wait until nighttime or wear all black.

History in the (film)making

Fade in: Our hero sits on her sofa, remote in hand, bowl of popcorn spilling on her threadbare sweatpants. Voice over: Emily was thrilled for the opportunity to sound really smart to her friends as she told them she "couldn't" because she was attending the Longleaf Film Festival. And you can, too – virtually this weekend! Come celebrate the history-makers and documentarians from the comfort of your home May 14-15.


The Greensboro Library celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with virtual events for the younger crowd – or the young at heart. Today at 3 p.m., tune into a virtual reading of Lon Po Po, aka Little Red Riding Hood, like you've never heard before. Friday at 3 p.m., learn about the hilarious YA book, American Panda, in which a Taiwanese teen discovers that life isn't always so black and white. Or cuddly. You'll also learn how to make tofu with a trio of dipping sauces. 

Watch out for wild children

When we were kids, growing up wild meant finding the key under the rock when we got home from school, sitting in front of the tube and eating an entire box of Cheez-its until our parents came home from work. These days, it means learning about nature – and stuff. Bring your feral preschoolers to Keeley Park on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays in May for Growing Up Wild.



Jazz hands!

Pop into the Historic Magnolia House on Saturday, May 14th, from 11-4 p.m. for a drop-in, walk-through fundraising event where you'll get a sneak peek at the plans for restoring the former Green Book hotel into the Magnolia House Boutique Hotel. Jazz Up the Magnolia honors the past and looks to the future, made possible by the support of the community. Psst . . . that's you!

We thought you said not working

Oh, it's networking. That changes things . . . for the better! On Wednesday, May 12, at 5:30 p.m., head to LoFi Park for May on Tap, a young professionals meet-up hosted by synerG and the Greensboro Jaycees. Wait, did you just say Jay-Z would be there?!?! Time to get our hearing checked. Also, define young.

Chip & Jojo (would) approve this message

Farm living is the life for us . . . especially when it involves shopping and Duck Donuts and there's no actual livestock to clean up after. Eeew. Hit up Spring on the Farm this weekend in High Point for Friday night wine-tasting plus live music, and tasty eats and shopping through Saturday. Cow-tipping recommended since they don't make much moo-la.

Heavily meditated

There's nothing like practicing a cat-cow flow in the presence of the OG cats and cows. Oh yeah, they're judging you. And if they aren't, they might be mistaking you for one of their own. We're not sure which is better. Head to Summerfields Farms for Yoga on the Farm on Thursday, May 13, at 6 p.m. Bring a healthcare worker for free and show us your mooooooves. Sorry.

The kinda soul we can bare

You've heard of Super Soul Sunday. Well, move over Oprah, because on May 16, at 4 p.m., Triad Old School presents Soulful Sunday at Boston's. Mo' Soul and Soultriii will be there to get you safely movin' and groovin'. Maybe you'll even find yourself a soul mate.



Cookies & milk beer

It's time to put the hop into brew-hopping! May 10-16 is officially our favorite patriotic week of the year: American Craft Beer Week. There's nothing that can bring us all together 'round the keg like a tasty IPA. Or an impressive keg stand. Frank the Tank! We've loaded up a 12-pack of the best local spots to celebrate all week long. Yay, 'Murica!

  • Joymongers: With trivia, music bingo, food trucks, a great open space and lawn for kids to run while you throw 'em back, this pet-friendly brewery has everything you need to escape reality – minus a portal to another world.
  • SouthEnd Brewing: Craft beers on tap, delicious eats on the menu (including Sunday brunch) and live music make SouthEnd a local hot spot. And if that beer belly is jigglin' more than usual these days, check out their Sunday yoga and  run club.
  • Natty Greene's: This downtown pub is a Greensboro staple. With ample outdoor seating, delicious brews like our fave, Hazzy Hoppy Happiness IPA, yoga, trivia and a run club, you've got every reason to buzz over. 
  • Little Brother Brewing: This downtown brewery serves up refreshing water, just the way we like it – with barley and hops. Stay hydrated with our current fave: Lime After Lime. If you're lost, you can look and you will find us . . . sitting on their sidewalk, beer in hand.
  • Oden Brewing: This Gate City Blvd. brewhouse offers ample space, live music, food trucks, Sunday yoga and even an open mic night. Ahem. Is this thing on? Oh, and they've got an amazing beer menu. Our current rec, probably – OK, definitely – because of its 9% alcohol content: Keep Your Secrets Barleywine. 
  • Red Oak Brewery: Feel like venturing off the beaten path? Or maybe hiding from your ex while you drink away your sorrows? Check out this Whitsett Brewery, just 20 minutes from downtown. With a full calendar of events plus tasty pints, it's worth the short drive. But make sure you've got a DD!
  • Pig Pounder Brewery: Midtown is Greensboro's best kept secret, filled with shops, restaurants and, duh, this award-winning brewery. Wipe off that frothy mustache and pucker those duck lips because this place has murals a-plenty and you'll want to take all the selfies. #weloveourselfies
  • Bull City Ciderworks: While technically not beer, this ciderworks will still get you buzzing. They've got food trucks, pop-ups and events plus every flavor of hard cider you can imagine and then some. Current O.Hey pick: Hemp Hop. It mellows us – minus the munchies. But wait, are those brownies?!?!
  • Gate City Growlers: If there's one thing we can handle, it's being able to make our own 6-pack or growler, or having 'em pour us a cup of am-beer-tion. This shop carries beer from 140 US breweries, heavy on the NC.
  • Bestway: This little grocer on the corner in Lindley Park is known for its Wall of Beer. And that's one wall we're ready to take down, sip by sip.
  • World of Beer: If we could have the whole world in our hands, this is the one we'd want. This restaurant boasts beers from all over the globe. Who's with us?
  • Craft City Sip-In: Your neighborhood beer pub got leveled up and is now a tasting room. We know, fancy, right? We'll have an IPA . . . hmmm, hints of black oak and wild cloudberry with a dash of wood sorrel, right?

The hippie to the hip, grass-hop

Here at O.Hey, we love baseball players games. The Grasshoppers have been at bat for a couple of weeks now, and we'd love to watch them hit that.


We're giving away two sets of four tickets to attend the home Grasshoppers game of your choice! To enter, reply to this email and tell us your favorite position – in baseball, that is. Geez, we can't take you anywhere.

Now accepting apple-cations

Huge thanks to our friends, Doug and David, who regularly frequent our office with an ulterior motive to fatten us up. From the homemade spice cakes to the warm apple fritters, you're the reason we're wearing stretchy pants we come to work and do what we do.

Thanks, we think we will . . .

Move over Mardi Gras, it's our second favorite Tuesday of the year, National Eat What You Want Day. We'll take that as an invitation and we'll be restaurant hopping around town, hitting up our favorite pizza pubs, ice cream shoppes, bakeries, taco spots and anywhere else our cravings lead us! Where will you eat what you want today?

PS- Don't forget to reply and let us know your fave spot on the playing field for a chance at Grasshoppers tix!

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