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Don't everybody thank us at once

We've got an O.Hey that's filled to the brim. Ahem, you're welcome. With May the 4th (be with you), Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day all landing within one week, it's a mega-celebration! Meet yo' mama at Mos Eisley Cantina for galactic margaritas rimmed with moon salt! But don't show up empty-handed. We've got a gift guide so you can treat her – or yourself. We won't judge. OK, actually we will, but we'll keep it to ourselves.

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Who's yo' mama? Maybe she's your biological or adopted mother, your grandma or your cool Aunt Rita, your neighbor who always makes you cookies or a fur-baby mom. Whoever she is to you, we've got your back. Secure that favorite child status – even if you're the only child – for one more year with one of these mama approved gift ideas.



Yo' mama's so paw-fect . . .

If yo' mama enjoys taking you for long leash-led walks, flinging frisbees at your face and scratching behind your ears, there's a good chance you aren't human – which is why she enjoys your company so much. All Pets Considered has the purr-fect pieces that allow her to show off that pet parent pride, from Dog Mom wear to "My Kids Have Paws" mugs. Go ahead, toss her a treat this Mother's Day! (Items pictured: $12.99-49.99; APC's Chief Barking Officers, Merida and Aurora: priceless)

Yo' mama's so hot . . .

She puts the hot in hot mess! If your mom is busy being super woman in almost all aspects of her life, but doesn't have the time or energy to organize the chaos lurking behind her pantry door, Lifting Spaces is here to help. This lady boss team will elevate her space and lift her spirit. They tackle the most embarrassing of pantries or closets and turn them into something that would make Marie Kondo weak in the knees. They'll stack her canned goods – minus those long-expired beans –  streamline her dry goods in lovely labeled canisters and make her feel like she's finally got her life all together. Insider Perk: Mention you saw Lifting Spaces in O.Hey to receive $100 off a custom pantry or closet organization!

Yo' mama's such a hustler . . .

She doesn't WFH, she werks, werks, werks from home. Why not give her everything she needs to add a little fun to her currently uninspiring workspace? Just Kidding Productions – BTW, how great is that name? – brings a little zing with whimsical yet practical goods featuring original photography. Things she can use every day: a nature-inspired mousepad to remind her what the world outside her screen actually looks like, greeting cards to send as thank-yous to her hordes of clients (or give her the one pictured, which reads, "I love you this mulch"), a coffee mug to fill with liquified beans of the gods, coasters for said nectar and a floral canvas print that will never wilt, just like her love for you. (Prices range from $4.95-75)

Yo' mama's so sweet . . . 

Paul Hollywood wears a shirt saying "Yo' Mama's My Homegirl." This Mother's Day, bring her a bouquet she can really sink her teeth into. You've heard of edible flowers – well, check out these cupcake roses from Easy Peasy Decadent Desserts! Since she's so sweet, she'll probably be willing to share one or two from the dozen, which we know is the real reason you're on the phone ordering right now. And if yo' mama's just a touch salty, she can also munch on candy coated pretzel stems. ($44.95)

Yo' mama's so classy . . .

The royal family comes to her for fashion advice. Don't be surprised if you get your mama a piece from the Brackish collection at State St. Jewelers only to see the same pieces on the Duchess of Cambridge – or, gasp, the Duchess of Sussex – next! The whimsical feathery Jane earrings will tickle her fancy and their thin cuff complements perfectly. (Wide cuff available by order.) Top it all with a tiara to complete the look because you know yo' mama is queen. (earrings: $175, thin cuff: $145)

Yo' mama's so sizzlin' . . .

Show her you love her a waffle lot this year by servin' her a get outta the kitchen free pass. Give her the gift that will have her saying, "Cluck yeah, let's order out!" with a Dames Chicken & Waffles gift card. They've got everything from, well, chicken & waffles to salads and seafood in case mom doesn't feel like stuffing her face with the soft buttery goodness that is fresh-from-the-griddle waffles. (Grrrrrrr. . . pardon our stomach growl.) Maybe you turned out to be a little more of a cracked egg than she'd hoped for, but you're hers and there's no better way to say I love you than with carbs and drizzles.

Yo' mama's such an angel . . .

She brings her own halo to halotherapy. If yo mama's been too busy taking care of everyone else this year – and what mom hasn't? – give her the restorative relaxation she needs deserves. Invite her to take a breather and return to her celestial nature at Salt & Soul, Greensboro's new healing salt room experience. Hook her up with a package of three 20-minute sessions of detoxifying halotheraphy. Ironically, she'll come out feeling a lot less salty than when she went in. ($55)

Yo' mama's so tired . . .

Her under-eye bags have bags. Give yo' mama what she so desperately needs – a quiet morning to sleep in and restore her body and soul. The Feathered Nest has all of the pieces you'll need to put together "Mom's pampered morning in bed." Satin pillows and sleep masks, breathable and beautiful pajamas, cozy blankets and daily gratitude books so she can take a moment to give thanks for the sweet angels who want dinner made every single night for the rest of her life. She'll be feeling grateful, thankful and blissed in no time.(Items pictured: $18.99-102)



Enjoys romantic walks to the food truck

Food Truck Friday rolls back into town on May 7, from 11-2 p.m., at Center City Park. If you're looking for the perfect spot to grab a lunch break bite with someone who finds something wrong with every restaurant choice – you know who – pop over to the park for tasty eats and live music to drown out any complaining. We're sorry, what? 

We like cooking our family and pets

Without being taught how to properly punctuate, we might be tossed into the slammer for criminal intentions. (For the record, we like cooking, our family and pets.) This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and this year our educators have been the rubber cement that's held our kids – and us – together. Show them your gratitude with homemade cookies and a card that reads something like, "Let's eat teachers."

Gas up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster

How about a family vacay without ever leaving the comfort of your bucket-seated minivan? Load up the family – and don't forget the snacks – and take a cruise through some of the best sights North Carolina offers. Walley World has nothin' on our state and the Griswolds can't compare to your family – which is a good thing, if you ask Aunt Edna.

Our roots are showing

Casa Azul of Greensboro, an organization that promotes Latino arts & culture, celebrates their 10th anniversary with My Roots, My Dreams. Pre-party with Cinco de Mayo margaritas, then on Friday, May 7 at 6 p.m., head to opening night at the African American Atelier to take in bold and colorful works by Rosalia Torres-Weiner and Cornelio Campos. These roots were made for walkin' celebratin'. Check the schedule for more events here.



Over our dead bodies

If your idea of a good time involves traipsing through the cemetery searching for signs of life, you are our people. Also, you might enjoy one of the historical walking tours being offered this weekend at Green Hill Cemetery. Never mind the brooding murder of crows. Your guide will highlight some of the monuments, persons of interest and plant life. What signs of life did you think we meant?

But the beat goes on da-da-dum

Join Healing Earth Rhythms on May 7 from 6:30-9:30 for First Friday Drum Circle, which, frankly, sounds about as good-for-you as running into a field and unleashing a primal scream. That good. If you don't have your own drum, but the need to beat something with sticks runs deep, don't worry – they've got extras. Bonus: Add drummer to your Tinder profile and watch the dates roll in.

Goonies never say die!

Hey, you guys! The Carolina Theatre is bringing back the 80s in the best way possible with the classic summer hit, The Goonies, on May 6 & 7 at 7 p.m. Join Chunk, Mikey, Mouth, Data and their crew of misfits as they seek out One-Eyed Willy's lost treasure. Meet us after the showing for a pint of Rocky Road. We'll be the ones in the acid-washed denim jeans with zipper slits.

First ya gotta do the truffle shuffle

If you're looking for somewhere fun to take mom this Sunday, Grove Winery has music, wine, a food truck and a truffle tasting. What more could she want? (Well, she could want a day to herself but the odds of that happening are slim, so we suggest anything with wine.) If you wanna do the truffle shuffle tasting, reservations are recommended.

Budding musicians

Take your littles to the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden in Kernersville for Music in the Garden this Friday from 9:30-10:15 a.m. Half-Pint Harmonies will lead your kiddos in a 30-minute music class followed by a garden tour. Each family will receive a take-home seed kit and a set of drums. OK, kidding about that last bit.

We're total keepers

As in, beekeepers – and otherwise. We're doing all we can to save the colonies and the queens. On Saturday, May 8, buzz on over to the Reynolda House Museum of Art in Winston-Salem for Community Day with the theme of Pollination Station. This free event offers educational activities, dance performances and outdoor fun as well as virtual programming for those who don't wanna leave the hive.

Don Key-ote

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Summerfield's Farm Fiesta tomorrow night from 4-9 p.m. The Well truck will be serving up margaritas and $2 Mexican beers. Grab a festive bite from 1618 On Location and succulents from Friendship Plant Co. Bonus: Keep your eyes peeled for decorated mini donkeys! Tacos, beers, plants and donkeys?!?! Sign us up.



All we need is music – and beer

We're feeling pretty hoptimistic about the weather this upcoming weekend and looking forward to enjoying the full musical lineup at Oden Brewing. Cold craft beer and live music? What more could one ask for? Well, since you posed the question, we could ask for a lifetime supply of vegan jerky. Pairs well with IPA.

YouTuba and chill

We don't like to toot our own French horn – OK, yes we do – but we know all the Broadway hits and are fully prepared to sing along at Grove Winery's Wine & Song this Friday, May 7, from 6-9 p.m. The Greensboro Symphony Brass Quintet will be there playing the best of Broadway and we are not throwin' away our shot to join the fun!

There was a farmer who had a beer

Bingo, but make it musical. Head to Joymongers tonight and every Tuesday night to play music bingo at 7:30 p.m. Tonight's featured food truck is Big Cheese, which sounds too gouda to brie-lieve.

Forget Paris

Even though the Midwest farmer's wines make you feel alright, we wish they all could be California wines. Grab your tickets to a Paris Valley Road wine tasting at the Loaded Grape on Thursday, May 6, at 6 p.m. The grapes won't be the only things that are loaded.

It's fun to stay at the Downtown Greenway

Young man (and woman – and young at heart!), pick yourself off the ground! The YMCA is coming to the Downtown Greenway with free fitness classes starting today, and they're bringing everything from weights to yoga to HIIT. We've already picked out our lamé leotard and leg warmers for Old School Aerobics.

Might as well jump – or not

Congratulations to Madeleine Carey for winning our AR Workshop Greensboro craft camp giveaway. Not only will your child have a lovely time hammering away, but you'll get to, as you put it, "definitely not jump on our trampoline." We know you're both in for a weeklong treat!

Hotter by a degree

We want to take a moment to congratulate all of the graduates of the Class of 2021! Through one of the hardest years in America's history, you persevered, and you did it! None of us thought you could (except, maybe your mom, who you should thank this Sunday with one of the gifts from our guide), but you pulled it off! Welcome to adulting, where your new hobbies include early bird specials, knitting and hiding under the covers while wishing your bills away.

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