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How you doin'? No, really, how are you? May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we all know this past year was a doozy. We just want to take a moment to honor the fact that it's OK to not be OK, and to let you know that there are resources available to you. Wear green – our favorite color, duh – to show your support throughout May and let's end the stigma.

Forward this to anyone who is growing through it. 



All that and dim sum

In addition to Mental Health Awareness Month, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Here at O.Hey, we're taking the opportunity to highlight a few of the Asian owned businesses that make Greensboro pho-nomenal. Perhaps you know a great place that we missed? Please enlighten us! 

  • Tiny Plant Market: This pop-up plant shop has some of the healthiest micro-greens around – and you don't even need to eat them. Instead, you'll feel their benefit as they purify your air and breathe life into your home. Some watering required, but at least they don't talk back to their plant-mamas.
  • Moshi Moshi Boba Cafe: Looking for a new bes-tea? Move over, Boba Fett, and make room for boba tea. Life is the bubbles at this cafe with flavors like Tropic Like It's Hot or Suit and Thai. (Bravo to whomever is naming these beverages!) Not to miss: Bubble waffles shaped like fish! Can we tell our doctor we're eating more fish now?
  • Lao Restaurant & Bar: Let's get lao, let's get lao! – Us, when asked what we want for dinner. Looking for fresh, modern Asian cuisine? Check out this downtown restaurant that recently re-opened and is ready to serve you, pho sure. Our pick: Basil shrimp with sticky rice.
  • Luna Mai Beauty: Lash out at this little beauty studio specializing in lashes and brows. After a year of pandemic life, we can definitely use a little, um, facial landscaping. We gonna need more wax!
  • Lifting Spaces: If your house is as unruly as your brows, this organization team can get your life in order. From the closet to the pantry, the garage to the she-shed, your home will become the stuff of Martha Stewart's hottest dreams. Matching labeled spice jars? Yes, yes, yes!

Hot and pottered

Fire in the hole kiln! This weekend, take the scenic route to Burlington to visit Curry Wilkinson Pottery's kiln opening – fancy talk for "you can come shop the studio." This couple creates earthy and organic pieces that are like poetry for the home. Alexa, play Unchained Melody.

What the f stop

If you're hoping to learn how to capture wildlife – with your camera, that is – check out Nature Photography for Beginners, a free Zoom program on May 19 at 7:30 p.m. We hear it's a snap and you'll learn in a flash. Oh shoot, our jokes are bad.

Pairs well with Sugar Babies

The Tuesday Night Murder Mystery Film Club is at it again tonight and will be hosting a 7 p.m. Zoom discussion of the documentary, Goodnight, Sugar Babe: The Killing of Vera Jo Reigle. We haven't yet watched the film, but spoiler alert: Vera Jo winds up dead.

Social studies > social media, fight us

While Lovecraft Country didn't give us a totally accurate depiction of history – unless there were mythical creatures in the woods of Massachusetts at that time – it did feature a storyline inspired by the OG Green Book. If you want to know the true history of two Green Book Sites in Guilford County, tune into a Zoom session hosted by High Point's Historical Society on Wednesday, May 19, at 10 a.m.

Extra foam, please

Our minds are officially blown: Emerging Ecology has a plan that will turn extra styrofoam into houses. OK, actually into bricks that can be used for houses, but same thing. That's some serious foam improvement. Find out how you can support (and volunteer with) this local initiative here

Pardon our French

Did you know that macaron loosely translates to "little sugar clouds of love-filled satiny sweetness that soothe the soul?" Thanks to Chez Genèse, downtown Greensboro's little corner bistro, you can learn to make these confectionary delights – and many other specialties – through their online workshops. Stay safe and well-fed chez vous (at yo house)! Bon appétit!

Jekyll & Hyde, but make it feminist

You can run, but you can't hyde from Jekyll, a modern feminist take on a Gothic classic. Triad Stage presents this virtual adaptation on Thursday, May 20, at 7:30 p.m. Imagine Jekyll & Hyde meets Promising Young Woman, minus the sexy nurse outfit – which you're more than welcome to wear at home while tuning in.

They see meat (vegan or other) rollin'

If you wanna impress us with your souped ride, it better be a taco truck. The full Food Truck Friday lineup is now live so you can plan ahead. We're "planning ahead" by purchasing a summer capsule wardrobe made entirely of spandex.



Congratulations on reaching antique status

The year 1921 brought us the first ever Lowe's store (right here in North Carolina!), the formation of the United States Figure Skating Association, the first radio broadcast World Series and Thomasville's T. Austin Finch House. This grand home has been fully restored and now serves as an idyllic wedding and events venue. Join the celebration at an open house on Saturday, May 22, from 1-3 p.m. We just hope the cake doesn't have candles, or this might be the last birthday.

How we like to get stacked

This Saturday, May 22, from 8-11 a.m., mosey on over to the Greensboro Curb Market for Strawberry Pancake Day. Enjoy chef-created, fluffy flapjacks topped with locally-sourced berries. Make sure you pre-order so you're left with more than crumbs and a puddle of cold syrup. Although we'd still lick that platter clean. 

You're in the mood for a dance

On Saturday, May 22, take your dancin' feet downtown to join Dance Project's Move Together Mini Marathon. From 5-7:30 p.m., you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life during this evening of interactive dance classes, performances and – their pun, not ours – moving stories. After this, you'll be ready for TikTok stardom.

Life behind (handle)bars

Roll onto the Downtown Greenway at the corner of North Elm and East Fisher this Thursday, May 20, from 4-6 p.m., for a National Bike to Work Week celebration. There'll be free pizza, drinks, giveaways and demos from Blue Duck. We work at home these days, but we'll be there sportin' our fav bike shorts and that post-Peloton glow.

This fair is our jam

Let us take you down, cause we're going to Strawberry Fair at Whitaker Farms. On Saturday, May 22, from 11- 5 p.m., bring the fam-jam for a day of fun on the farm, picking your own noses berries and enjoying bucolic scenery. Follow it up with delicious homemade strawberry daiquiris on your patio. We'll bring the paper umbrellas.

Driving us batty

All the best things happen at twilight: scintillating vampires play baseball and, on occasion, live music plays at Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden. On Thursday, May 20, at 6 p.m., plop down a lawn chair at the garden and enjoy Music at Twilight. Food, wine and beer will be available for purchase. Sorry, vampires. No blood on tap.

So freaking board

If you like cheese and cocktails, we've got the workshop for you! And if you don't, please check yourself for a pulse. On Sunday, May 23, at 4 p.m., join Wanderlust Boards at Summerfield Farms for a Cheese & Cheers Charcuterie Workshop. You'd cheddar grab a seat now – reservations required.

Snip snip hooray

On Saturday, May 22, at 11 a.m., join the Downtown Greenway for a ribbon cutting ceremony at Cairn's Course and groundbreaking on the final mile. This free socially-distanced event features artist Thomas Sayre as well as a "circus-style" performance, which has a three-ring ring to it, no? (Note: We do not recommend running with ceremonial scissors. Actually, we do not recommend running. Period.)



Gipsy Danger, Will Robinson

Pop over to Garage Tavern on Saturday, May 22, at 8 p.m. for a little live "New Grass" live action. Gipsy Danger describes their style as indie-rock-pop played on bluegrass instruments and claim to "push the envelope," which is totally our style. We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. We are the envelope pushers. Isn't that how the ode goes?

D-Love and special sauce

We like cold beverages and live music! If you do, too, you're in for a real treat when Daniel Love performs live at Craft City Sip-In on Friday, May 21, at 7 p.m. If classic southern rock and blues paired with IPAs and whiskey shots are your thang, we should hang out sometime – also, this was totally made for you.


This Saturday, May 22, at 10 a.m. Fainting Goat's garage door will open on the second release of C.B. Fisher's Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon. Call us old fashioned, but we're stoked! Pro Tip: Get there early and pack a picnic basket filled with breakfast goodies that pair with bourbon. Ya know, cheese, fruits, Cheerios.

Switching the positions for you

Congrats to our two Grasshopper tickets winners! Kaitlyn Wood couldn't decide if her fav position was shortstop or pitcher. Clearly, she likes a lot of action. Maegan Rankin loves 2nd and Center because those were her hubby's positions and she loves him more than he loves baseball. And we hope he loves her more than he loves baseball. Maybe these tickets will help.


Sit . . . Nama-stay . . . Good boy!

Starting tonight, you and your faithful companion can scurry on over to Doggos for Flow with Fido from 6-7:30 p.m. every other Tuesday. This yoga class is meant to be shared with your pup. Just try not to get jealous of his impeccable downward dog form. He's had much more practice.

Slice, slice, baby

Friday is National Pizza Party Day, so if you wanna show everyone who the real homeslice is, bring a big ol' Italian pie to the office. But please, party responsibly. And if you're working from home, there's no shame in hosting a party for one. At least that's what we're telling ourselves. We wanna know: What's your favorite pizza joint in all of the (local) land?

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