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    • Official launch of the neon academy
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    • TikTok announces first wave of creators set to receive payment for their videos
    • Instagram rolls out suggested posts at the end of your following feed to all users
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    • How to Reels
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💥 Introducing the neon academy

We're extremely excited to announce that we're joining the likes of Skillshare, Udemy, and Domestika by launching our very own e-learning platform: the neon academy.

The very first version of it will feature our popular "Online Marketing Fundamentals" course for free, as well as a paid "Facebook and Instagram Ads" course. Both courses are taught by neon co-founder Karim and focus on actionable, applicable knowledge so you can step up your ad game.

Being among our newsletter subscribers, you can check out the platform already today before we're officially going live tomorrow!

To additionally express our gratitude for you following our work, we're offering you a special academy discount.

As this is neon newsletter #21, you will get 21% off the paid course, until the 21st of September, by using the following code:

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🛠️ received a new, secret feature

To keep unwanted visitors out, we added a small little feature to our link shortener tool. You can now secure the links you are sharing with a password of your choice, making sure that only the people you want to be able to access what you want to show them can do so.
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Social media news

💸 TikTok announces first wave of creators set to receive payment for their videos

Earlier this month, TikTok announced that they are going to release the first direct payments to a couple of popular creators. This way, TikTok is securing and maintaining creators and a certain kind of content on the platform. It is not sure though how many creators will be able to profit from the 200 million dollar fund, or how much each one receives.

👉 Instagram rolls out suggested posts at the end of your following feed to all users

Instagram implemented suggested posts, of accounts you don't follow, to your following feed. Luckily they will not be mixed with your regular feed. Instead, you will find the suggested post once you saw all the new posts of the accounts you follow. When you reach the bottom of the new posts, you can either open older posts or continue with suggested posts.

Neon posts

💡 How to Reels & Marketing Glossary

Here are some fresh posts from neon's social media accounts to satisfy your digital marketing knowledge cravings...

Have you tried Instagram's new (and totally not copied) feature Reels yet? Our team member Ivan Cardoso recently did. Check his results and find out how you can use it too.
CAC, CPA, ... the marketing world is full of acronyms. To help you fully understand them, we created an almost endless list. You can find it now among our neon resources.
Past newsletters

📩 Check out what you might have missed

In case you missed a newsletter or want to look up articles and news from the past, we create a collection of our newsletters on a page. You will find all the links and content on

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