MAY 2020

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  • Neontools:
    • QR Code Generator
  • News:
    • Instagram launches "Guides" feature
    • Instagram testing ads on IGTV
    • Facebook brings post creation to Creator Studio app
  • Marketing Infographics:
    • Basic Guide on Inbound Marketing
    • Video Marketing Statistics
  • Social Media Guides:
    • TikTok Analytics Guide
    • Complete Social Listening Guide

We'll be back soon!

Stay tuned for fresh content, new services, and an overall enhanced neon experience on your favourite social networks. We will finally relaunch our own social media activities on Friday, June 5th.

QR Code Generator

We've added a new simple tool to neontools: the QR Code Generator.

Whenever you want to send your customers quickly to a specific website, menu, or app, simply provide them with a QR code.
Furthermore, you'll be able to combine the QR code with our tool, to track the traffic and gain significant insights. 🕵️

Instagram launches "Guides" feature

As a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting struggles that many users face at home, Instagram launched a new feature called Guides. The goal of this feature is to gather recommendations, tips, and content on topics such as wellness and well-being. The feature gives creators the chance to generate long blog-like posts on their profiles.

Instagram testing ads on IGTV

Starting next week, Instagram will officially start testing ads on its long-form video feature IGTV. The ads are built for mobile, for now, can last up to 15 seconds and will be either skippable or non-skippable. With IGTV seeing more active viewers over the last months, the long-awaited ad-format finally is in the starting blocks.

Facebook brings post creation to Creator Studio mobile app

Earlier this year, Facebook launched the Creator Studio mobile app. Unfortunately, you weren't able to actually create posts on your phone so far. This changed with the recent update, finally making it a true mobile creator studio.
Marketing Infographics

Basic Guide on Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about sharing and creating valuable content that directly helps your future customers. In contrast to traditional outbound marketing, the goal is to bring value and not just reach customers with universal marketing messages. Learn all you need to know in this in-depth infographic.

Video Marketing Statistics

Video consumption through mobile devices is increasing by 100% each year. Additionally, 81% of businesses use videos in their marketing strategy today.
These statistics should be enough proof that video marketing still has the potential for further growth. It's never too late to start!

Social Media Guides

TikTok Analytics Guide

To guarantee that you really make the best out of your TikTok presence and strategy, you will have to keep an eye on your data and analytics. Luckily, it is pretty easy to gain insights and learn all you need to know about your community by converting your standard profile into a Pro-account. Find out how to do so in this guide.

Complete Social Listening Guide

Do you know what Social Listening is all about, and why it can be a very powerful tool for your business?
Brandwatch created a complete social listening guide that teaches you all the basics and shows you who can benefit from it.

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