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Why choose a Keder Greenhouse?

3m x 6m Keder Greenhouse part DIY Assembly
A 3m wide x 6m long Keder Greenhouse part way through self assembly
There are many reasons why you should choose a Keder greenhouse over other makes of greenhouses or polytunnels. Here is just one of the many positive comments we had from customers:

CE from Plymouth: "The reason I bought my Keder is after a horrible January, when the polytunnel ripped and flew away. Can’t wait for a winter with a stable insulated place to overwinter all sorts of things! Just been putting some manure in the beds today and removing the tomato plants as well."

"I had always wanted a greenhouse and it was so great when my Keder Greehouse arrived. My very own Keder Greenhouse. I was so thrilled!" This was how one recent customer explained. Assembly was planned for the coming weekend, that was plenty of time. "I was surprised how easy and straight forward it was, and it also looks great" they continued.

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Blog Update

Whatever your interest in gardening, wherever you live in the UK, whatever you are growing and your space availability, Keder have the proven best value for money greenhouse solution, enabling you to create the ideal environment for your crops and plants.

Due to its unique light and energy properties..... to read more, click here

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Here are some of our recent assemblies and installations from around the UK, if you have received your Keder Greenhouse and would like to share a photo, freel free to share it with us via email
3m x 6m Keder Greenhouse
3m x 8m Keder Greenhouse
The inside of a Keder Greenhouse is arguably more important than the outside, it's where all the magic happens.
Inside a Keder Greenhouse
Inside a Keder Greenhouse
Inside a Keder Greenhouse
Our commercial teams have also been very busy with 4m wide, 6m wide as well as some multi span installations.
4m x 12m Keder Greenhouse
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All Keder Greenhouse, whether standard or bespoke come with numerous benefits and advantages:
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions (140 mph+ winds)
  • Strong and stable to cope large snow build up
  • Constructed with high-tensile and fully galvanised steel frame
  • Provides total flexibility and versatility for growing requirements
  • Easily extended to cope with future needs
  • Industry leading 10-year UV guarantee on the cladding
  • Utilises strong 9 layer cladding material
  • Proven highest heat retention of any greenhouse or polytunnel
  • Outstanding light transmission encouraging plant growth
  • Cladding totally eliminates shadowing
  • Knowledge backed by over 30 years of experience as growers
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The Keder range

Keder Cold Frame 2m x 2m
3m x 8m Keder Greenhouse on the coast
4m Wide Keder Greenhouse
Multi Bay Commercial Keder Greenhouse
There is an industry leading Keder Greenhouse to suit every gardener’s requirement and specifically designed to create the best growing environment to enable your plants and crops to flourish: You can be the owner of any length Keder Greenhouse providing it is in multiples of 2m. Try us we have the expertise and have erected some seriously large greenhouses. Our most recent one was a 32m wide x 120m long. To see some examples of our large commercial installations click here

You should choose a Keder Greenhouse for its:
See how easy it is to assemble your own Keder Greenhouse
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