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Cladding, it's really important

People often ask;
  • What is the most important part of a greenhouse or polytunnel?
To which the only answer can be;
  • ‘’What part of the greenhouse or polytunnel has the greatest influence on the health and growth of plants and crops?’’
While the shape and design of a greenhouse or polytunnel is a visual element, the material and function of the frame and structure provides strength and supports the cladding, neither has any bearing on the ability to produce good and health crops.

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Keder Greenhouse made to order
Every Keder Greenhouse is made to order. In the heart of the Vale of Evesham.
Working closely with Gardeners, Growers, Horticulturists, Nurseries and Commercial Growers, we have over 25 years experience manufacturing Keder Greenhouses, and as growers ourselves we understand the importance of the right structure. It needs to be strong, durable, flexible as well and creating the best environment for crops and plants to grow and flourish.
Inside a 3m x 8m Keder Greenhouse
Inside a 3m x 8m Keder Greenhouse
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Things have been busy at Keder HQ, lots of DIY/Self assembly kits going out across the UK and further afield. They are really easy to assemble, read this case study from one of our many customers
Time lapse of a 2m x 2m Keder Greenhouse in a tight space.
Recent photo from a customer in Wales

Gardener Range

3m x 4m Keder Greenhouse in Cornwall
3m x 6m Keder Greenhouse in Scotland
2m x 6m Keder Greenhouse
2m x 4m Keder Greenhouse
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Our DIY/Self assembly kits are available in 2m or 3m widths and any length you require, in multiples of 2m.
We have a Keder Greenhouse to suit every growers requirement, creating the best protected environment for your plants and crops to flourish: You can have any length providing it is in multiples of 2m. We have built some seriously large greenhouses, our most recent one was 32m wide x 120m long.

You should choose a Keder Greenhouse for its: Sourcing high quality components from local and regional suppliers a Keder Greenhouse is designed, engineered and manufactured in rural Worcestershire.
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